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Article posted May 06 2012, 5:04 PM Category: Health Source: Reuters Print

Amish farm kids remarkably immune to allergies: study

By Kerry Grens

I'd guess this is due mainly to raw milk consumption, of course for us plebs it's illegal to consume such a superfood (at least in some states). Secondarily, they tend to avoid vaccines. - Chris NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Amish children raised on rural farms in northern Indiana suffer from asthma and allergies less often even than Swiss farm kids, a group known to be relatively free from allergies, according to a new study.

"The rates are very, very low," said Dr. Mark Holbreich, the study's lead author. "So there's something that we feel is even more protective in the Amish" than in European farming communities.

[...] The study did not determine why the kids who grew up on farms were less likely to develop asthma and allergies, but other research has pointed to exposure to microbes and contact with cows, in particular, to partially explain the farm effect (see Reuters Health story of May 2, 2012).

Drinking raw cow's milk also seems to be involved, Holbreich said.

The going theory is this early exposure to the diverse potential allergens and pathogens on a farm trains the immune system to recognize them, but not overreact to the harmless ones.

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Posted: May 08 2012, 9:48 PM

Not so much the raw milk - although that is some very tasty stuff. Growing up on a farm you get the pollen and animal dander from day one, so your developing body and immune system can block them easier at older ages. I grew up on a dairy farm - while most of the kids in my high school and college years were sniffling and sneezing from pollen and such in the air, I was smelling the flowers and having a great, congestion free, day.

Posted: Feb 11 2013, 6:26 AM

58165 A combination of fresh air, running around and exposure to more allergens and pathogens builds up the immune system (if it does not kill the child in a severe odd case).
I also wonder if the drinking water is Fluoride and Chlorine free. Not as much exposure to the toxins like PBA, Cooking utensils with modern coatings?
Perhaps ot has something to do with drinking COWs and Goat Milk with out pasteurising and homogenising as this aspect has never actually made sense. As a young boy I drank natural cows milk and some Goats milk with no side effects? We use cows and other animals to develop VACCINES and one would think that a cow would develop natural immunity to some nasty bugs we as well as Animals get.
If they develop immunity and pass it on to their calves as mothers do for children (That is why breast milk is recommended over formulas in the first few months of children's lives), would it not be reasonable that the cow milk would be beneficial in most cases in its natural form?
Yet if a Farmer is caught selling natural milk he can be Jailed and heavily fined, One was Jailed and fined in Australia for $176,000 from recollection on a current affairs program.
We need to look at all the nasty business and Cancer causing agents we are continually bombarded with.
Here you find some interesting facts?
Must watch this :
Please note I can relate to the above Video clips as I lost 2 parents in 2010 within 3 months both from Cancer. Both aged under 71.
Must read this:
Does anyone remember the Batman Movie where the Joker places chemicals into foods, cosmetics and other things to poison the Gotham residents? Perhaps it was a hint about real issues. Secrets in the open.
Conspiracy theories such as Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura are interesting to watch.
Some are far fetched like the following one and I fear a bit inaccurate, however, when we find out people like Yassa Arafat, Sudan Hussein and others were 33 degree Masons you have to ask how much is FACT and what is Fiction?
Here someone put together the Illuminati assassination list, Some were not correct and others genuinely did oppose and attempt to warn the world and the people of the existence of secret societies and the push for the New World Order and the One World Government with the 1% in control again I suspect in secret using puppets to run the world while they pull the strings from the shadows.
Some comments were interesting:
I recall John Lennon making a statement that the world is run by Evil people.
One seemed to have been well informed.
How could William McKinley be killed by Illuminati? He was purchased by a Rockefeller, who played big part in Illuminati.  Paul Wellstone, that socialist tard from Minnesota, was Illuminati. Glad Norm Coleman won that time. And don't forget that a lot of the Popes where even in on the whole deal.
For Natural Cancer Treatments go to:
Hope this helps.

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