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Article posted Apr 12 2010, 6:01 PM Category: Commentary Source: Kurt Nimmo Print

Did Global Elite Kill Polish President Kaczynski?

Kurt Nimmo

Damian Thompson, writing for the Daily Telegraph, says there will be plenty of conspiracy theories floating around cyberspace in response to the death of Polish president Lech Kaczynski and a large number of Polish VIPs in a plane crash last week.

"One of the nastier consequences of international disasters is that conspiracy theorists rush to judgment -- and I do mean rush," writes Thompson. "The fact that the president and so many of the Polish elite were on a visit to Russia will feature prominently in the fantastic stories being cooked up in cyberspace right now. And I can say with confidence that they are being cooked up, because Poland, like most East European countries, is obsessed with conspiracies. Russians, Jews, Americans, Freemasons -- they will all be blamed. Some stories will be more credible than others.'

He missed one: the international bankster cartel.

Not only did Poland decline to be a victim of the bankster loan sharking operation, Poland's central bank had the audacity to offer the IMF a loan to "help other countries overcome the effects of the global crisis," the AFP reported on March 29, 2010.

Poland was the only member of the 27-nation European Union to have experienced growth in 2009 and the IMF forecast that its economy would expand by 2.75 percent this year and by 3.25 percent in 2011.

Poland's zloty grew by 1.7 percent in 2009, a remarkable feat given that European Union countries contracted by an average of 4.1 percent and no other EU economy grew at all. "Poland avoided eastern Europe's worst lending binges. Kaczynski frustrated some of his opponents by being in no rush to head towards the euro party," the Daily Telegraph reports today.

Earlier this month, Czech Central Bank Vice Deputy Mojmir Hampl said the IMF fueled Eastern Europe's crisis to create a situation that would compel regional states to request the help from the globalist loan sharking operation.

"He said that the institution, which offered emergency funds for Hungary, Lithuania, Ukraine and Romania, misinterpreted some data because they are looking for new clients as the leadership changed," HotNews reported.

Indeed, the leadership has now changed in Poland and it looks like a pro-euro political leader may replace Kaczynski. "Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk's pro-euro Civic Platform party is likely to cement its grip on power in a presidential election that must now be held by June after President Lech Kaczynski died in a plane crash," reports Bloomberg today.

Kaczynski resisted Tusk's effort to resist adopting the euro. "Kaczynski, who over the past three years had tried to block government efforts to overhaul Poland's debt-ridden healthcare and pension systems, was also the last EU leader besides Vaclav Klaus of the Czech Republic to sign the Lisbon Treaty, and opposed Tusk's euro adoption goal."

In addition, Kaczynski placed a euro-skeptic ally in charge of the central bank, Slawomir Skrzypek, who was also killed in the crash.

It looks like Poland may soon join the EU Borg hive with open arms.

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Posted: Apr 12 2010, 7:39 PM

Five days after the polish president says he's pulling out from the banksters and he's dead? Yea, I'd say the banksters killed them all, and anyone who stands in the way such as Jackson, Lincoln and JFK received from their efforts to get rid of the central banks. Of course the mainscum media says there's nothing suspicious about the incident so we should all just go back to sleep and bless the banksters right? WRONG! END THE FED NOW! Good article Mr. Nimmo

Posted: Apr 12 2010, 10:59 PM

99227 Yes,
J bankesters who control IMF, BIS and World Bank do not want nations to pull out of their baseless credit creation system.
He was killed because did not accept to his nation be subdued by International usury system based on nothing. go educate on Eustace Mullins and Ezra Pound what they have said.
Wake up people why they want invade Iran , because Iran never accepted IMF and World bank loans.

Posted: Apr 13 2010, 2:36 AM

i'd say one of the nastier consequences of international disasters are mainstream "journalists" rushing, and i mean rushing, to convince everyone there's nothing suspicious about the event - ignoring all past experiences and the circumstances surrounding the incident, as well as the tendency of investigations to such incidents being absolute rhubarb.

This Damien Thompson guy is really something. A disaster happens, and he thinks one of the nastier consequence is that someone thinks something about the event! Not that someone died! Not that someone was maybe killed! Not that people are suffering. No, it's that some people dare to use their God-given ability to analyse situations and come up with rather reasonable conclusions. No, none of that! Let's just all be happy with what the "experts" say and deny the fruits of our own reason. After all, they're better than we are and we have no right to exercise our God-given ability to think.

And people really lap up this kind of garbage never seeing anything wrong with it. Sickening, absolutely sickening.

Posted: Apr 13 2010, 11:59 AM

72158 The "elite psychopaths" are playing hard-ball (that's American for the real thing - instead of softball). They are getting bolder. that possible? Rhetorical question.

Posted: Apr 14 2010, 10:59 AM

19275 It's not only Iran that owes nothing to IMF but Russia was also know to have paid back their debts to IMF a few years ago and now they are being hyped as one of the axis of evil along with Iran, N. Korea.

Iran, Russia, N.Korea etc. do not owe any money to IMF and interestingly they b'come are branded as the axis of evil nations.

Wonder how these Banker bast**ds will escape the eternal damnation of hell. To hell with their Ponzi system...

