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Analysis posted Jul 18 2010, 10:09 PM Category: Commentary Source: InformationLiberation Print

11 Reasons We'd be Better Off with No Government at All

Chris | InformationLiberation

No government at all? Outlandish, you say?! After you read these 11 reasons, you'll be the first calling for shutting the whole shebang down!

1. We'd have absolutely no taxes. That means everything across the board would be cheaper and everyone would have about twice as much money.

2. We'd have no foreign wars. The US spends $1 trillion dollars a year on our interventionist foreign policy. If we shut the whole government down, that's $1 trillion dollars a year going towards computers, housing, food, technology etc., instead of being spent on bombs to kill people.

3. We'd have no corporate welfare. That means no more banker bailouts, no more handouts to the health insurance companies and big pharma, and no more subsidies for connected special interests. That translates to lower prices and more competition. Health care costs would drastically fall and housing would finally be more affordable.

4. We'd have no more drug war. The miserable drug war would come to an end and we'd stop wasting trillions of dollars to keep drug prices high.

5. We'd have no more police. That means instead of the government running a billion dollar protection racket with people getting abused left and right, we could take the billions we give to the government and instead pay private bodyguards to police our streets as an actual service to consumers at a mere fraction of the cost. The police would not be abusive for the same reason a private bodyguard doesn't beat up the person they're supposed to protect, they're dependent on you for their paycheck. Also they wouldn't have to enforce ridiculous drug laws which account for the majority of supposed crime.

6. No TSA! Let the companies themselves decide how to protect their passengers. If people want to fly in a jail cell and go through naked body scanners, so be it. If there is a market for it, the airliners could make special flights with extra security. As for the rest of us, we'd like to keep our clothes on, thanks!

7. Everyone could get a job in private industry. With private industry finally being able to keep the entirety of their earnings, everyone across the board would have more money. All corporations, big and small, would have double their current income, that means they can hire more people and put people back to work. Even a politician with absolutely no skills could get a job!

8. No more Federal Reserve. That means no more fiat money, no more business cycle, and no more inflation. Private industry could coin the money and have full reserve banks. We could move towards a %100 gold backed currency globally and give people truly sound money. No more devaluation of our money through the printing press, and no more silent corporate welfare through inflation.

9. No more artificially induced bubbles. Without the fed inducing the business cycle people would be able to invest wisely and the market could adjust faster to changes in the economy. Companies would be forced to adapt to serve consumers instead of merely adapting to gaming the system to get corporate welfare.

10. No more entrenched elite. The government's illegitimate monopoly on force is the only thing with allows a tiny group to stay in power perpetually through gaming the system and profiting off government handouts and grants of monopoly privilege. End the government, and you destroy their tool of conquest.

11. Freedom. What more is there to say? Without a government there can be no ruling class which claims powers over others. People can organize themselves voluntarily in their own self-interest, the same way we do now in almost every sector of our lives. Our nanny state system is what keeps people hobbled and dependent, remove the rules and restrictions and give people freedom and you'll see a complete societal turn around, just read this!

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Posted: Jul 23 2011, 7:45 PM

84120 Shut down Federal government and the budget will start balancing itself!
Look around. Belgium has been without a government for a year and Belgians are loving it!
Dave Kozicki

Posted: Sep 30 2011, 1:05 AM

7064 Cuckoo

Posted: Nov 25 2011, 5:06 PM

1781 how about fixing the world before removing it's crutches?

Posted: Dec 15 2011, 1:07 AM

63229 Somalia doesn't have a free market.
Otto Pentrov

Posted: Mar 25 2013, 12:10 PM

205207 Anarchy is the only way.. GOVERNMENT IS FAILING! IT IS CORRUPT! Say to yourself "Am I actually free" Nope. I wouldn't say that this is a good list but it has a few good points.

Posted: Sep 02 2013, 6:23 PM

67142 While I agree that the world is better off without government, this is awfully Utopian.

When people have more money, prices go up and things even out. Yes people would be able to build a life for themselves a little easier and there would be more jobs, not everyone would be rich.

