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Multimedia posted Sep 30 2009, 12:04 AM Category: Brave New World Source: InformationLiberation Print

The Swine Flu Conspiracy

Worked for days on this video with my brother, it fully exposes the entire swine flu scam and the MEDIA'S COMPLICITY in the con, I have shown this to many friends who know nothing and it left them all completely shocked, this video is powerful as hell and we put a massive amount of work into it. All over the world they are saying these toxic vaccines will be mandatory, we must expose this conspiracy as widely as possible, we can't stop the entire NWO takeover but this is one place where we can absolutely savage them. - Chris, IL
Are you ready to roll up your sleeve?

Reuploaded here and here and dailymotion here to fight YouTube stat counter rigging! (Please click them all) I will be uploading this vid to multiple accounts to fight YT rigging, the views shot up to 315 in 3 hrs time and then the counter froze for hours, they only added 50 views in the last 9hrs, I will not let them rig this and I will be uploading it to many accounts just to stick it to em!

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- Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Vaccines: Big Pharma has Captured the Scientific, Regulatory, Law-making Processes
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Posted: Sep 30 2009, 12:40 AM

fucking. awesome.

Posted: Sep 30 2009, 4:43 AM

7673 Effective video. Great use of FF7 music.

Posted: Sep 30 2009, 7:04 AM

Thanks for your efforts here Chris.
Roger from the Netherlands

Posted: Sep 30 2009, 11:48 AM

82173 Good work Chris, will spread it.

Here some Dutch news. We have this 'national health advisor to our government' called Dr. Ab Osterhaus. He has been screaming PANDEMIC since early 2009, made our government buy 34 million vaccins (2 shots for every Dutchman) and always denied having contact with BigPharma.

Newspaper ran a story yesterday he owns 10% of Viroclinic, the company that makes the vaccins for us. Also has he been one of the co-founders of that company. In other words....he makes money with this flu vaccin.

But...government says to be shocked and will hold an emergency debate tomorrow about this doctor in the Senate. If you read the comments by Dutch citizens on the newspaper website that ran the story you would begin to smile. Every single person is done with this H1N1 hype and will refuse any vaccination from now on. And the doctors carreer is over.

They have failed miserably.

Posted: Oct 02 2009, 5:52 AM

The flu terrorism program seems to be in a state of collapse. Health officials, researchers, parents and much of the wider populous are aware of the underlying politics. Implicit in what has been happening is a global conspiracy with involvement of officialdom pretty much wholesale, proof perhaps that they too need to be free. Through this issue perhaps more than any people are noticing the elephant in the room.

Posted: Oct 02 2009, 6:52 AM

at 25,000 hits already and of the 260 comments so far over 90% are positive. SOOOOOO AWESOME!!!

Posted: Oct 02 2009, 3:37 PM

Whew went to bed with it at 25,000, woke up and it's 45,000 :D

Posted: Oct 03 2009, 2:58 PM

8196 Good work Chris. I have spread the link around.

Some good news:

A little hiccup for the mass murderers:

It has been a really bad day for me: The Irish have apparently been successfully bullied into Voting again; and have voted "yes".

Do you know: In my lowest moments, I never thought the Irish wouls surrender to what is virtually a mafia criminl operation. Yet here I am proved wrong. A bottle of Glenfiddich sounds good right now.

But the above two links have improved my mood.
Kate Mucci

Posted: Oct 05 2009, 3:03 PM

207200 Chris - contact me and we'll find a way to get this on NATIONAL TELEVISION. Our show is Matrix TV news.
notepad publishing

Posted: Oct 05 2009, 4:16 PM

212254 H1N1 = Conspiracy?

October 2009
On October 1 2009, a FORMER federal health minister dismisses as ( "">"crackpots and conspiracy theorists") those who would actively discourage Australians from having their swine flu vaccine'. October 2nd, the San Fransisco Chronicle publishes that '(") Everybody seems to be saying TRUST THE GOVERNMENT but it's hard to trust the H1N1 vaccination campaign' and on October 4rd, the Washington Post wonders 'When the swine flu vaccine finally arrives this week, ("")will Americans line up to get it?' and CBS News writes about ("") health care workers protesting the flu vaccine mandate.

