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Article posted Nov 26 2011, 5:00 AM Category: Commentary Source: InformationLiberation Print

Who Knew The Zeitgeist Movement/Venus Project Imploded A Few Months Ago?

Chris | InformationLiberation

Wow, I don't know how I missed this! Apparently, the Venus Project and the Zeitgeist Movement have imploded due to Jacques Fresco's egomaniacal insanity.

[Video replaced, the original video was taken down.]

This is too rich. Peter makes the guy famous, then, of course, the idiot communist who doesn't believe in private property and says no one should be allowed to own anything, says Peter is "stealing" his intellectual property (the only type of property which doesn't exist!) and is not giving him enough credit for "his" ideas! Is there anything more laughable? Meanwhile, as they say in the audio below, he copied many of his ideas from Buckminster Fuller and the utterly deplorable B.F. Skinner (who no doubt developed their ideas from others as well).

Apparently, TVP wanted to raise 20 million dollars for some stupid movie, and Peter Joseph, who has worked in the film industry for 10 years, said he thought it wasn't a great idea, was highly speculative, and would probably not work out, especially in this economy. Therefor, they completely turned on him.

I'm not a huge fan of Peter's views on most issues, but there is no question his first film was absolutely superb and the second one threw it all away by promoting Jacques Fresco's crazy version of communism with magic robots. I really feel sorry for Peter, but this is an absolutely epic socialist fail.

Here's the full audio, it's astonishing to listen to. The Venus Project lady is a complete and total control freak lunatic who feels no one should be allowed to advocate for The Venus Project except through their website, she is literally against having The Zeitgeist Movement advocate for her movement because they're not 100% in lockstep parroting their BS (and dead set on funding their $20,000,000+ film). She even forbids them from using any of their material, completely ignoring fair use law, not to mention their communist philosophy that no one owns anything. Jacques, she says, wanted to take part, "but he was sleeping." Yeah, sure. You have to love the way these communists are total control freaks and absolutely hate freedom and free association.

[Skip to around 55:00 if you don't want to hear it all.]

Here's Peter's podcast after this all went down.

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Posted: Jul 07 2013, 11:43 PM

71165 The Venus Project seem just like money hunger movement to get the money they say they are against, they wont share their ideas cause they don't want us to see we can do this without their over see. They want the control, the money and the power to run this. Corruption can be anything where no matter how good it looks.
Zeitgeist Movement is here for the people and the ideas of making our economy into a better one that all people of any class will benefit from. Even in this economy there won't be classes.

Posted: Jul 10 2013, 3:41 PM

192139 This was one of the most ignorant reads I have ever wasted my time on. TVP is not just about building a resource based economy but changing human behavior from what a monetary based economy has created and educating people to understand that a lot of our social problems that exist today stem from it and are in fact not actually "human nature" like some people "anarchists" included want everyone to believe. (oh there would still be killers, and rapists because it's "human nature" bullsh*t, we are a product of our culture)

For example, the moronic comment about if we should embrace and love a criminal or let him be hit by a train. You completely miss the point in psychology here. If things weren't ran the way they are this person would not exist to begin with. After the transition these people will slowly be evolved out of society. Not because they're being forced to by an angry mob or government but because the culture will have changed and therefore the thought process and the desire for such deviency or acts of anti establishment do not even cross their mind. There's no need for it to, they have everything they need to live, there's nothing to rebel against.

It's like teaching a child to fix a broken toy instead of immediately throwing it out and buying a new one. When that child grows up they won't be doing the same with their poorly made cars, or plastic items built to specifically break down. That mentality wouldn't exist.

You change the mentality by changing the environment which then changes the culture in turn creating a more compassionate society where we occupy our minds with kinder thoughts instead of radical fanaticism like you do here with your "shock factor" comments, and accusations, and bullying way of getting people to listen. This is what your culture has created. People who can't have a civilized conversation about two opposing points without someone doing something so radical and ignorant just to get a rise out of the other.

