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Re: Making Murder "Reasonable": How the Ferguson PD Will Whitewash the Killing of Michael E. Brown posted 08/14/2014, 4:16 PM
@193138, I call \"b/s\" on the government and their media daily; so much so, I can\'t watch the daily news (the daily con) because I\'ll yell at the t.v. Today, there\'s a program on, that is cl ...
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Re: To Provoke and Suppress: The Military Occupation of Ferguson, Missouri posted 08/13/2014, 2:23 PM
@184157, you shouldn't give the police so much credit. They are the cowards - all their weaponry points to this fact. They may be members of "Hell's Cartel," but I won't credit a "devil" for their act ...
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Re: Gunfire From Cops, Not Bank Robbers, Killed Hostage posted 08/13/2014, 12:09 AM
Well, this should speak to all bank employees. This is just one more senseless death, caused by the state's corrupt system. People should never risk their lives to protect the monopoly's money.
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Re: Small-Town Praetorianism: Barry Township Rejects Victor Pierce's Authoritarian "Vision" posted 08/12/2014, 11:52 PM
@nonymous 193138, churches are the government's insurance agencies. Pierce's religion is "State."
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Re: Police Union Commissar: If You Resist, You Should Expect to Die posted 08/12/2014, 11:42 PM
@h1976, I don't know if it's intended to be subliminal, the media does this all the time. They try to stuff as many ethnicities as possible into one photo, making it appear as though all races share t ...
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Re: Police Union Commissar: If You Resist, You Should Expect to Die posted 08/11/2014, 8:24 PM
"Perhaps, somewhere in the reptilian recesses of what passes for Lynch mind,".... Looking at his photo above, I immediately thought "robot," not "reptilian." (I know better than to be sold on "re ...
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Re: Small-Town Praetorianism: Barry Township Rejects Victor Pierce's Authoritarian "Vision" posted 08/11/2014, 8:11 PM
<"I have preached a vision" [....] "and the Lord put me here for a reason."> Who wants to play: "Guess that Religion"?
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Re: Cop: 'If Obama Doesn't Follow the Constitution, We Don't Have To' posted 08/11/2014, 7:57 PM
@20923, they hate mirrors more. Lots of web police post: HAHAHA when they respond. They also type lots of HH's... You seem to be familiar with their tactics. Care to explain what those letters mean? ...
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Re: Cop: 'If Obama Doesn't Follow the Constitution, We Don't Have To' posted 08/07/2014, 2:56 PM
@nonymous 91102, you're likely right about them not caring if they have my support, though there is more to the military construct than meets the eye. The conspiracy is so unbelievable, that if a cop ...
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Re: We're All Criminals and Outlaws in the Eyes of the American Police State posted 08/07/2014, 3:35 AM
I thought we were all slaves.... Anyhow, good link anonymous 24226. At Dave Roberts, they may not wear arm bands anymore but they do wear the eagle; always gives away the game. As for the (CON)st ...
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Re: US Supreme Court To Rule On Cops Who Get Law Wrong posted 08/06/2014, 7:32 PM
@Mr. Reasonable, it's hard for me to plug-back-in, so to speak, but your comment caught my eye. I don't know what the "real Supreme Court" is. I imagined it to be a bunch of script writers, cleve ...
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Re: Cop: 'If Obama Doesn't Follow the Constitution, We Don't Have To' posted 08/06/2014, 7:07 PM
The Constitution begins with "con" for the reason that it is one humongous CON! ".....should Americans be expected to obey the law?" Regardless of "expectations," we are all bound by the same ...
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Re: The Logic of Occupation: NYPD Arrests The Man Who Recorded The Police Murder of Eric Garner posted 08/05/2014, 10:56 PM
Considering who wrote the rules to logic that the S(S)tate adheres to, the outcome of this story makes perfect (non)sense.
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Re: Americans Got $2 Trillion in Benefits from Federal Government in 2013 posted 08/05/2014, 10:39 PM
The commi's are likely disappointed by these numbers. I feel bad for the people who've allowed themselves to be reduced to complacency by these so-called "benefit programs." They've failed to look bac ...
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Re: The State's Greatest Success Story posted 08/01/2014, 8:54 PM
- J. Hornberger I ...
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Re: Killer Criminal Cop in Oakland Invokes "Nuremberg Defense" Gets Reinstated posted 08/01/2014, 8:28 PM
Lots of hoops to jump through, if you follow the advice above. It's much easier to stop believing in, and, voting for, the entire con that is government. If the rule of law is so complex, that the ave ...
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Re: The War on Poverty and the War on Drugs posted 07/30/2014, 8:21 PM
B/s. There is too a war on poor people. If you want an engine to die, you flood it with fuel. The same mechanics can be applied to people. Government aims for an apathetic, controllable population. An ...
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Re: The Drug War, the Fourth Amendment, and Anal Cavity Searches in New Mexico posted 07/30/2014, 8:08 PM
According to Marion Knox, the government has a long history of sodomy.
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Re: The Absurd, Bureaucratic Hell That Is the American Police State posted 07/29/2014, 11:29 PM
@166205, nothing you mention has anything to do with "reality." @7565, I believe they've tried that; called it the "Occupy Movement." @75145, I like your style.
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Re: Mass Incarceration: 21 Amazing Facts About America's Obsession With Prison posted 07/29/2014, 11:20 PM
And we hundreds of new make-believe laws, being enforced each year, (this is part of fascist imperialists game). Prisons were known as "concentration camps" in oldspeak.
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