September 2009
September 8th 2009, ("") an article on EnjoyFrance reports that France, Greece the UK and the US have or are planning to make the Swine Flus vaccination mandatory and that those opposed are afraid of contracting the Guillain Barre Syndrome or even dying, an anxiety which is, (" according to this article, rooted in the '76 scare. On September 11th 2009, a Spanish security firm ("") detects a 'swine flu' computer virus and this article quotes Margaret Chan, head of WHO, that she could not imagine major pharmaceutical firms to be behind the the Swine flu outbreak. On September 21th CanadafreePress publishes that the right-wing seems as enamored as the left, when it comes to ("") using big PhRMA to make Big Money. Moammar Gadhafi Rants at U.N. General Assembly according to ( href="") this article published September 23rd and suggests that the H1N1 flu virus was a military conspiracy. The ( href="") 'Right to Say ‘No’ to Vaccine' is advocated by Khaleej Times on 24th September 2009.On September 26th, the Daily Contributor publishes that Dr Kent Holtorf, an Infectious Disease Expert ("") wouldn’t even consider having his family take the vaccine'. On September 28th, PrisonPlanet asks the question '(">Where Did the H1N1 Late-2009 Flu Season Virus Come From?'.

April - August 2009
April 2009, NaturalNews reports that as Swine flu spreads, ("") conspiracy theories of laboratory origins abound. June 25th, Nature News reports that Austrian Journalist Jane Burgermeister filed ("")charges against WHO and UN for Bioterrorism and Intent to Commit Mass Murder. In August, the NWO Observer reports that an official UK government report is ("") warning the British public that there will be countless deaths and that freight containers and “inflatable” storage units may be needed to provide extra mortuary space.

<a href="">notepad publishing</a>, News Agency

Posted: Oct 05 2009, 6:25 PM

11911 great austalian dvd trailer on vaccines.
Bruce McBurney

Posted: Oct 05 2009, 11:29 PM

24226 This information that needs to get out now.
The swine flu virus planted by pharmafia see
Colloidal silver will stop any flu Coplloidal silver has been and they are tring to completely suppress it.
This has been missed or suppressed the fact that the real reason so many died withthe flu in 1918 is aspirin, Aspirin lowers the body fever the natural way to kill virus. Flu virus dies at 102 degrees If you run the fever you kill the virus, if you take aspirin the you lower the fever the virus kills you !
they want the pandemic for force vaccines for population kull
they do not want the many answers to global warming we could have 10
times the population with no problems work 24 hour a week with 10 weeks holidays

Bruce Mcburney
check out himacmovieman on you tube for more info

Posted: Oct 06 2009, 10:11 AM


H1N1 and the vaccine are 100% fraud and murder. They have now sent notice to hospitals across the country that whenever a patient comes in with the symptoms they are not to be tested, only ASSUME that it is the H1N1 virus and treat it as such... and COUNT IT as such! So the truth is that many of these reported cases are NOT swine flu at all but a regular common cold. The government is simply trying to steal taxpayer dollars to enrich drug companies and get an under the table payoff.
Fuck Anonymous..I'm Vallerie

Posted: Oct 08 2009, 1:20 PM

70168 Jesus Christ ...

Excellent video...excellent....excellent..excellent!

I DO NOT trust the Government and will NOT have them stick ANYTHING in my body.

