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Article posted Jul 09 2006, 8:38 PM Category: Politics/Corruption Source: The Times-Picayune Print

U.S. to investigate witness rape charge: Chief homicide investigator raped a witness he was assigned to protect

DA's investigator is focus of FBI probe

The U.S. Attorney's Office has issued grand jury subpoenas as part of a federal civil rights investigation into a complaint that Orleans Parish District Attorney Eddie Jordan's chief homicide investigator raped a witness he was assigned to protect.

Federal agents started the investigation last week after meeting with high-ranking New Orleans Police Department officials and Jordan, U.S. Attorney Jim Letten said Friday.

An unidentified woman in the state witness protection program told the NOPD's Public Integrity Bureau that Dwight Deal, a veteran homicide detective who joined Jordan's administration in June 2003 as the chief investigator for murder cases, raped her while she was under his watch.

Deal, 50, worked for more than 20 years with NOPD and at one time was among the most senior of homicide detectives, known for cracking murder cases and making them stick in court to win convictions. Deal played a key role in helping police solve and bring to court the culprits behind the 1997 triple murder at the French Quarter's Louisiana Pizza Kitchen, a case that sent Phillip Anthony to death row.

In June 2003, Deal retired from the NOPD and joined Jordan's staff. Deal was placed on paid administrative June 30, a move that adheres to the office policy, said Jordan spokeswoman Leatrice Dupre.

Jordan declined to discuss Deal, citing privacy laws that hinder employers from discussing work records.

A message left on Deal's work-issued cell phone was not returned immediately Friday.

In his announcement of the federal probe Friday, Letten made reference to the recent conviction of Henry A. Dillon III, the former New Orleans assistant city attorney convicted on federal civil rights charges for raping two young women who crossed paths with him while dealing with traffic tickets in 2004.

Dillon is "a serial rapist who abused his position as a public official in exploiting and brutalizing young women," Letten said in a statement. "In (the Deal) case, our federal civil rights investigation, consistent with federal law and policy, will be fair and even-handed, but also swift and decisive."

At trial, Dillon, 48, a politically connected lawyer with longtime ties to former Mayor Marc Morial, said that he had sex with three of the four women who testified but said they pursued him. The jury called it rape, and federal prosecutors lauded the verdict as a message to public officials.

Dillon is due in court Sept. 21 for sentencing before U.S. District Court Judge Lance Africk.

Letten would not give an exact date of when the Deal investigation started, but said it began after his office met with NOPD brass.

The witness who made the complaint was immediately relocated under the federal protection program, where she remains in a secret location, Letten said.

Letten said he told Jordan that his office would start a federal civil rights investigation into the matter.

"I welcomed his intervention in this matter and further noted that my office would be fully cooperative with his investigation," Jordan said in a statement Friday.

Special Agent in Charge James Bernazzani of the FBI said that anyone with information about this or any other civil rights matter can call the FBI at (504) 816-3000.

The case is being investigated by the FBI and the NOPD Public Integrity Bureau. Assistant U.S. attorneys assigned to the case include Mark Miller, supervisor of the Organized Crime and Racketeering Strike Force Unit, and veteran prosecutor Mike McMahon.

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Posted: Jul 17 2006, 12:31 PM

First and foremost I would like all of you to understand that I am neither conservative or liberal, I'm for humanity and don't associate myself with the sea of lies which is politics. I believe we need guns, border control, small government, but I also believe in the Constitution, and that every violation to the Constitution is a serious impeachable offense.

Refer also to the "For every 100 girls" post for a look at how women can be deemed as superior to men, if you look at statistics and find correlations to justify stereotypes. This also shows how once females have much of the rights that men have had for the past centuries, they are equally performing or out-performing men in all fields.

And you little sheep people are pretty much the most ignorant and stupid bunch I have ever talked to.

"jailed for rapeing a 17 year old girl he pulled over for a traffice voliation so i guess she's lying and trying to get money to"

Stupidity here refers not to some grammatical error, but rather to the blind ignorance that all females who get raped are lying and attempting to con someone out of their money. Yes, if you believe that females who are raped are all just gold-diggers using their sex to gain monetary wealth or to debase all men, you are a fucking retard. How's that for stupidity? (Guess America's conservative base falls under the "fucking retard" spectrum)

"Men and women are equal in the eyes of the law, fine, we are not equal physically or mentalily.Case in point,,2-1749346,00.html There are 13 men with IQ's over 170 for every 1 woman. Kate O'bein "Women that make the World worse" says in her book on page 129, "That the top 5% of women perform at the male medium." On page 130 Kate notices how in the Navy it used to be a two man job to carry a down man on a strecher, now it's a four man. She also notices how since women have beocme fire fighters they have tried to take equipment needed to fight fires, so women can handle it."

