Milwaukee Cop Threatens Man With Arrest For Asking Annoying Questions

Chris | InformationLiberation
Jun. 29, 2012

Asking annoying questions is apparently a crime, at least if you take this Milwaukee cop's freak out session as an indicator.

This is a video I located on youtube.  When MPD isn’t tatting themselves with their gang emblems, arresting people for filming them, shoving pens into helpless citizens’ ears, or shoving fingers into the anus of folks on the street, they seem to simply settle on pure intimidation of college kids.  All in a days work for MPD.

Here’s how the videographer explains it:
"Its events like this that cause MPD to have a bad reputation.

We got home from the bar and the police were finishing up at our neighbor’s because their party must have been too loud. A couple of us were standing on our porch having an afterbar drink and talking quietly when around 6 officers came over and started giving us a hard time. They then wanted the girl who lives at the house to come outside in her pajamas to question her. They took and sat her in the police van down the road and questioned and warned her about a bunch of nonsense. Remember we just got home from being gone all night and were on our front lawn/porch. Also up to the point of this video starting, the office that is heard was standing there doing nothing for awhile except smoking a fat cigar until I interrupted his cigar break with a simple question. And when he started yelling, I did not say 1 more word but he kept going and getting worse."
The fact of the matter is asking a cop questions is not a crime. While the cop could have falsely charged him with "obstructing justice" or some other made-up crime, that doesn't make it right.

Was the man being annoying? Perhaps, but who cares, the cop's job is (supposedly) to be a mediator of disputes, if you can't handle being asked annoying questions perhaps you should pick a different line of work.

Of course, in reality the cop is an instigator of disputes and an unstable lunatic. That's probably why he became a police officer (and it's probably why the police hired him).
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