The Private Fireworks Show Of My Dreams

Chris | InformationLiberation
Jul. 04, 2011

I just witnessed the private fireworks show of my dreams. At 10:00PM here in Ocean City, Maryland the government put their old boring taxpayer extravaganza money burning fireworks show on. It was 10 minutes of blasť fireworks being launched straight up into the sky. The finale was at least nice, they launched about 1,000 fireworks within a minute or so. Nonetheless, there was little excitement and little variety, it was just another typical "orderly" fireworks show at taxpayers expense.

When we got back into our condo, we heard huge bangs going on out on the beach. We went outside onto our back balcony, and that's where we had a front row view of the most spectacular fireworks show I've ever seen. There was seemingly two private citizens who were launching many of the same fireworks the government just shot, they must have spent thousands of dollars and been professional pyrotechnics, they launched literally thousands of them, yet they actually had even more fancy fireworks mixed in! There was people lighting paper lanterns and launching them off into sky, tons of people lighting roman candles, people shooting simple rockets, there was even a series of highly dangerous "screwy" fireworks which shot off one after another, many going directly in the direction of people's condos! The danger was palpable, the explosions were huge and directly before us, at one point I even ducked for cover! All this went on for easily an hour straight! Needless to say, the government would never grant a permit for such a spectacular show!

I said in my last article on July 4th, I'd only be happy when the fireworks shows were put on by private citizens. I just witnessed such a show, it was absolutely spectacular!

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