Cop harasses citizen for open carrying, backs off due to videotape

Chris | InformationLiberation
Jun. 15, 2011

This is a great video. A costume clad taxfeeder approaches an ex-vet who was open carrying an unloaded gun in Oceanside, California, and starts to harass him for exercising his rights. The cop asks if he's a marine to which the man says yes, the cop says he is a vet too and he's OK with him open carrying, but he's 'just doing his job.'

The cop then demands the man's ID to which the man refuses (he said he wasn't carrying any, but earlier he said his name was "Jeremy"). The cop says that's fine, but he needs his full name, which Jeremy then refuses to give. The cop says he knows the video is going up on YouTube, and says "that's fine" to the man refusing his name, but he still tries several times to get "Jeremy" to give him his last name. The cop fails because Jeremy holds his ground and consistently refuses. It's pretty clear the cop didn't want to be a YouTube star, because he drops demanding the guy's last name and 'pals around with him' before finally leaving him alone.

It's rather nice to see a government gang member having some small sense they may be held accountable for their actions, cheers to "Jeremy" for posting the great video.

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