TSA Harasses Diabetic Teen Girl With Insulin Pump, Forces Her Through Naked Body Scanner & Grope Down, Breaks Her $10,000 Pump

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May. 09, 2012

A "public servant" at the TSA forced a type one diabetic teen girl to go through a naked body scan and grope down despite the girl having a note from her doctor detailing her medical situation.

The TSA agent lied to the girl and assured her the naked body scanner would not damage her $10,000 insulin pump.

Of course, the scanner broke the pump and the moron TSA agent was wrong, this mistake may have cost the girl her life, but what does the public school educated government slave master care?

She had to make sure the girl's insulin pump and juice wasn't "explosive."

It's not like she's going to get fired for potentially almost killing a teenage girl, she works for the criminal class who can treat scumbag citizens any way they want.

Fortunately, after her story was made public the maker of the insulin pump donated one to her for free, that's how the productive class operates as opposed to the parasite class who compose the state.

Via ABC 4:
A Colorado teen is upset with screeners at Salt Lake City International Airport. The type one diabetic says TSA agents were abrupt, rude and were responsible for breaking her $10,000 insulin pump. A pump she has to have to survive.

Savannah Barry is mad and on a mission. She wants travelers to be warned before they walk through TSA security. "They need to get with the program and have some education across the board for TSA." After participating in a DECA conference in Salt Lake City with several classmates last week, Savannah, who is a type one diabetic and wears an insulin pump 24 hours a day, says she ran into TSA agents who were not prepared to deal with her medical situation. "I went up to the lady and I said, I am a type one diabetic. I wear an insulin pump. I showed her the pump. I said, what do you want me to do? I usually do a pat down - what would you recommend?"

Savannah then showed agents a doctor's note explaining that the sensitive insulin pump should not go through the body scanner. She says she was told to go through it anyway. "When someone in a position of authority tells you it is - you think that its right. So, I said, Are you sure I can go through with the pump? It's not going to hurt the pump? And she said no, no you're fine."

The 16-year-old walked into the scanner with some serious reservations "My life is pretty much in their hands when I go through a body scan with my insulin pump on." She was right to be worried. She says the pump stopped working correctly. "Coming off an insulin pump is rough. You never know what is going to happen when you are not on the insulin pump."

She says TSA agents then made the situation worse when they didn't know what to do about her juice and insulin. "She said, because we don't have the machines to scan the juice to make sure this is not an explosive we do have to do a full body pat down and search your through your bags." Of course, that's what she wanted in the first place, but it was too late.

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