There is a transition period in which humans will need to mentally heal and evolve from the idiocy that money has instilled in them. This means there will need to be a transition period where someone will need to be in control but be unbiased enough for the power to not go to their head and lead to alternate agendas or building of back doors of manipulation. Then be able to eventually selflessly hand that temporary power off to the free society that is built. Everything is run by the machines and there is no need for a ruling party. (and I don't mean hand off power to an android "esque" robot, I mean to the resource gathering and distributing machine that will then use those resources to make everything run)

The other point that needs to be understood is that BECAUSE WE LIVE IN A MONETARY BASED ECONOMY, to change anything we must begin by working within the system, endure a transitioning period, and then eventually come out with a resourced based economy. This can only begin within the system that currently exists. Therefore to make any progress worth even "proto-typing" we need the money to gain the resources to make the build. (from within the system)

Now the sad part is to even acquire the technology to build a proto-type for those of you who can't fathom such a technology even existing, one would have to pay not only for the technology and resources itself but for the ability to buy their way past the people who currently control it and the enormous amount of misinformed ego-maniacal closed minded people who have no vision or hope for it to even work who will inevitably stand in their way.

Our culture has taught us to fight tooth and nail every step of the way through change and this will be no different. I don't think you should change your views or the way you handle yourself, I think you are doing a better job at convincing people to not follow your lead then I or any TVP TZM advocate ever could.

Keep up the good work.


Posted: Jul 13 2013, 11:29 PM

20180 Absolutely plenty of prejudice. A lack complete of intelligence. I am very sorry for such horrible piece of "media".

Posted: Aug 04 2013, 8:10 AM

71179 TVP is a scam, proof being this man has swindled millions of dollars and has only succeeded in providing himself an elite lifestyle...still waiting for the cold fusion home generator or the magnetic levitron generator Jacque lmfao.

TZM is an opinion, not based on facts. proof being that earth, and it's inhabitants, are merely a grain of sand on the beach called the universe. so how important is ANY terrestrial being when considering the vast immensity of the Creator?

Posted: Aug 13 2013, 5:43 PM

64134 Goodbye and good riddance to the zeitgiest and thier Venus project!

Posted: Aug 14 2013, 6:38 PM

1744 moron, you should shut up or fill your cake hole with GMO food.

Posted: Aug 16 2013, 2:38 PM

5058 You are a complete liar and have no clue about what your are saying. Good luck ever having the amount of respect that Jacques Fresco has.

Posted: Sep 05 2013, 5:50 AM

Casimiro Suominona

Posted: Sep 16 2013, 6:15 AM

7923 Chris i have this citation for u:
"If your mind isn't open, keep your mouth shut too"!


Posted: Oct 02 2013, 5:34 AM

122148 I love this guy.
I realize that his idea doesn't have to be misconstrued as communist. If you look at it from a free market perspective, especially an Anarchist free market perspective, it's just innovation that can be fostered in a voluntary society to be free from the current system.


Posted: Oct 06 2013, 2:24 PM

108231 Chris I'm sorry but when you commented that statism leads to millions of dead people, Jaques clearly states he wants to declare the Earth and all it's resources human heritage thereby eliminating states, and countries

Posted: Oct 10 2013, 10:23 PM

10849 It has never ceased to amaze me how Canadians tout their healthcare system as perfect. My mother is from Canada and I go a lot. On the one hand, Canadians constantly scream that their healthcare system is perfect and equal for all. On the other hand, rich Canadians CONSTANTLY come to the U.S. for treatment that normal Canadians just don't get. It's ridiculous. It's like a secret they keep from other Canadians, too. Total bullshit. It's VERY unfair. Same as the U.S. If you have the money, you get good healthcare, if you don't you don't. It's just accepted and more honest here. Canadians lie to themselves about how it's equal for everyone. Sure, but the rich go to the U.S. for treatments, I see it every single day.

Posted: Oct 11 2013, 5:50 PM

174250 Well that was old news,,, but if you're still around Laurie I love you!

Posted: Oct 28 2013, 11:44 AM

208251 Is this Chris guy a high school kid who has just read his first Rand book?

Posted: Nov 12 2013, 10:16 PM

108215 Hey Chris. Since you are obviously a well-funded (inherited?!?) capitalist, you spew your dreck in the hopes of getting the bigger fish to read your views & hope in turn taking the side of the 1% will lead you to greater personal riches & status. Your obnoxious biased, better-than attitude is glaringly obvious. Whatever the faults of this geezer & TVP, you feel our egocentric capitalist system will only improve things?!? Sorry, wahh, wahh, no joy! The divide between rich & poor is growing, & frightens me. At least Jacques proposes something different, which is at least a way to open a dialogue that more & more are suffering, deeply, in greater numbers than ever before. You poo-poo a different way, but the way of our current "democratic" capatalist society is wrong, cruel, & will eventually bite back. If we don't come up with some sort of alternative to broaden equality for all, we are doomed---sorry you don't see this!