Yes, I believe in gender egalitarianism, but that the equality manifests itself differently through the mediums of males and females. So while statistics show that females are inferior physically, and perhaps males are superior in quantitative cognition and their imagination, females are superior to males on emotional and sub-conscious cognition. So there's not much to debate here.

"On page 91 she notes that students that score over 700 on the math SAT at age thirteen defore they've had advanced mathematical training, are included in a data base. There are 13 males who qualitfy, for every 1 female."

For every 100 women enrolled in college there are 77 men enrolled.
For every 100 American women who earn a doctor's degree from college 92 American men earn the same degree.
Census data reflects actual empirical data, while this "database" you speak of is unnamed, and the SAT is not an indication of real aptitude or knowledge
"The SAT, according to figures compiled by Ford and Campos of ETS, ranges in accuracy from 8 to 15% in the prediction of freshman grade point average3 (11). This means that, on the average, for 88% of the applicants (though it is impossible to know which ones) an SAT score will predict their grade rank no more accurately than a pair of dice."

"Jeff, you can pretend men and women are all the same, more governmental propaganda as they take all your rights, inflate and deflate you out of house, home and a sound mind. I don't believe it, I am not equal to the man down the street, nor is the neighbor the same as me, Equaltarinism is a very destructive element. It empowers the weak, and weaks the empowered, all the while the blue bloods are running the show."

Egalitarianism does not mean "the same" so no I don't think it means we're the same. "Egalitarianism is any belief that emphasizes some form of equality between morally-significant beings"
We are equal in many aspects, but because of actions, opportunities born into, etc, these become our primary differences. So although we are equal in most ways just because we are humans and share the same structure for our DNA. So no one is better than me, no one is worse than me, my weakness' may be her stregnths, and vice-versa. That is how we are equal, not because of "government propaganda." That's also why I don't believe the PTB(powers that be) are better than me, because we're equal.

"Take a bite out fo Crime. End single motherhood, and empower the two parent system.
Cut off amblance chasing lawyers."

"A new multiethnic study at Cornell University has found that being a single parent does not appear to have a negative effect on the behavior or educational performance of a mother's 12- and 13-year-old children."

More oftenly, children who have a disadvantage are those who were born into bad neighborhoods, or those with little financial security, not because of single-parenting.
Because since the dawn of time, males of any race had the sole purpose to spread their seed for the continuation of the species, and after that it was all up to the mother. It's in our gene's, basically, the one-night stand.

"I forgot to mention the 6 million inventions in the US Patent office. 99% of which are held by men."

Although I'd like to see some statistics on that, I can believe it, again this is not due to inferiority, but the differences in cognitive recognition between males and females. This statistic also does not reflect much else other than that males have had the opportunity to have their ideas accepted longer than women have had their rights and that males dominate the quantitative cognition field

''Planes, trains, cars etc. all came from the minds of actual men. Why then are we trying to empower women? They can breast feed their offspring, and minister to their husbands and children. Providing a stable emotionally and mentally environment."

That's a prime example of ignorance right there, with that logic, independent responsibility and achievement does not exist, because statistics determine what you are capable of based on sex, race, social-economic status, etc.

To sum it up.

OK, so basically we've been arguing about the role of gender in society. Which has absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand. There was a girl, she supposedly got raped, a court of law will determine whether the officer is guilty with the charge or not, simple. The comments were discussing how rape is a horrible crime, and that it violates more than just a bodily orifice. And you pop up and scream "SHE'S A LYING BITCH!!!" and how females are inferior, con-artists, and malevolent beings. Which really has nothing to do with the discussion that rape is horrible.

