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Things are bad: What do we do about it?

Chris | InformationLiberation

Everybody knows things are bad in the world. Everything is not peachy. The problems are innumerable, the economy, our freedoms, our happiness, our quality of life, we are suffering in all aspects of life and though we hope for a better future we feel as though the things which are outside of our control will only get worse. The situation we are in is overwhelming, we feel like there is something we can do but we don't know what to do! Whenever anyone is faced with this overwhelming situation, the question always becomes "what do we do about it?"

Do we run out on the streets? Do we protest and go on strike? People do not really know what to do, they just do nothing or else they go and look for an out to it all. They join some political party or they become religious or they start drinking or taking drugs. They try to make money or work their way out of it, or they try to pleasure their way out of it with food or sex.

There are many different paths people can take, but what they all have in common is this: Avoidance.

When a person says "what do we do about it" they are looking for an out. They want a savior to come and save them from it all, or they want to find some distant world where they escape it all. This is totally normal and perfectly reasonable. There is nothing wrong with people for feeling this way, I am as guilty of it as anyone else and I am not above it.

The problem we are in is not one of our making. Once again: the problem we are in is not one of our making. History is filled with butchery and murder, tyranny and theocratic oppression is the norm. We've all been born into a nightmare and we're just now waking up to how terrifying and all encompassing it all is. We are searching for outs but there are none, we are hoping to one day wake up and find it was all a bad dream. This is why it's not uncommon to hear the question "what do we do about it?"

There are endless people who say they have found the outs.

"It's the economic system!" they say,
"It's the government!" they say,
"It's the religions!" they say.

None of these things are at the root of the problem. How do I know this? Because none of these things are actually real. History has been dominated by these three systems but what do they all have in common... ?

They are all faith-based belief systems.

Economics is not actually a science, the entire system is based on faith. If no one believed the money they or anyone else had was worth anything, it would not be worth anything. Are you starting to get the picture? It's a belief system, it's based on faith and nothing more. Many people realize this, what most do not realize is that "government" is the same thing. There is no such thing as a "government." Government is an idea, to quote GHWB on the New World Order, "It is a big idea." People think that the government is something real, they see the huge buildings and pillars and statues and they feel like it is a separate entity unto itself which rules over things. This is an illusion. And this is where we start to get to the root of the problem.

Let me introduce you to a word which is in almost no ones vocabulary. The word is hypostatized. As I type it right now my Firefox spell check says it's not a word.
verb (used with object), -tized, -tiz⋅ing.

to treat or regard (a concept, idea, etc.) as a distinct substance or reality.
Also, especially British, hy⋅pos⋅ta⋅tise.

182030; < Gk hypostat(s) (see hypostatic ) + -ize
This word describes the exact problem which is at the root of all other problems people believe they suffer from. We live in a faith based system, we live in a belief system, we think it is real and a distinct substance but it is not, we are only regarding it as such.

Just as the power of money would cease to exist if people did not believe in it, the power of government would cease to exist if no one believed in it. And I say that knowing what I'm talking about is a nonexistent entity which does not exist outside of peoples minds.

You see, when you understand this the problem is not what do we do about it, the problem is why have people ceased for thousands of years to realize this extremely basic fact of life? Why do people believe this nonsense and let it run their lives?

Because at the root of everything is the most basic human condition and the most basic and all pervasive of human problems, the avoidance of the obvious. Everybody knows what is wrong with the world and themselves, the problems are not complex, but people avoid the basic solutions which are staring them right in the face. They do not want to face up to the truth, they do not want the responsibility which it implies, they are afraid of life and of actually living.

This is the real problem with the world, it's blatant and it's staring you in the face. When you look at a puppy or a child they are free, they don't recognize the false belief systems and fake systems of control which we "civilized" adults all believe are basic and real, all they recognize is life, their feelings, their soul, their spirit, these things are the essence of life.

People believe themselves to be their beliefs, they say things like "I'm a Christian,"
"I'm a Democrat,"
"I'm a Philosopher,"
"I'm a Salesman,"

No. That is what you believe yourself to be. What you really are is your spirit, you are your mind, your soul, you are your feelings, you are your yearnings and your hopes and dreams. You are the spirit you had in you as a child and the spirit that is in a gallant puppy dog at the park.

You've been tricked into hypostatizing so many beliefs to the point where you actually think that they are what you are. I am here to tell you that you are not your beliefs, you need to wake up to this, this is the only thing keeping you from being truly free. Everyone needs to realize this, stop believing in the system and realize there is no system. Stop believing and start living!