Posted: Apr 14 2010, 1:09 PM

71253 At, several of the items reported by MSM have shown to be false. There was no fog. The plane had been serviced in Russia only 4 months before and could have been tampered with. No trees were clipped as the airport is 400 feet above sea level. The plane was not permitted to land for no good reason. Having the Russians investigate the crime they may have committed is idicy.

Posted: Apr 18 2010, 8:23 AM

6119 I am happy, that almost everybody start see the truth... yes the global elit did this - not a question, BUT when will coming the time, when we can find them, and stop them to do such murders? Is it possible once or not?

Very nice the freedom of speech, very nice the democracy, but is it democracy?

And will we have someday democracy?

These are simple questions?

Lets start DOing something about it!
It"s time!
John H

Posted: Apr 21 2010, 2:13 AM

9814 I know that the global bankers are heartless coward bastards who ruin lives and destroy our freedoms, but couldn't this just have been a plane crash? Even the author of this article paraphrases that people will rush to false judgements while the truth is still a smoldering pile of ash in the Russian tundra. The biggest thing that discredits our arguements about 9/11 are those people who don't have their facts together and can't hold a true debate with someone who thinks that it was an act of sheer terror. Let's find more facts, not rush to opinions and sure as hell not quote the news sources that we all know are liars as our sources (Bloomberg, Daily Telegraph) This article just isn't solid enough to be held as fact. It reads like a blog.
Besides, if it is all truth, what can YOU, what can YOU do about it? Be educated. that's it. "The time is now!" everyone says; we've been saying that for countless generations.
Happy 4.20. God is fiction. Goodnight.

Posted: Apr 21 2010, 4:09 AM

John H: In my view the quotation from Thompson in the beginning of the article is there to show the derision with which the thoughts of independent thinkers are treated with in the mainstream, not as a criticism towards such thinkers from the writer himself.

Facts are not always abundantly available, but luckily for us, they need not be. What we need is to understand the agenda and the way by which the NWO operates. Armed with such knowledge it is not at all difficult to make inferences and draw conclusions about world events without factual knowledge.

Personally, i think that this calling for detailed "facts" is a tactic used by shills - like in the case of this article, there is nothing at all outrageously far-fetched presented, but a solid argument based on some knowledge and understanding, that should get people thinking. Yes, John H, it COULD have been just a plane crash, but from everything i can gather about the case, i don't think so, it seems far-fetched to think so, and i reserve my right to think and say whatever i do regardless of what you think i might discredit.

Also, for example, if someone concluded at first look that the moon landings are a hoax and wouldn't have the wealth of facts available to support his/her notion, that lack of facts would not at all discredit his/her claims, nor the truth of the claim. Indeed, whoever thought that the person was stupid or a fanatic conspiracy theorist because of his/her claims would themselves be "discredited" now that the truth is out. Lack of facts and the succesful application of one's reasoning powers and intuition is only to the credit of the person, not the opposite.

And when after a long time from now it comes clear that this plane crash was murder and not an accident, remember, that some people actually understood it before "a thorough investigation". And understand, then, that we who thought so did NOT guess, but inferred so - just like some people saw, just from watching the lunar landings live on tv, gathered that they were a hoax - without the facts that you think are needed.

Even today, people who know lunar landings were a hoax get attacked by people much like yourself. And some people think that people who don't believe in lunar landings discredit the whole truth movement. Whatever.

i think people who are worried about people discrediting something are fascists. You actually have no right to force your own standards on other people, and people like you are an impediment on the way to a new and free world. Do you understand that even "being right" doesn't give you any right to force it on anyone else? Only right you have is the state your view, and then let people either take it or leave it. But that's not enough for you, is it? How are you, then, different from our leaders? Not by much in my book. You do realize that our leaders also believe that what they do is right and that they have the right to do it?

i hope this post makes you think about something you've never thought of before, but i won't be expecting it. Wake up! Education has killed the genius out of you by programming you into a linear/right brain thinker only. WAKE UP!

In conclusion, facts are not and do not construct truth. Facts simply indicate truth. Truth is always in the intangible. And intelligence is the courage to draw conclusions.
John H

Posted: Apr 22 2010, 12:31 AM

9814 I logged on today on this article to see if anyone had responded. I expected the usual responses that were one sentence long and disparaging. But freedom man, this is one of the best rebuttals to a comment I have ever seen. Your points are absolutely valid, but sometimes contradicting. For example: There are countless forms of education; by you and I reading the stories on this website, we are educating ourselves in the truth of our world. Education is like a handgun; put in the wrong hands and it can be destructive. Put in the right hands and it could save your life. As for what you said in the seventh paragraph of your feed talking about how being right doesn't give anyone the right to force it on anyone; That was never my intent. And there isn't much information, facts, opinions, or beliefs that can or will be forced on people like you and me. We take it or leave it, like you said. You and I are not much different, and I wish we were having this conversation in a pub, behind a pint, because there is much we can learn from each other. I look forward to hearing from you again.
rampa special

Posted: Aug 22 2010, 9:08 PM

85198 I encourage everyone interested in the most current information regarding the Smolensk plane crash to join the recently created Facebook group "Polish President plane crash-suspicious facts vs. conspiracy manipulations" ( )
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