"It seems Jeff that you care more about a person's grammer then you do about the fact that a officer may have crossed the line. I hope one day that your not on your way home and an officer decides he wants to pull you over and commit some crime against you. I'm sure your not perfect. Starting with the word (Stoopiditie) something you made up. Grow up and respect other people remember even if they misspell theirs alot more going on in this world you should be concerned about then someone's grammer. Also it does not mean because someone misspells that they did not have a good education, think about it anonymous are you educated you spelled the word (maybe) wrong does that mean you did not have a good education, its just shows that anyone of us can misspell. This is not about who can spell properly and who can't if you got a sister or a daugther or females cousin think about one of them being the person in that article and tell me a misspelled word would matter."

What the fuck are you even talking about? Please learn to articulate, you know, get your point across. Because from what I can infer from your post is that you are a 14 year old boy who just failed Honors English.

"Jeff who cares if someone spells a word wrong, it seems you find pointing out grammer mistakes and creating your own word(stoopiditie) that isn't in the dictionary more important then the issue at hand. Lets hope that one day when your on your way home an officer does not decide to pull you over and commit a crime against you. If the media should spell a word wrong, which they do from time to time i know it will not be a big deal as long as your story is told. And to anonymous just because someone spells a word wrong does not mean their not educated, if your statement is true then i guess you fall in the uneducated circle for you spelled the word (maybe) wrong . My statement is not a personal attack on you its just to point out anyone can spell something wrong or type it wrong. Please stick to what's important , anyone of us can have something happen at anytime and you know what this world is such a mess right now that grammer should be the last thing anybody is concerned with. We all better hope that the stuff happening in other countries does not become a daily event here and who will care about grammer then."

Same guy, so same response.

"You are so right innocent until proven otherwise. The only two who really know what happend are them. But when you have people more concerned about grammer then the fact that a woman may have been violated or a officer could be wrongly accused it just goes to show that some people are using very little of the brain that they have! Most of us have spell check and your right most of us don't use it."

Yeah, no one is really concerned with grammar here. Otherwise I would have to had debated every other idiot who doesn't know the difference between your and you're.

"Is this word in the dictionary, someone who wrote this is suppose to be highly educated and has the nerve to talk about people for spelling words wrong. Please someone tell me what this word means cause it's not in the dictionary. The pot calling the kettle black, imagine that."

Yeah, basically either you have no deduction skills or you really are a complete idiot. I don't argue with ignorance on your level, because then it gets to name calling which brings me to this post

"It describes the person who made it up."

Which is so extremely witty, and has absolutely no value in an actual debate, which I can infer from here, is something that this commenter has never participated in.

By the way how does it feel to be acting more immaturely than a 17 year old? And on a news web site too.

Posted: Jul 17 2006, 3:36 PM

Jeff, Keep banging out with the knowledge because you are taking them to school, teach on!!!!


Posted: Jul 17 2006, 3:41 PM

Thanks. I'm hoping that people will begin to question's the governments motives though, rather than trying to argue anyone they meet with different views.
Patriarch Verlch

Posted: Jul 18 2006, 1:01 AM

Stupidity here refers not to some grammatical error, but rather to the blind ignorance that all females who get raped are lying and attempting to con someone out of their money. Yes, if you believe that females who are raped are all just gold-diggers using their sex to gain monetary wealth or to debase all men, you are a fucking retard. How's that for stupidity? (Guess America's conservative base falls under the "fucking retard" spectrum)

Obviously Jeff we all know how there is 80,000 rape accusations in America, and about 15,000 actual convictions, 85% of which are she said testimony to boot. Rape has the lowest conviction rate because some women act like children and send mixed signals.

Rape is a horrible crime. Do you want to know what the equal and even more horrible crime? Feminist equalitarians using it to further their goal of the demise of humanity, with the icing on the cake, the demise of Christianity and the Judeo Christian God. You can read their quotes if you do not believe me.

Jeff I've got some dyslexia going on here, and until you have a problem remember how to spell their or thier. Yes it is a problem, but give me a face I have seen anywhere in my life, and I will remember you. Can't say that about the people I see in stores everyday, who don't remember me from day to day.

I have been in California 20 years after being with my girlfriend, we moved, she was a grown woman with moles all over her face, I walked up to her and said her name, Meredith. "Who are you she asked...." Perhaps I am still looking for my mothers face, I imprinted it, then she gave me up for adoption, who knows.