Just because $1 trillion dollars isn't going into the the military doesn't mean it's going towards good things. Maybe it will go to porn and drugs. (Sorry for the stereotype).

But let's be honest, getting rid of the mafia is about getting rid of the mafia. It's just a matter of fighting crime. It's not for the money.

Posted: Apr 10 2014, 9:38 PM

12257 Well we've lost millions perhaps billions of lives under government rule already, perhaps we should give it a try :)

Posted: May 06 2014, 5:16 AM

7180 Often times such reasons for and the total anhialation of this elitist and opressive governmental rule does seem to be idilically appealing- especially when you consider that our so-called president is not only the Anti-Christ but actually Osama as well. Mock those youtube vids if you must...but if you have not watched them, if you have any grasp of the compelling comparative data being shown...if YOU INDEPENDENTLY check the info you will have a very hard time finding anything even vague to dispute what is claimed.

But we as a society left to our own means would, especially given the current population, huge population of disabled, elderly, medically dependent and children needing the current medical technologies, not to mention the growth and development of great innovation and the minds who create them and deserve the exclusive right to free enterprise and all earnings from the sale and profit of their goods...

IF YOU CONSIDER TODAYS ESTIMATED MILLIONS OF MENTALLY DISTURBED...Such as the Narcissistic Sociopath (there are literally hundreds of thousands), not to mention the everyday joe who simply decides he wants what he wants and if it's right there with someone else owning it then simply do away with someone...there is no governmental police, court, judges, no crime and certainly no equality among society and those peoples of a neighborhood or community to declare what is or isn't punnishable or how to punish. There would be no consensus of men of exclusive expertise to convince every individual of regulations to form minimum and maximum regulatory lead when each is his own leader, even if only because each has the unbridled freedom of will to do so...We would be living under the tyranny of anarchy.

And for that matter, children would have no need to listen to parents, nor consider a would become his own leader and followed by only his own integrity...or possibly hunted...followed by someone elses lack of honor.

No matter how unjust a system becomes, There are two reasons in front of your face to reign in your horses...

1- An uprising Hell bent on unlimited freedom to become hell bent could only be self serving, and even to organize such an overthrow would require skills and discipline that only come from some form of authority. the fact that the example that our political representation and legal systems have provided have not only encouraged the defiant and unrestrained demoralized disgrace for a society we live in, they have strategically cultivated our corrupt and reprobate minds into thinking that nothing is immoral or sinful or damning...

2- At some point- college shouldn't be your first wade out into the deep water in your big girl or boy britches- it is time to grow up and realize that such unrestrained thought and tirate in the belief that you really can achieve all you ever dreamed:
must be put away with the barbie dolls and hotweels. When I was a child, I thought as a child. But now it is time to put away childish things.
John Zube

Posted: Jun 14 2014, 8:00 AM

203189 Minimum requirement for this, in my opinion, is a sufficient knowledge and appreciation of all individual rights and liberties and suitable militias of volunteers with the only purpose to uphold these rights and liberties, to the extent that they are claimed by volunteers for themselves. If they are not yet claiming them, then no wrong is done to them, subjectively but merely good practical lessons are applied to them, from which they might learn sufficiently, sooner or later.

Posted: Jul 08 2014, 10:45 PM

174131 There would be an invasion by another government to use the resources that this land has. They would then use their country as they see fit, enforcing the laws that they choose.

Posted: Aug 26 2014, 7:01 AM

8620 1) Without taxes, infrastructure would collapse. For a time Products would be cheaper, however as roads decay and become hazardous/unusable, prices would rise again to compensate for transportation costs. Waste collection would no longer happen, streets would fill with refuse, sewage and waterways would become clogged and with no one to remedy this, health issues will promptly ensue. Tax on products would of course lower prices, keeping many other forms of tax such as road tax etc would keep the infrastructure in working condition.

2) Correct. No more foreign wars, however, the "mighty US of A" would pretty much be destroyed, as it is not much liked in the middle east, no military prowess would invite attacks. A drastic reduction in military spending would suffice, enough to defend ones borders would be enough.

