Florida Cop Arrests Man For Filming Traffic Stop, Says Videotaping Police Is Illegal

Chris | InformationLiberation
Mar. 27, 2012

"Sir, it's illegal to videotape us."

A lying scumbag police officer placed an innocent citizen under arrest because the cop was operating under the delusional premise videotaping police is illegal.

The state has yet to file any charges against the man, as he broke no laws it will be interesting to see if they do or not.

One thing we know for certain is the cop in question will not be charged with making a false arrest, which is an actual crime as opposed to a made up one.

MySunCoast.com has more:
NORTH PORT, Fla. - Steve Horrigan finally has his cell phone back. Now he's showing us the video that got him arrested.

..."It kind of shocked me. He walks across the road and I'm about 67 feet away," Horrigan said. "He told me it was illegal to tape record the police and I said, no it's not!"

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