I'm passing the video on - you did a great job!!
notepad publishing

Posted: Oct 10 2009, 8:44 PM

212254 H1N1 = Conspiracy?

H1N1 notepad

October 2009
On October 1 2009, a former federal health minister dismisses as "crackpots and conspiracy theorists" those who would actively discourage Australians from having their swine flu vaccine'. October 2nd, the San Fransisco Chronicle publishes that 'Everybody seems to be saying TRUST THE GOVERNMENT but it's hard to trust the H1N1 vaccination campaign' and on October 4rd, the Washington Post wonders 'When the swine flu vaccine finally arrives this week, will Americans line up to get it?' and CBS News writes about health care workers protesting the flu vaccine mandate. October 6th Foodconsumer publishes 'Do NOT Let Your Child Get Flu Vaccine -- 9 Reasons Why' and writes that 'modern medicine has no explanation for autism, despite its continued rise in prevalence. Yet autism is not reported among Amish children who go unvaccinated'. October 7th Healthnews writes that 72 percent are concerned about potential vaccine side effects and the Examiner writes that' theorists believe that government may force people to take the vaccine'. October 8th Times&Transscript publishes that 'a mercury-based preservative called thimerosal would be included as one of the substances in the H1N1 vaccine', Medill Reports writes that Dr. Mayer Eisenstein is advising his patients to say no and is convinced that vaccines cause autism and the Los Angeles Times Blog publishes that media commentators Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh have apparently fallen prey to the loony websites of the anti-vaccine folks and that Beck would do "the exact opposite" of what the government recommended and attend a swine flu party. October 9th, The Christian Science Monitor publishes that 'the vaccine is opposed, moreover, by naturopaths and even a well-known epidemiologist' and that Glenn Beck from Fox News has devoted hours to ask 'why the World Health Organization, "Big Pharma," and the government are hyping a pandemic'?

Read the full article with all media references @

notepad publishing (a non-profit news agency based in Switzerland)

Posted: Oct 11 2009, 11:56 AM

Jesus Christ. God Help us.
Patriot from Ohio

Posted: Oct 15 2009, 12:29 PM

174130 WOW.

Thats all I can say.

Great job guys.
uk man

Posted: Oct 15 2009, 1:27 PM

86149 the time to fight has arrived! Sit back and die or stand and fight
notepad publishing

Posted: Oct 15 2009, 5:43 PM

212254 October 11 to October 20 2009
On October 12 2009, Prisonplanet publishes that 'The vaccination propaganda is now kicking into overdrive' but that 'corporate medias own polls reveal that around two-thirds of parents have serious reservations' and writes about nurses suing the state to block H1N1 vaccinations. While Khaleej Times publishes that the 'WHO Denies Reports of H1N1 Vaccines Dangerous Effects' and that 'The side effect of administering H1N1 vaccine is limited to a slight fever and pain at the site of injection'. October 13, the LoudounTimes writes about Desiree Jennings who can move sideways and backwards, but not forward. On October 14 The New American publishes that a growing chorus of doctors and researchers is claiming that being injected with the swine flu vaccine may be more hazardous than catching the flu and Florida Today writes 'Swine flu vaccine here'. FoodConsumer publishes that 'Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline, MedImmune, Australian drug maker CSL, and Sanofi-Pasteur will likely make a great deal of money'. October 15, VUE Weekly publishes that 'autism now affects one in 99 American children' and 'Hepatitis B vaccine given to newborn baby boys more than triples their risk' and GlobalResearch writes that 'Jim Turner, a Washington, D.C., attorney noted for his work on consumer health issues, is filing suit today in federal court to stop all swine flu vaccinations'. AFP publishes that '"None of the vaccines against H1N1 have been properly tested," attorney Jim Turner, one of half a dozen lawyers working on the case, told AFP'.

