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Re: Bush Moves Toward Martial Law posted 11/20/2006, 1:22 PM
To whom it may concern, While we may not all agree on globalstomp's intepretation of the martial law implications that Bush has concocted, we must agree with one thing global has put forth. He is ...
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Re: 'Beginning of the end of America' posted 10/24/2006, 2:39 PM
There is nothing that can be said. The time for words is over. Actions must dictate the course of the future, and our actions must reflect our resolve. If we are to see America restored, without viole ...
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Re: 'Beginning of the end of America' posted 10/21/2006, 3:50 PM
HAH!!! I love it when people get riled. Bush will not be impeached. Since our descent began, the futile "efforts" of democrats have resulted in nothing more than a mild outcry from the likes of u ...
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Re: 'Beginning of the end of America' posted 10/20/2006, 2:55 PM
In the coming days, there will be fire from the heavens and the darkness shall come, to oblivion shall this world be cast, and all that follow everafter will wish for the joy of those who died. M ...
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Re: Open letter to Bush from an Arab girl posted 10/19/2006, 5:26 PM
To 24.71.... The Jews have never lived in peace. Their original state was a cultist group outside the cities of the Sumerians back in the day, worshipping a god called Enlil, who dwelt on Mt. Sin ...
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Re: The Real WMD's In Iraq - Ours posted 10/17/2006, 6:39 PM
Bear in mind that I hold no allegiance to any party. I would not even classify myself as an independent. I do however, agree with more the liberal ideals more readily than conservative ideals, though ...
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Re: O'Reilly Equates 9/11 Truthers With Terrorists posted 10/14/2006, 5:25 PM
I have always equated Bill O'Reilly to that of a black hole. He's right when he says he's in a no-spin zone. The center of a black hole does not spin, it simply crushes all that happens to enter it. H ...
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Re: Olbermann: "Rumsfeld Gave North Korea Nukes" posted 10/13/2006, 6:24 PM
This is priceless. What is even more hilarious is the fact that somehow, some way, Rush Limbaugh will find a way to blame Clinton for this. It's almost pathetic, but not quite, for we do have to give ...
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Re: Bush Administration encourages school kids to inform on their peers posted 10/13/2006, 6:19 PM
Once again, Globalstomp has done the world an immense favor by speaking his/her mind (Forgive me, but I do not know your gender, I assume male by the name alone.) And by doing so, has done what many f ...
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Re: Kindergarten student and her classmate disciplined for hugging each other on the playground posted 10/13/2006, 6:11 PM
What's next, "approved waves of hello?" Could you imagine the rule in a manual somewhere? "Section 42.c.c.A: Only at approved times can greetings in the form of hand-waving be performed by n ...
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Re: Catholic priest convicted over satanic ritual murder of nun posted 10/13/2006, 6:04 PM
It's too bad that the rest of the evidence is not available. Surely spot of blood was not the only motivating piece of evidence that convicted this individual. If so, I strongly recommend that this ca ...
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Re: The Real WMD's In Iraq - Ours posted 10/13/2006, 4:42 PM
It's amazing how people tend to leave out the facts when they try to press a point, especially when it will do well to inflate their already inflated sense of self-righteousness. In regards to Mr ...
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Re: Habeas Corpus: The Lynchpin of Freedom posted 10/13/2006, 4:31 PM
If this article has taught us anything, it is that mankind, if left to their own devices, will inevitably seek power for themselves. Especially, when they are already in a position of power, it is onl ...
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Re: Parents get primer on pitfalls of social Web sites like Told to 'Spy. Spy. Spy' on their children posted 10/12/2006, 3:30 PM
Granted, I'm not one for myspace, but telling parents to spy on their kids... next they'll giving out credits toward whatever useless materialistic goods a person could want for turning in their kid ...
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Re: Olbermann: "Why Does Habeas Corpus Hate America" posted 10/12/2006, 3:25 PM
It's too bad we can't have a million Olbermenns marching on Washington, calling for the impeachment of our dictator. It would be nice.... Oh..wait, we can, too bad nobody can tell FOX news to run ...
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Re: Federal Legislation Labels Activism As "Terrorism" posted 10/12/2006, 2:43 PM
I think the part that has been overlooked is that why should anything that damages their "profit" be labelled as terrorism. Let's see how far I can take that... " I HATE OSCAR HOT DOGS!!!!!!" ...
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Re: Torture Bill States Non-Allegiance To Bush Is Terrorism posted 10/07/2006, 3:08 PM
To 202.154 and too with similar concerns or feelings: Remember, they are always going to have a contrary viewpoint to whatever it is you propose, especially if they can find some sort of leftist ...
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Re: Scientists to create human-rabbit hybrid: "The 'chimeric' embryos... would be 99.9 per cent human and 0.1 per cent rabbit" posted 10/07/2006, 3:01 PM
I'm surprised we haven't heard the atypical outcry of christian oriented groups claiming that such endeavors are a "sin". Their reaction made total sense, given their previous attitudes on other scien ...
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Re: Christian leader says 'sin' not to vote for politican 'who understands that we are at war with those who want to destroy us and who understand that liberal judges are undermining us and need to be reined in' posted 10/06/2006, 12:46 PM
You make some very valid points there, except I do disagree with your nightmare perspective, in the sense that people living in ignorance could easily define their reality as a nightmare. Its like a p ...
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Re: Christian leader says 'sin' not to vote for politican 'who understands that we are at war with those who want to destroy us and who understand that liberal judges are undermining us and need to be reined in' posted 10/05/2006, 3:02 PM
Hey, globalstomp, I see a lot of your postings and I can see that you're just as passionate about these issues as I am. If anybody out there feels that we have any freedoms left in this coun ...
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