No I do not know the angel on all that stuff, no matter how much I learned of it. Blame it on the inoculations, or my mother doing some LSD in the womb, who knows. Just like weed makes your brain work backwards, perhaps something in our environment, some chemical is making life harder for people. It could be pesticides, pollution, you name it.

Posted: Jul 18 2006, 1:24 AM

"More oftenly, children who have a disadvantage are those who were born into bad neighborhoods, or those with little financial security, not because of single-parenting.
Because since the dawn of time, males of any race had the sole purpose to spread their seed for the continuation of the species, and after that it was all up to the mother. It's in our gene's, basically, the one-night stand."

Origins of man? Since the dawn of time. Let us examine your logic that we are here by mistake, not design.

You have a big problem, that of oxygen being created in an oxygen less environment. See plants need 35% of the Oxygen they create, so they even needed something before they could "evolve as you say.

Your magic oxygen producing bugs that are no longer around are neither tested or observed, so your simpleton logic that we are nothing but genetic mutations is glaring, in the light that in Genesis God the Father created the two parent system, which science is trying to destroy, for who knows what reason.

Remember also that Oxygen producing vegetation, also needs the tiny bugs, earthworms to survive, they are interdependent. It doesn't make sense that the Oxygen producing bugs would evolve to evolve the bugs to aerate the soil, then let the plants get going. Again impossible and untested, hence why the "Theory of Evolution" is just that, a theory.

Another simpleton question, What came first the Chicken or the Egg?

Secular evolution just gives man an excuse to feel good about side stepping the guidelines in the Good Book.

"Do as thou wilt, as long as you do not hurt anybody." , gives Aleister Crowley's words new meaning. He was, debatably, the most evil man that has ever lived.

The point of my story is yes, and the bible backs me up, that bastards are a big problem.

I have a Fatherless friend, he is an emotional temper black hole. He is extremely emotional about things, loses it over simple problems. He has been doing drugs since 12, smoking and drinking ever since. Studies find that substance abuse is very high among the fatherless.

Another personal story. A family member is raising two boys as a single mother. The oldest started having girls over, drinking beer out of the fridge, smoking, chewing tobacco, and smoking pot. He did this whenever he felt like it.

Mind you he was going from 8th grade to High school.

He would have the girls over whenever he felt like.

His mother tried to stop him several times, he would use violence, slapping her, holding her down and screaming at her. Remember this is a 12 year old boy.

Now he has since dropped out of school, he is selling drugs, and living the Miller High life.

I am an advocate of the two parent system, men shouldn't be funding womans independence from us, through actions like child support and alimony. Trust me on this, Women are designed to be dependent on their Fathers, Men, Man, the government, etc.

Not advocating the unity of the family will be this nations undoing, as every other nation that has done the same thing, has met the same fate.

Posted: Jul 26 2006, 1:37 PM

Does an anti-terrorism fund clearance certificate really exist?
I have a son who is researching all the international rules, regulations and laws and it appears there is a law about it but where and how does someone have to apply for it. The governments state that all banks can require one from all clients but if someone had to get one where and how to obtain one is the big question. My son's teacher asked himt o research it but with us both looking we can't find.
Any answers out there???????

Posted: Jul 29 2006, 6:01 PM

I have had dealings with Det. Deal. I believe he is one of the worst detectives in New Orleans. It does not suprise me that he has finally been caught. I guess not being on the force any more, they can not hide his actions. He is sloppy in his work ,quick to come to the wrong conclusion, and refuses to admit when he is wrong. He and other officers were awarded the "Chef Menteur award" (which is french for big liar) Back in Jan. 2000 by the Defense Attorneys' Group.(source: New Orleans Times-Picayune)
Patriarch Verlch

Posted: Aug 04 2006, 1:38 PM

You believe he is guilty after the testimony of one women, who doesn't stand to gain from lying?

Just imagine if she had sex by saying "yes". Only to later, say she was raped to get some $$$$. Get real above post, you are way to guilible, women have $$$ stamped on their foreheads, just like men have pairs of boobs on them. Both are evil.

Posted: Aug 07 2006, 11:38 AM

I will stay anonymous for now, but I have not read all the comments. I would only state the worse thing that can happen to any one is to be falsley accused of rape or any kind of sexually base offense. I know someone who was falsley accused but the D.A. office and I believe they, (D.A.) office knew it. The D.A. office went out the way to destroy this person life because this person rubbed the some important people the wrong way. This person was totally innocent and in order to get and indictment they had to supposed victim go to the grand jury and change her statement. Then to so call victim turn out to be a drug addict and a mental patient. The investigating officer from the public integrity division did not mention the information when he conducted his investgation.

