Houston Police Punish Officers Who Allegedly Covered Up Drunken Cop Crashing Into School Bus

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Sep. 21, 2011

Sgt. Ruben Trejo was blood tested after crashing into a school bus on his way to "protect and serve" the public, the results showed he was intoxicated. Rather than give him a promotion, the police Chief actually fired him. There was a cover-up of the incident by his fellow officers, one apparently told the media at the scene of the crash Trejo was not under the influence. The Chief refuses to release and details and is instead "punishing" the cops involved with -- wait for it -- one day's suspension.

From The Houston Chronicle:
Houston police Chief Charles McClelland disciplined one of his assistant chiefs and six other police officers for their conduct after an eastside patrol sergeant allegedly crashed into a school bus while intoxicated earlier this year, HPD officials confirmed.

On Tuesday, the department said McClelland had taken disciplinary action against members of his own command staff, a rare punishment, according to Gary Blankinship, president of the Houston Police Officers' Union.

"Chief McClelland issued the discipline he believes is consistent with the investigative findings," said HPD spokesman John Cannon. "All have the right to appeal their discipline."

Blankinship criticized the punishments, saying McClelland was "overreacting" and "heavy-handed," insisting that none of the officers had done anything wrong.

Last week, McClelland confirmed he had fired veteran Sgt. Ruben Trejo for his involvement in an April 13 wreck in which the officer hit a private school bus while driving to work in his personal vehicle. Blood tests drawn at a hospital indicated the officer had more than twice the legal limit of alcohol in his system.
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