Read the full article with all media references @

notepad publishing (a non-profit news agency based in Switzerland)

Posted: Oct 16 2009, 5:22 PM

2439 Please read, not that it will convince any of you paranoid foolish people, the best explanation for vaccines below, a letter to Bill Maher from Dr M Shermer......try reality for a change

Years ago you invited me to appear as a fellow skeptic several times on your ABC show Politically Incorrect, and I have ever since shared your skepticism on so many matters important to both of us: creationism and intelligent design, religious supernaturalism and New Age paranormal piffle, 9/11 "truthers", Obama "birthers", and all manner of conspiratorial codswallop. On these matters, and many others, you rightly deserved the Richard Dawkins Award from Richard's foundation, which promotes reason and science.

However, I believe that when it comes to alternative medicine in general and vaccinations in particular you have fallen prey to the same cognitive biases and conspiratorial thinking that you have so astutely identified in others. In fact, the very principle of how vaccinations work is additional proof (as if we needed more) against the creationists that evolution happened and that natural selection is real: vaccinations work by tricking the body's immune system into thinking that it has already had the disease for which the vaccination was given. Our immune system "adapts" to the invading pathogens and "evolves" to fight them, such that when it encounters a biologically similar pathogen (which itself may have evolved) it has in its armory the weapons needed to fight it. This is why many of us born in the 1950s and before may already have some immunity against the H1N1 flu because of its genetic similarity to earlier influenza viruses, and why many of those born after really should get vaccinated.

Vaccinations are not 100% effective, nor are they risk free. But the benefits far outweigh the risks, and when communities in the U.S. and the U.K. in recent years have foregone vaccinations in large numbers, herd immunity is lost and communicable diseases have come roaring back. This is yet another example of evolution at work, but in this case it is working against us. (See for numerous articles answering every one of the objections to vaccinations.)

Vaccination is one of science's greatest discoveries. It is with considerable irony, then, that as a full-throated opponent of the nonsense that calls itself Intelligent Design, your anti-vaccination stance makes you something of an anti-evolutionist. Since you have been so vocal in your defense of the theory of evolution, I implore you to be consistent in your support of the theory across all domains and to please reconsider your position on vaccinations. It was not unreasonable to be a vaccination skeptic in the 1880s, which the co-discovered of natural selection--Alfred Russel Wallace--was, but we've learned a lot over the past century. Evolution explains why vaccinations work. Please stop denying evolution in this special case.

As well, Bill, your comments about not wanting to "trust the government" to inject us with a potentially deadly virus, along with many comments you have made about "big pharma" being in cahoots with the AMA and the CDC to keep us sick in the name of corporate profits is, in every way that matters, indistinguishable from 9/11 conspiracy mongering. Your brilliant line about how we know that the Bush administration did not orchestrate 9/11 ("because it worked"), applies here: the idea that dozens or hundreds pharmaceutical executives, AMA directors, CDC doctors, and corporate CEOs could pull off a conspiracy to keep us all sick in the name of money and power makes about as much sense as believing that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and their bureaucratic apparatchiks planted explosive devices in the World Trade Center and flew remote controlled planes into the buildings.

Finally, Bill, please consider the odd juxtaposition of your enthusiastic support for health care reform and government intervention into this aspect of our medical lives, with your skepticism that these same people--when it comes to vaccinations and disease prevention--suddenly lose their sense of morality along with their medical training. You excoriate the political right for not trusting the government with our health, and then in the next breath you inadvertently join their chorus when you denounce vaccinations, thereby adding fodder for their ideological cannons. Please remember that it's the same people administrating both health care and vaccination programs.

One of the most remarkable features of science is that it often leads its practitioners to change their minds and to say "I was wrong." Perhaps we don't do it enough, as our own blinders and egos can get in the way, but it does happen, and it certainly happens a lot more in science than it does in religion or politics. I've done it. I used to be a global warming skeptic, but I reconsidered the evidence and announced in Scientific American that I was wrong. Please reconsider both the evidence for vaccinations, as well as the inconsistencies in your position, and think about doing one of the bravest and most honorable things any critical thinker can do, and that is to publicly state, "I changed my mind. I was wrong."

Read more at:
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