Two Creepy Quotes of the Day

by David Kramer, LRC Blog
Nov. 07, 2010

At the most recent Veterans Day Parade in St. Louis, two of America’s sheeple give us a view into their brainwashed minds.

At 1:26, from a brainwashed dope whose family obviously has a genetic defect because he lists many who have fought for “freedom”:
“And after all, if you’re going to indoctrinate children into something, gotta start when they’re young.”
That’s right--just like Adolf Hitler believed: Get 'me while they’re young.

At 1:55, a brainwashed dope who believes that if we didn’t have the military, we wouldn’t have a country:
“More people that go to the…St. Patrick’s Day parade; ya know, and what is that compared to this one here [the Veterans Day parade]. You wouldn’t have them if you didn’t have this, you know, people who served in the military.”
That’s right--there would be no United States of America if we didn’t fight World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Iraq I and Iraq II Wars, the Afghanistan War. In reality, the only things there would not be if we hadn’t fought those wars are the big bank accounts of the Banksters who own the Federal Reserve which prints the money for those wars.

[Thanks to Roland Walkenhorst"¸]

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