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Article posted Oct 24 2011, 7:54 PM Category: Resistance Source: The Daily Caller Print

All charges dropped against lemonade protesters

By C.J. Ciaramella

The lemonade three are free.

The Superior Court of the District of Columbia dropped all charges Monday against three activists arrested in August for selling 10-cent cups of lemonade on the lawn of the Capitol building.

Will Duffield, Meg McLain and Kathryn Dill were arrested on Aug. 20 for selling the lemonade as part of National Lemonade Freedom Day — a nationwide protest formed in response to a recent rash of children’s lemonade stands being shut down by police.

Duffield, McLain and Dill pleaded not guilty on Oct. 4 to “sale of goods on U.S. Capitol grounds” — a crime that carries a maximum prison sentence of 180 days. Vending on the lawn of the Capitol is not allowed.

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Posted: Oct 24 2011, 8:44 PM

that is terrible, isn't it a claim that all peope are equal (if they are) under (slaves) the law (caution - missuse of word law). i jest, what is poitically correct is lethal just as free drinks can be lethal for dictatorships, one of things britain is working flat out to prevent (stealing libya directly relevant on that issue).

more police more crime

as for police brutality, that is what they are there for. i say that not as hate speech but as a reality. more police more crime. that is the gov game that is played backwards, they (every british gov i lived through) said; 'more crime more police'. this is a fundamental issue, why power politics is the road to hell, it prevents remedial action, rather more sabotage instead.

in britain 'tough on crime' is routine fodder (abuse) by politicians (abusers). from the city of london to wall street, such things do attract votes. it works until the dominant class gets thoroughly routed as all the horrendous organised crime and consequences catch up. dictators are weak, they seek to hide more and more from their own cowardice. it is human nature not to wish to be punished for mistakes but in the case of dictatorships, people who try to help with problems are punished for the dictator's mistakes. one of those mistakes seems to be always fatal, the critical mistake of the dictator is being dictator.

dictatorships are more than your average temptation as judicial systems are the most profitable business there is, after all, they have a captive audience which in turn maintains the dictatorship.

if there were say 100 police (V), if their wasn't work for them to do, people would notice something was wrong and who police work for and what against. in a monetary system, they need money and crime is their business. if you could be rewarded for more crime, wouldn't you be having a ball? of course the gov says 'crime doesn't pay' as competition would end the protection racket.

history of empires is history of police states, the entire 20th century was dedicated to the enterprise.

i heard america had more aircraft carriers than the rest of the world put together, this as documented in the 1984 plan as it was the best way to sabotage populations, all their effort going into war (destruction of the product of human endeavour) ultimately against themselves.

Posted: Oct 24 2011, 8:56 PM

but everyone knows the law is arbitrary
it never has and never will apply equally to everyone
one time dave said:
"if there are exceptions it isn't a rule"
or something to that effect

thanks dave

Posted: Oct 24 2011, 9:00 PM

the baton of roles in power is moved round, continuous revolution necessary for the maintenance of power. america was set up as the world's policeman, the juggernaut (lord of lords) to quote tony blair. this would be with agreement as if the power club had more than one policeman then they would have a real war. instead they have three 'trilaterals' so none of the prison divisions need to trade having resources within their own domains. that was the plan as per 1984, such designs based on control are a failure from the off but failure can be spun over centuries by various means.

as will be noticed in the previous post and real life, police are there to enforce policy of the dictatorship, that is to maintain division and they are the division. the division is between those who hoe power and those who don't, the more police, the more poverty the more crime and of the most serious nature by the dictatorship they front.

Posted: Oct 24 2011, 9:12 PM

from the article: "Mclain said the three have no plans at the moment for future protests, but “the next time we see some innocent person being oppressed, we’ll be there.”

very strange...

Posted: Oct 24 2011, 9:27 PM

<The lemonade three are free.>

it is the official media, it was front page news, it is company news. as for occult meanings, they have perhaps broken up the global soft drinks monopoly in three. they had been disposing of assets globally so the companies are presumably just a name now, nothing owned nothing to lose.