3) Nothing bad to say about this one actually. If a Corporate body does stupid things and causes their business to fail, its their own stupid fault.

4) The drug war is a concern, legalize and treat as a medical issue if the situation requires, rather than the criminal issue it is today.

5) Drug laws are not the major issue here, Income targets are. Speeding tickets, parking fines, all that jazz. Basically all those over the top fines for minor infractions which warrant nothing more than a stern talking, just for profit are the issue here. Making profit is the top priority of the majority of the police FORCE, rather than serving the communities they pledged to protect. (They have taken oath, and ARE accountable even though they are "just following orders").

6) With the lack of a governing body and defense spending being reduced to just that...defense, chances of "Terrorism" are greatly reduced.

7) Everyone could go to work in the private industry, in fact they would HAVE to, as everything at this point would be a private corporation. However, due to the lack of regulation covering wages, issues WILL arise.

8) Many countries would be unhappy about moving to a 100% gold backed currency, purely on the USA stealing (yes it happened...not too long ago actually, research it) their gold.

9) A company which can not sustain itself serving its customers, is a waste of resources, and should not exist.

10) They are greedy. Money means nothing to them, neither does life (as can be shown with all the recent wars). Their downfall would be a blessing, though they would fight it at every step, and with their substantial resources are not a power to be taken lightly.

11) There are downsides, though there are also remedies for those downsides. A careful approach to the new world would be required.

12) @Anon69207 Wrong. The USA is not ruled by the British, it is ruled by the same people as pretty much every other country in the world, the power hungry elite such as the Rathchilds, from the City of London, which is NOT part of Britain, despite being on in the center of the capital city (The Queen has to request admittance as it is a country in its own right).

Posted: Aug 27 2014, 10:04 AM

12173 The reason people abandon common sence and subscribe to nonsence theories such as this is because foreign governments spend billions of dollars infecting enemy populations with subversive propoaganda, this propaganda lingers in thought patterns for decades and only requires a small percentage of low intelligence idiots for it to persist and even morph into various movements, think communisim, nazism, radical islam, in varying forms creating havoc in many countries worldwide
And now this revoloutionary anarchisim which would lead to warlord rule, missery and chaos is exactly what the enemys of the west want

Posted: Jun 21 2015, 4:41 AM

66169 First off there are good people and bad people in the government. Depending where those individuals have power makes that area a bit more good and resourcful, or go bad towards extortion.

The overall structure for the us government tho is to look innocent enough and good enough so that they can get away with mass extortion. The us government and others, were infiltred many many many years ago by perswayers, bribers, and murders in the name of power and $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Over time, the more people that are in the government, makes it easier to infiltrate, but thats how prospering governments work. Our government started good I believe. Now gone very corrupt to the point as evil as cartels and people who torture other living beings. The us government leads a lot of global escapades basically to rape and pillage the land, people, both. And the worst is extortion. There are so many poor hard working people being given no choice but to work for companies that dont pay them squat. And the government is in cahoots with those companies because its so cheap. But now they are manipulation it and are giving all the workers most minimal possible. And the rainforests...

But what can we do? I think music has probably some of the most power I have seen. Create good as much as possible, and truly in oneself, do the best we can in every moment. Practicing positive cycles will not allow the disaray of greed on an energetic level.

War is no good no matter what. Fight for control blowing each other up like idiots. In the name of what? Ten year olds smoking and addicted to opium because their parents couldnt afford a doctor when they have to get there partially blown off limb amputated. Of course stuff like that doesnt make it to mainstream media. Or that there are groups of highly fearful and crazed people from rich and from government banding up to go burn children in the middle of the street and toss grenades into huts (social cleansing) in third world countries. Oh but we dont have to think about any of that nonsense because were too busy living lavishly off the extortion of those countires in our own govefnment media induced ignorant self absorbed bubbles. We feed our families with the slaving of other people and ridiculously massive slaughter of living beings.

I figure all we can do is try to help other people struggling, save resources best we can, and stay active in society and be creative.

Posted: Nov 23 2015, 3:18 PM

7678 This is literally the most idiotic thing I've ever read.
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