Family Gets Robbed, Calls Cops For Help -- Cops "Help" By Beating Them Up and Killing Their Dog

Police charge man with "insulting an officer"
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Sep. 23, 2010

Sterling Barlow of Prince George's County, Maryland thought he was going to receive help when he called the police after a heated shootout with two armed assailants who tried to steal his family's car. Instead of receiving help, he received a beating by police officers who he said put him into a head lock and "[punched him] in the face." As he was being assaulted by his armed and dangerous protectors, he begged the officers not to shoot his four-year-old dog, Mercedes.
"While this was going on I said 'please, don't point a gun at my dog.' I begged her. She didn't need to be involved in this. She was in the yard."
Police then dutifully proceeded to murder his dog, who as his neighbor Barbara Wells said, "did not attack anyone."
"The dog did not attack anyone. He never approached anyone. Even as the officers grabbed Sterling the dog didn't do anything."
ABC 7 News Reports:

Perhaps this would seem bizarre for officers to shoot an innocent dog, yet lately it seems to be a fetish of police to murder people's pets with wild abandon.
-- Cops recently murdered a dog named Parrot during Adams Morgan Day in DC who witnesses said was in no way a threat.

-- Police also shot a man's medical aid dog named Snoopy Dott while pursuing an unrelated suspect, the owner said he has multiple witnesses who would confirm the dog was in no way a threat when he was shot.

-- In another widely publicized case, police in Missouri murdered a passive dog named Cammi because the dog "wouldn't cooperate" with being put into confinement.

-- In North Carolina, a cop decided it was right to murder a 5-month-old kitten named Rowdy who "scratched him" after being caught in a trap he baited which caught his neighbor's innocent kitten.
These are just a few recent cases of which highlight an increasingly disturbing trend. Why has killing people's innocent pets seemingly become a new priority of our so-called peace officers?
Chris runs the website which chronicles stories of police abuse, many of which highlight police murdering people's innocent pets.

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