Posted: Nov 29 2013, 4:10 PM

81198 At first - English is not my native, so now you'll know why something in my text might look strange.

I come from a former USSR country, but now we are in the Eurpean Union, thus I have a bit of experience of living in a most corrupted form of socialism ever. I'm glad that nasty system broke down. But I don't like the direction we are taking nowadays, either. I don't like how manufacturers fight to produce cheaper and cheaper and more feature rich products sacrificing quality and impact on our health. I don't see a solution for this - it seems, soon we all will eat poisonous waste and use devices which break down after some days of use ... but they'll get morally old much sooner because of technological progress. Of course, I'm exaggerating but that's where current money based economics is leading us.

Also one thing Chris said about Daniel Pike: "Or should I say he's human trash and the world would be better off if he was hit by a train?" made me think a lot about our everyday attitude. If someone acts bad and commits a crime, most of us take it personally, get angry, seek for revenge... but how much of us seek to find out WHY and to find a solution HOW to stop it from happening again? When some hooligan hits me, I spend almost a week trying to think of various reasons why did he do that. My inability to find that person and clarify all the reasons and all his decisions which led to his bad act hurts me more than a bruise on my face. I don't know, maybe I'm just too naive, or the real reason is that I'm programmer and I get paid for finding and fixing bugs without looking for someone to blame for those bugs. That's my attitude to life, to people around me. I'm not just an "analytic machine" kind of person, on the contrary, my relatives tell me that I'm too sensitive and emotional, but that does not stop me from accepting the situation, look for reasons and don't seek someone to punish.

It seems, our current economy is leading us to start treating people around us the same way. If someone breaks down - it's his fault, let's trash him and get ourselves a new friend, full of new "exciting features". The world gets more and more closely knit, and there is a huge chance to find a new person we like each day - that's why we fail to really appreciate and notice each other. There's just not enough time for this, life is too short and exciting. We just smile and pretend that everything is OK because that's what others expect of us - showing a smiley face even when we want to cry and feel empty inside.

Next time you ask someone "How do you do?" try being sincere and you'll see yourself how hard it is to find out how REALLY this person feels. If you start to show real interest, people might start protesting - "Hey, stop it, you're not my shrink!" But at the same time we have school kids which commit murders ... do they do that just for fun or the reason is because they did not receive any real interest about what they feel inside?

About politics and government - I would like to see them as just a service providers. I pay them taxes for managing things around me - for providing shelter, for health care etc. I really don't care how do they do that, and I don't need that politics stuff and voting games, I just want high quality services and that warm feeling of safety and freedom - but not abused permissiveness. A schoolkid should have a freedom to speak his opinion loud but does this freedom imply that he's free to insult anyone? Our understanding of freedom also seems to be fuzzy these days and I've seen some broken lives because of that...

Oh, well, enough ranting ... This entire society is falling apart, and nor capitalism, nor socialism can save us. We all have to change, and let's just hope that it's already happening for the better, or else our civilization will come to an end sooner than we would like.

Posted: Dec 07 2013, 2:11 AM

87194 Go Laurie. I think that's the first time I've read through a comments thread that was actually far more interesting and coherent than the article. I especially like the bit about government being 'us', not 'them', isn't that the crux of it. It's almost as if 'The Government' is construed of a different life form. I honestly don't know if people can raise their consciousness to the levels required to achieve something approximating TVP, but I'd certainly like to see it tried. It can't be any worse than what we've already got. Americans have been so brutalized by the whole communism propaganda that it's become a byword for all thinks bad.

I really don't know what the answer is, but it's certainly worth looking for an alternative to where we are now, and so what if the man behind the ideology is himself flawed, Ben Franklin kept slaves didn't he? How's that for a paradox.


