Filmmaker Releases Video Breakdown Of Illegal Traffic Stop By Cop Who Harassed Him

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Mar. 15, 2012

An award winning filmmaker and self-desribed StarTrek fan got dash-cam video of an illegal traffic stop carried out against him by a criminal police officer who was intent on harassing him. He produced this 17 minute video to document the incident.

Note, you should absolutely never talk to police, everything you say can and will be used against you. Check out this thread on Reddit for more, and be sure to see the video the poster mentions in this post below:
Actually as soon as the cop "resolved" the reason he pulled him over initially, he is free to leave. This is a common tactic police use on fishing expeditions.

The idea is they're manipulating you the same way a scam artist so you will still be hesitant to say no, and they ask for permission after you are free to leave so in court you can't claim were coerced/intimidated into giving permission.

Video Description from Youtube:

On December 4th 2011, StarTrek fans Terrance Huff and Jon Seaton are stopped illegally after a StarTrek Exhibition for suspected drug transportation in Collinsville, Illinois. Award winning filmmaker Terrance Huff does a breakdown of an illegal traffic stop and subsequent search involving a K9 Officer who has has a criminal past.

The dog search begins 9:50 and is followed by evidentiary video.

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