<The Superior Court of the District of Columbia>

that is the big mafia

Posted: Oct 24 2011, 9:45 PM

mention the war, don't mention freedom

i wanted to bring forward the time of police state to the present, what happens when the police are running out things to steal and face potentially consequences of empire history.

human beings at extremes move forwards or if going backwards and seing failure, self destruct is a temptation. for dictatorships it is different as they own the legal racket and consequences are born by the dictated to.

options as per 1984 and judeo christianity are essentially the same, murder people off, give them more trauma, death and rebirth of civilisation for the next police state. climate control, earthquakes, storms, plagues, poverty. death and rebirth for civilisation through occult sacrifice (trauma).

dictatorships losing control bark loudly and in britain entire new police force layers are being created on the hoof, sometimes appearing over night. that is to suggest decisions already made which are not condusive to the wellbeing of humankind. poverty, austerity, these are the dictatorship games, slave privileges on offer for prison guards.

as each con is routed and when revolutions fail to recreate the dictatorship, new schema are introduced hence we have human crop rotations in the form of capitalism with some capitalism, capitalism with some socialism and capitalism with some communism and in various variations of implementation.

revolution was chosen, as per animal farm and multiple occult signals went round britain involving councils, church, media etc and even to the point of having 'news of the world' in the story.

i am writing all this as it happens as someone said to me 'do people actually want freedom'. i decided to take it as a question though it was i think a shared thought.

well, first one must live and the judicial mafia maintain war and prevent peace, prevent peaceful resolution (combined with the other power weapons in the enterprise, e.g. their media networks). this is something a kennedy commented on, the danger they were creating preventing peaceful complaint and by covering up everything in the media. the truth robert kennedy told won't be popular with those hooked on power but it is a truth that has caught up.

Posted: Oct 24 2011, 9:51 PM

pursuit of freedom is in evidence, it is redirected by the dictatorship

people don't want to get assaulted, killed, shamed, destroyed, deaded. to argue with a policeman is to argue with the dictatorship, some (as per the news article) are allowed to do this, others get stabbed in the back, sabbotaged by spook layers who are themselves sabotaged by higher spook layers etc. it seems reasonable that people want to live as no life is no freedom.

that said, people try to achieve freedom (albeit not the real stuff)within the police state. with capitalism, freedom in the prison is to have money, people make make money but the police state requires poverty hence the poor get aircraft carriers (as above) and drafted into war fighting fellow slave teams (e.g. when the bank of england sponsoring hitler and churchill). as one ww2 veteran said to me 'we would never have fought the germans if we had known who they were'. the man who said this married a german woman.

racialism is disappearing courtesy of cheap travel (chemtrail spraying for mind control / climate sabotage).

Posted: Oct 24 2011, 10:03 PM

socialism - governments are just capitalist toys, sabotage is their role and if the lid came off they would be over the same day with people walking away in disgust. with socialism the state says they are doing the caring, a contradiction, people are enslaved on mass in misery or in misery with perceptions altered. it is total prison. ingsoc, english socialism was an insurance policy should the freedom of the dictatorship have problems. in my view, had program david miliband gone ahead, people in britain and america would have experienced terror like they didn't know though routinely inflict on other peoples. the program was pulled. with socialism, everyone is undead though orwell refers to such as mental condition as death as people who have lived, met reality are likely to agree.

with communism, you get to wallow in your own mud until the state notices you are achieving comfort and not needing to be governed. that is time for revolution, as per russia, as per 'occupy st pauls'.

the dictatorship has hidden as farmers, landlords, church, state and at the end truth becomes visible and we have military corporation.

power creates stupified people but it will be noticed in this, dictator or manacled slave, through history freedom is sought hence slavery is an unstable basis of human existance, freedom everywhere another story and one where people have choices now.

i am not suggesting it would be a walk in the park without government, making mistakes is a way of checking what we think we know. with state, society, where a walk in the park leads is written history and is extremely visible now in 2011.

Posted: Oct 24 2011, 11:30 PM

<'do people actually want freedom' - friendstacy>

<but everyone knows the law is arbitrary
it never has and never will apply equally to everyone - friendstacy>

life is contextual, every moment every human unique. man's rules always against mankind for the good of divergent interests.

to call in the judicial game, to ask a citizen or a member of 'ruling class' officially if they want to be free or to ask anyone any question in police interview or in court is a fraud. the question would have to be without duress, without threat, that posits a contradiction though in their fake construct known as 'international law' (suprasetting power racket - create a higher layer) they have the words that you cannot ask a question as an occupying force. all words in the legal profession are self negating, hence the police are told they are the law though the judicial gangs tend to get paid more for nodding the cons through.

vengeful gods, who wants them!

for such reasons i am not in the '99% or 1%', i would have to be divided for that.

