Why the Obsession with Capitalism?!

Chris | InformationLiberation
May. 20, 2010

I've been exposed to the works of Lew Rockwell and the Mises Institute for years now, I would always read Lew's site and enjoy it but I had no fundamental understanding of real economics. I thought like most people 'Hey what about the evils of corporations?! Why is the government the only evil, they're run by big business!'

This is of course true, but it is a slight of hand.

The government has a power monopoly on force. The 'state', as they say, is the ultimate settler of all disputes and the final arbiter in all situations. The state is the only organization with the power to jail you if you do not comply with its orders, if you do not pay it it's cut in every single transaction, or if you do not hand over +%30 of your income to it for its protection racket.

The state will soon be forcing you to buy health insurance from a private company at the barrel of a gun. It's true the health insurance companies wrote the legislation, so aren't they the evil ones? Sure they're evil, but who is going to jail you if you resist? Who has the power to enforce their ridiculous edict? Of course it's the state, the state is the source of all evil.

In a private market the companies would have no power over you, no one could force you to do anything, all corporations could do to get you to buy their products is make them better and cheaper and hope you're willing to voluntarily hand over your money to them because you feel your money is worth less than their product. That's their only power. That is how things should be, the corporations in a free market serve their customer's needs and give them whatever they want.

"But what about all the useless crap!" you say? "What about the garbage food full of poisons!?"

Those things are all voluntary. How many people think eating at McDonalds is good for their health? Probably no one, they don't care, they want the crap food and that's their right to have it. The beauty of the capitalist system is that everything is in massive abundance, every need and desire is satisfied ten fold. As Mises said, yes the masses consume lots of crap but that's because in the capitalist system everything is in abundance. In the socialist system there is nothing for anyone.

"For example, is it true that markets dumb down the culture, exalting trashy novels and movies over higher-brow fare? Mises points out that the tastes of the masses will always and everywhere be lower than those educated and cultivated to love higher culture. But, he says, the glory of capitalism is that it brings to every sector what it wants and needs, and more of it than any other system. So, yes, there will be more trash, but also more great work as well. It is a matter of availability: under socialism, nothing is available. Under capitalism, choice seems nearly infinite." - Source

Capitalism is freedom. Capitalism is the free market. Capitalism is the greatest thing to happen to mankind in the thousands or millions of years of our existence. Without capitalism the majority of people on this planet would not exist. There would be mass starvation and everyone would be working like hell just to survive. Bad crop yield one year due to mass freezing? Well, too bad, you're dead. No more trading for goods, no more 'crap' in massive abundance. Nothing.

That is not a free society. That is going back to the stone age. That is what the elite want to bring back through their carbon dictatorship. They too hate 'civilization,' they too want to bring an end to 'money,' 'exploitation' and 'capitalism.' They too despise the abundance of 'crap' and hate the 'free market capitalists' who don't think the world should stop growing and humans should stop breeding.

I don't agree, and I have no shame in saying it proudly. Free market capitalism is the greatest thing to ever happen in the history of the world. Going back to the stone age won't free us from anything. Going forward into a future of free markets and abundance will. That is why our economic progress is the number one enemy of the state. That is why the globalists view overpopulation as the world's biggest threat. They know if we can spread free market capitalism throughout the world their system of exploitation and systematic theft through central banking and statism will be gone forever.

We are at an incredibly important crossroads in the history of humanity. The central banking cartel has been printing so much money to fund their warfare/welfare empire that we are on the brink of hyperinflation and the collapse of our currency. This will make trade extremely difficult and will bring our economy to a screeching halt. People will be likely to believe all manners of nonsense about how 'capitalism is to blame.' Fractional Reserve banking is the opposite of free market capitalism, printing of money creates absolutely no wealth, it only serves to destroy the free economy by misallocating resources which could be used for productive means into the coffers of the government and their cronies. It serves to systematically and yet secretly steal the savings of everyone who holds their wealth in dollars, every dollar they print and spend devalues real capitalist's savings and ensures another major crash will occur once the market finally adjusts.

It is absolutely imperative that people wake up to the fact we do not have a free market capitalist system as things are now, we have crony capitalism, statism, and a private bank and government which is holding the free market hostage. When the system collapses we need to embrace free market capitalism and commodity based currencies instead of bashing capitalism and going under a socialist world empire where the government runs and controls everything.
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