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The Obama Deception: The Mask Comes Off
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Re: The Doomsayers Are Right posted 05/09/2015, 5:23 PM
I'm not sure the reason u chose that year. Jump ahead a few years and there's the start of the Civil War.... The mis-leadership's objective is always war. They mortgage the country to the central bank ...
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Re: Seven Changes Needed in Baltimore and Ferguson Right Now posted 05/08/2015, 3:47 PM
This article doesn't address the mountains of bureaucracy, special interests, and (make-believe) hierarchy that must be tackled, in order to implement the steps to a so-called "solution." Whomever wro ...
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Re: The Doomsayers Are Right posted 05/08/2015, 2:38 PM
The "Will history repeat? portion of this article is a con. (Actually, the entire article is but that portion jumped out.) One needs only to look at the various geoglphys, petroglyphs, hiroglyphs.... ...
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Re: Leaked Document Published by WaPo Suggesting Freddie Gray Killed Himself Disputed by Baltimore TV Reporter posted 04/30/2015, 1:34 PM
The framework was thought to be sound, the war continued, and now, they're overwriting the entire con.... Baltimore must have something that Ferguson didn't. Perhaps, one of the parasites has self-i ...
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Re: Turning America Into A Battlefield: A Blueprint For Locking Down The Nation posted 04/30/2015, 3:33 AM
From my view, it looks as though this country has already been overtaken. There are signs telling me when I may stop and go, walk and hold my place, and so on... I ran Jade Helm 15 through variou ...
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Re: Obama: Police Must Hold Officers Accountable For Wrongdoing posted 04/30/2015, 2:04 AM
That reads like an oxymoron. Whomever wrote this for the talking head, needs to read it over-and-over; perhaps, slowly.
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Re: No Matter Who Wins the White House, the New Boss Will Be the Same as the Old Boss posted 04/15/2015, 2:00 PM
Every time I read the word "FACT" in a media article, I translate it to: "Fucking ACT." v.r. you're dead-on with your 9-5 team (9-9 team; whatever you'd like to call it...) assertion. As ...
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Re: Obama Administration Plotting Adult Vaccination Mandates posted 04/11/2015, 2:23 PM
It's "Brave New World" combined with "Hell's Cartel: I.G. Farben and the Making of Hitler's War Machine;" (two books I would recommend reading.) Though nowadays, I.G. Graben has been masked by the nam ...
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Re: How Exciting: The Birth of a New Official Enemy! posted 03/16/2015, 11:47 AM
I thought this article was going to be about the expected addition to the (R)oyal hive. People don't realize who the real enemy is. @7465, the federal government is doing a fine job of deconstruc ...
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Re: Philadelphia Officer Slain at GameStop Wanted to Reward Son for Good Grades posted 03/10/2015, 9:26 PM
@Zeaux, dick. @71218, funeral processions do stop traffic. Cops are still human beings, and, they deserve to be treated as such.
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Re: Federal Appeals Court Endorses Suspicionless Detention Of Air Force Officer posted 03/04/2015, 11:55 AM
An Air Force "major".... I'm willing to bet that the "major" was on the war machine's radar before this incident occurred.
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Re: Texas Town Experiences 61% Drop in Crime After Firing Their Police Department posted 03/03/2015, 3:47 PM
So, the privatized police are still paid to enforce the states\'s law, which is still a corrupt body of law, (if I\'ve ever seen one). In essence, nothing has really changed, though this does answer t ...
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Re: Net Neutrality: Triumph of the Ruling Class posted 03/02/2015, 12:34 AM
"Here's what's really going on." .... - Teffrey Fucker Please, tell me what I'm supposed to be thinking.
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Re: For Punitive Populists, "Comply or Die" IS The "Law" posted 12/19/2014, 2:59 PM
Since we're all critics... Whomever wrote the N. Korea / Sony Script, is a fucking idiot. Seriously? N. Korea has atonomous hackers? I thought they were cut off from the outside world? To mend this f- ...
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Re: Government Wastes Taxpayers' Money On Crappy "Shark-Like Spy Drone" posted 12/16/2014, 3:44 PM
The government doesn't know who it can trust, the reason for the "shark-like" spies. When they employ people who are of the same ilk as they are, can you blame them? On the converse, (the reason ...
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Re: Mentally Ill Man Refuses to Take Medication So SWAT Shows Up and Kills Him posted 12/03/2014, 1:55 AM
Remember, not all Israelis are \"Jews,\" and, not all Jews are of the Edomite lineage. Many are just mind-busted militarized people, like we have here in the US.
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Re: 'Towns' Don't Need Tanks? San Diego Unified School District Has an MRAP Now posted 12/02/2014, 9:04 PM
America, by design, is in-fact, a "war zone." My only question for the controllers is this: "when people no longer fear life nor death, what then, will you have as a means to control?"
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Re: Meet Police Chief Ed Flynn: Milwaukee Crime Lord, Citizen Disarmament Advocate posted 12/02/2014, 8:49 PM
I never asked for your name when we spoke on the phone, because initials leave distinct impressions. Before you had told me you'd been dog bitten, I kept grabbing my left forearm - thinking "scar." Yo ...
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Re: Man Imprisoned For Decades On False Child Molestation Charge Freed After Claim Recanted posted 11/22/2014, 3:32 PM
Lots of innocent people are in jail on similar charges. False allegations of sexual abuse on children is a prickly issue. It would literally require the thought police, (or, present day equivalent) to ...
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Re: American Ranking Plummets in Global Index of 'Personal Freedoms' posted 11/20/2014, 12:14 PM
Make note of that number "21." That is the number to perfection, for hell's cartel. The title of this article should be: "Global Government Succeeds in Stripping Americans of Personal Freedoms." 'Pe ...
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