Orwell, Eat Your Heart Out: UK Man On Trial For Anti-War Facebook Comment

Chris | InformationLiberation
Sep. 19, 2012

In a scene reminiscent of the torture chapter in 1984 by George Orwell where the main character Winston is tortured into saying his torturer holding up four fingers is actually holding up five, because "the party" says four is five, Azhar Ahmed, a 20 year-old man from the UK, has been made to prostrate himself before a UK court for the "crime" of posting an anti-war facebook comment.

The Telegraph reports:
Azhar Ahmed, 20, admitted what he wrote was ''unacceptable'' in the status update on the social networking site after reading about the deaths of the soldiers in March has told a court.

Ahmed told the court he immediately started to receive critical comments on his page and realised the second half of his post was ''unacceptable''.

But he denied it was ''grossly offensive'', telling a district judge he thought it would have been ''upsetting'' and caused ''distress''.

Ahmed, of Ravensthorpe, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, told the court he was only trying to make the point that many other deaths in Afghanistan were being ignored.
He said he had no idea it would cause so much upset. Ahmed said: "I didn't intend to insult them at the time.

"When I read back on it, that's when I realised I had actually insulted and upset a lot of people."

He said he replied with apologies to many people who commented on his page and when some told him they had lost relatives in Afghanistan he realised how serious it was.

"That's when I realised it was unacceptable for them to see something so upsetting and distressing, to write something like that," he added.

Earlier Niall Carlin, prosecuting, said the parents of one of the six soldiers who died in the incident saw the posting, which was copied around the internet.

Mr Carlin also read the statement of one woman, who went to the same school as Ahmed, who had lost two friends on duty in Afghanistan and was extremely distressed by what he wrote.
Of course, what he said, perhaps with the exception of the "all soldiers should die & go to hell" part, which was his personal opinion, was entirely true -- but being faced with threats of jail for your speech no doubt has a way of changing your mind.

If you think the UK's soldiers are "spreading freedom" with their occupation, please watch this video of British soldiers beating up some Iraqi children as the British cameraman, Corporal Martin Webster, sadistically revels in the children being beaten as though their every scream gave him a demonic orgasm. Please listen to his "grossly offensive" speech and tell me what you think, do you think he was brought up on charges for it? Don't make me laugh, he got off scot free. See, it's only "grossly offensive" if it goes against the propaganda narrative of the government.
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