Clearwater, Florida Seeks to Criminalize Sitting

Chris | InformationLiberation
Jul. 16, 2012

The government in Clearwater, Florida is sick of dealing with homeless people, therefor they're seeking to "solve" the problem by making the act of sitting anywhere on a "public right of way" an arrestable offense.

Via the Tampa Bay Times:
CLEARWATER This city could soon outlaw a harrowing crime: sitting.

Sitting or lying down on sidewalks or other public rights of way on Clearwater Beach, downtown or in the East Gateway neighborhood could mean a $500 fine, 60 days in jail or both.

The sitting ban is among a flurry of new ordinances the City Council will consider Monday as part of its crackdown on homeless people.

The council also could drop the hammer on sleeping outside, panhandling and bathing in public sinks. Like public sitting, each crime would be an arrestable offense.

[...]The ban on sitting and lying down would cover all the public rights of way including sidewalks, boardwalks, piers, docks and the paths in and out of public buildings on the beach, downtown or in the East Gateway neighborhood east of downtown. Resisting a request to move could result in an arrest.
The law exempts people who are experiencing medical emergencies, and also protesters are allowed to sit or lie down so long as they're carrying "signs or literature explaining the protest."

Surely, there is no way this law will be abused.
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