New Orleans Cop Comes Clean on Murder, Theft, Corruption, Quits the Force

Chris | InformationLiberation
Jan. 10, 2012

This is one of the best interviews I've seen in quite some time. This cop quit the NOPD because of their rampant criminality, he says 70% of them should be fired, or better yet, put on trial. He tells how everyone had to arrest FIVE PEOPLE A DAY, every day, as part of an unspoken quota. As a result, all the cops would just arrest random college students for minor drug crimes, and they'd ignore all real crime because it involved actual work. He says the police were nothing more than a giant street gang. When he finally heard Ron Paul speak in '08, he started to think about what he was doing, eventually he decided he was a "jack booted thug" and quit the force in disgust. This is a 5 star interview.

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