Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag, and Miley Cyrus Twitter about Infowars and the New World Order

Jun. 29, 2009

Update: They're on the air right now and they seem totally genuine. They're speaking off the top of their head and they are clearly very intelligent and know what they are talking about. I think they had a full fledged genuine awakening! ;) I'll post the interview asap. - Chris, IL

The interview is now up
In an interesting turn of events "Heidi and Spence" are acting as though they have woken up to the New World Order and are plugging away to their combined 800,000 followers on twitter endlessly about the "New World Order Global Elite." Even Miley Cyrus got in the fray asking "what is infowars?"

Miley Cyrus: @heidimontag i dont understand what is @infowars ?
10:18 AM Jun 28th from mobile web

Spencer writes: Everyone please tune in to the Alex Jones radio show tomorrow! Speidi will be on with Alex Jones from 12pm-1! @inforwars [sic] @prisonplanet

RT @prisonplanet: @mileycyrus All your fans are relying on you to protect them from real bullies -- the New World Order Global Elite!

RT @prisonplanet: @mileycyrus and @heidimontag Hey Miley and Heidi -- thanks for waking up to the truth! Yes!!!!!!

Heidi and Spence's twitters are basically just all links to infowars articles etc. Check them out below.


What does one make of this? Is this all just a psy-op to attempt to link anti-nwo views with the whoredom Heidi and Spence represent? It seems to be probable but who knows. Regardless, even if they are just shilling it will probably have a net effect of waking more people up. - IL

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