Posted: Aug 07 2006, 12:20 PM

Sorry this is the last person who commented . I sent my comments before I corrected my e-mail. But believe what I am telling you the people who are investigating some of the incident against law enforcement officer are not all doing it to protect the citizens. They have other motivations. I would like the Department of Justice to look into how many black policemen are falsely arrested and then later found to be innocent. A lot of thing done in the city of New Orleans are politicly motivated. An it is a shame that we have a black Mayor, a black D.A. and a black Police Chief but, black poor people are still suffering. The media is also the blame because they will take a story about a black policeman and run it into the ground. They are not concern about the policeman family, nor more importantly, the true. If a person has given his life in the protection of other, we should give him the benefit of a doubt. Also don't believe P.A.N.O. come to everyone policemen aid because if you are a white police P.A.N.O. bends over backward for you, but if your black you are lucky to get a phone call from them. This person I am taking about have yet to receive a phone call to see how he is making out. The crime in New Orleans will not get better until Justice is appliad equally to all citizens weather black or white. Weather rich or poor. Weather a good old boy or just someome who just come to work and does his job every day. The worse thing to happen toany one is to be falsely accused. An to be falsely accused because people don't like you is ten time worse. Think about it you are working doing your job and the next thing you know is your in jail for a crime everyone know you could not possibly commit and have the evidence to prove you innocent. But instead they rob you of years out of your life. Tell me is that Justice? Al

Posted: Feb 16 2007, 3:03 PM

67168 "Stupidity here refers not to some grammatical error, but rather to the blind ignorance that all females who get raped are lying and attempting to con someone out of their money. Yes, if you believe that females who are raped are all just gold-diggers using their sex to gain monetary wealth or to debase all men, you are a fucking retard. How's that for stupidity? (Guess America's conservative base falls under the "fucking retard" spectrum)"

In Ameirca today there are 15,000 convictions of rape and 110,000 accusations. Thanks to feminist jurisprudence (look it up) Women can lie about rape and get away with it. The burden of proof needs to be raised to ensure that guilty parites go to prison!!!

Posted: Mar 27 2009, 3:24 PM

77103 Everyone sems to forget and asks was there enough evidence for a man to be accussed of rape in the first place, in the majority of case's ( like 99.5 % ) the woman has evidentley been raped by a man, even if semen cannot be traced ( positivity ID of the rapist), so the woman isn't making false claims at all, if she was silly enough to do that then she would be in trouble with the law herself and jailed for it too. it is sheer nonsense to band around propaganda of women for the most part crying rape, most women have been raped , but the cunning rapists know how to get rid of evidence, and if all else fails they come up with the excuse that she consented and all that Rubbish! Why would this woman even consider an allegation of rape had she consented in the first place, it just doesn't happen, and anyone who thinks that is a visitor from another planet, or mental asylum!

Posted: Mar 27 2009, 3:46 PM

77103 Before anyone forgets here with all the comments being made, courts of Law & the Police deal with evidence, not stories, neither are the police, with members of the public calling on thier help prejudiced for one sex or the other, they just do what they are paid to do ' Thier Job ' . Patriarch Verlch may go by biblical writings and stories from a book, but the courts & police do not!
If a woman has won a case in court and recieves $$$$ it's because there was proof that this man raped her! His bible writing do not have proof, so with his stupidity award statement of the century ' just on a womans testimony she gets $$$$ for lying ' plus Verlch's stupid babble that he's stated over internet sites that women are lower in intelligence etc than men, well she's faced with Cops that are men & a Judge and DA and an attorney that's more than likely to be men, but this stupid low IQ woman just with ' Lying ' can win the state & the system over? Everyone else is so taken in by only words of a woman! Pathetic Verlch.....I'm a woman and can punch holes in all your Stupidity of the century statements! You must be Delusional Verlch, go see a paramedic even if only for the internet sake!

Posted: May 01 2013, 12:53 PM

7184 I know Henry Dillon very well. I cant say what he did when he was not around our family but what i do know, he was a good friend. Very trustworthy and he did a lot of good for people who were in trouble.
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