Posted: Oct 25 2011, 5:16 AM

on the '99% + 1%' (<> 100), that sounds like projection, post chessboard reset, it is too flat for the ingsoc model. that is beyond leading, in the legal (non)sense (political) one might say conclusory.

there are lots of programs running that are busted, deviating from big lans risks the program so i expect are often a a bodge on deployment.

i haven't read marx other than snippets (them books too big for me). i presume plans were needed for the revolutionary maintenance of schema, progress of schema and the transitions. that and what i would expect to emerge if i had read the books, things missing that negate it by revealing the tricks and hence the futility of prison operations.

socialism is a front for communism, even with combinations as we have there are very limited dictatorship options. 99 + 1 suggest after much capital is destroyed and heirarchy compressed. ie the revolution where we are told (by the thought police) that is being discussed discussing is by intention already in a dusty manuscript somewhere. that doesn't mean it plays that way, done and dusted simply intent of some dead people.

with religions, it makes it easier to be unconscious, to kill complete strangers without conscience as there is a transfer of personal authority in exchange for being in the group or with a particular status. however, no matter the number of websites the thought police have destroyed, even the residual confusion gives reason for people to do there own thinking. i find english a mindf*k, it is more than i have, again likely that helps as people will have to think to see what i am trying to say and likely they will find their own answers if they do. that resolves 'life of brian' mode.

real skills exist within the power complex, a lot of help can be released if people want to help. 'want' can change in an instant, in democracies that is the role of the state media.

just discussing these things can change everything. to underestimate the power of words is to fail to see how dictatorships are built and maintained. words that are meant are stronger, are much more powerful than any big army i have read about, they are unconscious.

as for 99 + 1 and the views that are there or emerge, the simple issue is for them like with government. as government and other corporate entities claim monopoly, one person can veto that. if they decide for others, boy will they get a lesson on realpolitic, that whole business sucks the life out everyone. that is why most humans aren't interested in politics, it is damn lies and ugliness personified if not deified.

Posted: Oct 25 2011, 10:44 AM

on the 99 + 1, someone said to me that people had earned their wealth. this would be misleading in this world as it is to totally missunderstand how the system is designed and run. it is based on universal double cross, everyone is set up.

relevant also to policing was when someone sent me a link on climate change. i didn't want to spend time on it, as the climate and specifically weather is being manipulated real and false matrix are blurred.

the dictatorship is more advanced (more sabotage tech) but is a plato world, ie compartmentalised (counter intelligence). i encounter people with information that is real and to them it means just what the information means directly. if one is putting the pieces together, people are revealing state secrets on intention and implementation.

i learned about unreported famines in the library. that begs the question, why are reported famines reported. it would fit to have people donate to charities to prop up ailing third world dictatorships to maintain famine. in exchange donators, in exchange for a mafia deal get a conscience bypass. absurd but that fits.

the state presents their hegels, the appliance network reports public reactions (created perceptions) and with AI analysing the wave forms the news runs the booster. that changes with the web, even though the thought police are here that busts plato and hegels like capitalism V communism gives ingsoc.

controlling weather is a powerful global political weapon. it allows famine creation for example. if there is a famine, that is reality matrix, people might need to migrate for survival. on top of war time measures like passports there are layers of border police being set up in 'oceania'. that prevents migration of people and aid unless politically selected. that is not just terrorism masquerading as counter terrorism, that is a genocide system. in the hegel above, some emphasis on V was intentional.

Posted: Oct 25 2011, 4:42 PM

more proof the law is arbitrary and meaningless...

Occupy Sacramento protesters arrested in recent weeks for refusing to disperse from nightly gatherings within Cesar Chavez Park will not face state charges, the Sacramento County District Attorney's Office said in a statement released today.

Read more:

Posted: Oct 26 2011, 4:25 AM


Posted: Nov 07 2011, 8:11 AM

12028 awesome!
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