The Swine Flu Conspiracy

Sep. 30, 2009

Are you ready to roll up your sleeve?

Worked for days on this video with my brother, it fully exposes the entire swine flu scam and the MEDIA'S COMPLICITY in the con, I have shown this to many friends who know nothing and it left them all completely shocked, this video is powerful as hell and we put a massive amount of work into it. All over the world they are saying these toxic vaccines will be mandatory, we must expose this conspiracy as widely as possible, we can't stop the entire NWO takeover but this is one place where we can absolutely savage them. - Chris, IL

Reuploaded here and here and dailymotion here to fight YouTube stat counter rigging! (Please click them all) I will be uploading this vid to multiple accounts to fight YT rigging, the views shot up to 315 in 3 hrs time and then the counter froze for hours, they only added 50 views in the last 9hrs, I will not let them rig this and I will be uploading it to many accounts just to stick it to em!

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