Posted: Dec 08 2013, 6:09 AM

67183 you're an idiot chris. it's as simple as that. you come off like a brainwashed corporate troll and that's all. fresco isn't perfect but his essential vision is. unfortunately, people like you will insist on the worst case scenario to impact all of humankind before giving this vision a chance. we will be the first species in the history of the world to have become extinct for the love of money.

Posted: Dec 12 2013, 8:28 PM

2458 I read through all four pages and have seen some good and some bad posts on the topic of socio-economics, capitalism, communism, socialism, T.V.P, Zeitgeist movement and everyone's thoughts as to what is best.

First I would like to say that any solution must include everyone and not just a few or one that divides people. I often think about our current socio-economic situation and have come to the conclusion that our current system is fail for many reasons which some of you pointed out. There are also some good reasoning behind why our current system is good and how it can be saved or improved. However I like to reason and find solutions to problems for myself and not rely on others to do my work for me so I will not quote others nor look to them to find my answers for me.

I wanted to be as objective as I can so I decided the first thing I needed to do was to identify the problem and make a list of what was common in all those systems and what were they trying to address. That was simple peoples needs and peoples wants two things. So if we address the first issue needs which of these systems address this in a way that will benefit everyone. Well that rules out capitalism, communism and socialism as those all rely on a monetary system that generates greed, crime and creates more problems then they solve through inequality. The Zeitgeist movement and T.V.P. both advocate a fair and equal distribution of resources in a non-monetary system void of greed, corruption and inequality. However the wants maybe better addressed in the former systems as they tend to reward those who strive to attain wealth and power thereby fulfilling wants to a greater degree for some but not everyone. In fact in our current system there are more wants then needs and so the majority of people don't get what they want and barely receive what they need.

I then thought what if I were an alien who came down to this planet what would I observe concerning the inhabitants living system. The first thing I would see is conflict and strife. That some people were treated like garbage and others like they were all that mattered. I would also make the observation that while some individuals had a high quality of life that others had little or no quality of life. I would wonder how such a thing would have come about and why such a thing was allowed to continue. From my point of view there is more to be gained from cooperation then individualism. case in point no project that was or is responsible for what we as a civilization have today was the result of any one individual. It took a cooperation of many people to achieve what we have. Therefore to have projects that are greater (which is what is needed to solve world problems) then anything we have achieved in the past or present we will need to work together. Competition does nothing but slow, hinder and replicate that which we need and through monetary systems produce inferior goods and waste.

Another way to look at it is evolution of states. Look how it effected how things got done and the magnitude of what was accomplished as states grew and countries formed. Now think about what could be accomplished if we all worked together as one world society free from monetary restrictions. Money is not an answer to problems it is the cause of many. To make my point where I live we have the highest unemployment in the state. We also have the most resource in the state. So when my town officials against popular demand to fix roads and bridges denied the request stating they did not have the money to do so I was dumbfounded when I actually thought about what they were saying. My reasoning goes like this. OK so we have more then enough man power, more then enough equipment and as we also have all the resources and facilities that make the materials to get the job done right here and we still cant do it because we don't have enough paper and ink with dead presidents on it to get the job done. It had occurred to me that paper and ink with dead presidents on it was nothing more then a tool to limit what we can do rather then a tool to get things done. In a resourced based system instead of standing around looking like idiots who have a deep rooted belief that paper and ink with dead presidents gets things done we would just call a bunch of people to work go get the materials and get the job done problem solved. It also occurred to me that those who control the money also control our individual labor and that seemed like slavery to me.

Is it the money we want or the goods and services that we buy with it? or is it the power that it gives one over another individual that doesn't have as much. Again this is competition not cooperation. A friend once told me the hardest thing to getting anything done is thinking about it, that if you just do It, it will be done.

As a final word I still am out on what system is best but I do know that our current system is doomed to fail and we do need to change. Change is good change is a natural process and as I see it perhaps a combining of systems would be a place to start. Eliminate competition and foster cooperation. The fish bowl isn't getting any bigger and we can only use what there is. If we don't learn to truly economize and get along mother nature will solve our problems for us but I don't think anyone is going to like her solution.

Posted: Dec 21 2013, 3:56 AM

1449 it is best information ever to make people aware of there ignorance and corrupt practices
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