Once you realize all this the question becomes how do you regain life? When you really look at life you see how all life is spontaneous in origin, it happens of itself. There is nothing to "do" there is just something to "be." We need to reinvent the term "be yourself" to literally mean "be" yourself. Nowadays it means much more "do" yourself IE "be the best lawyer or salesman or businessman you can be through doing lots of work!"

The regaining of life is a process, it's a process where you get back in touch with the spirit and spontaneity which is inside you and begin to liberate your suppressed feelings and expressions. Whereas if you were dead inside you would suppress all your spontaneity, if you are alive inside you express all your spontaneous feelings and just be yourself in the literal sense! It is both fun and liberating, you will feel good as a result of it, and you will free yourself and the world with it! Don't worry if it all doesn't happen at once, it took years to brainwash you and suppress your spirit and it will take time to deprogram yourself and refresh your spirit, but with every little victory you, and the world, will become more free!
"Trust the quiet inner voice that tells you what to do. You hold your life in your hands, don't entrust it to anyone else, least of all to your chosen leaders. BE YOURSELF! Any number of great men have told you that." - Wilhelm Reich

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Posted: Jun 18 2009, 5:44 PM

Well let me ask, who do you think created them?

When I say 'our' I'm speaking in terms of people like myself, IE living breathing humans with empathy and emotion, the majority of humanity.

The people who create the problems are a tiny minority of 'deviants', IE they've deviated from human nature completely, call them psychopaths, demons, whatever you want, the fact of the matter is they're devoid of a conscience and they are total predators.

Do we just round them all up?

No, I don't think so, if they commit a criminal act they have to be treated just like any other criminal, they shouldn't be made a senator or president or some CEO as a result of their ruthlessness.

There needs to just be a general knowledge and understanding of these predator types, they are extremely cunning and underhanded but their mores cannot stand up when they face the light of day.

The problem is these types create a situation where one bad apple can spoil the bunch, they prey on peoples insecurities and fears and can control them as a result.

People need to be knowledgeable of this reality and not allow these psychopaths to control them, they need to protect their children from these types and teach them how to spot a psychopath from a very young age. My father taught me when I was young (though not young enough) an easy way to tell if someone is essentially psychopathic is to ask them 'what do you think?' instead of simply talking and letting them respond and tell you what you want to hear. Ask them their thoughts on a subject, really quiz them and you will get a lot of insight into their character (or lack there of).

Currently most parents unknowingly teach their children the opposite through 'tolerance' training.

It is common for a child to inherently dislike someone or be afraid of them, it's wrong to tell them they are wrong for disliking someone based off the child's inherent character analysis, they must be allowed to judge people for themselves, even if they are seemingly totally wrong you must let them make their own mistakes and learn from them, you cannot force them to 'like' someone.

Realistically the majority of the time their instincts are going to be right, even if you don't see it, they do. It's human instincts and they should be cultivated instead of being extinguished and told they don't exist.

Posted: Jun 19 2009, 8:33 AM

A highly relevant article, that 'avoidance' is something I regularly encounter. I have heard the term 'yes but what can we do' from elites themselves. I tend to smile as that is a choice, that is the ignition point if one accepts responsibility rather than dissociating.

I have often used the term 'pathology of a psychopath', it is a method, the behaviour pattern doesn't mean that the human being is devoid of empathy, it can be suppressed. The power pyramids are psychopathic constructs, I have talked to people within them who are exhibiting the pathology of the psychopath but I can also hear in their voice they are not psychopaths, they are doing what is required of them.

Posted: Jun 19 2009, 5:43 PM

7198 Hypostatism: a new word for Relativism, another belief system rooted in the notion that there are no real truths, no absolutes. You can create your own reality. See, The Matrix. Try telling the IRS that they are just an idea!

Posted: Jun 20 2009, 10:20 AM

8558 I tried to wake up my BRIT brother in law to whats going on and to my amazement he had already sussed it out.
But his answer to me was more amazing he said ,"there was nothing we could do about it".
I insisted a bit more and he told me to leave the subject alone.

He seemed unnaffected by whats going on.
That goes for everyone else (BRIT) that I meet, they just dont care or feel helpless to do anything.

FCK I'm so frustrated with them I just dont know what to do.
They are my people and I love them, but their ignorance saddens me.


Posted: Jun 20 2009, 4:24 PM

<I tried to wake up my BRIT brother in law>

If it is relevant, I was born in london and am in britain. We take on board or not new ideas often by comparing them with what we already know. To find what I thought I knew was so comprehensively contrived and false and what we are shown likewise was something I found most important to find out. I look for what is true, the looking for what fits typically fails due to all the nonsense that is presented to people.

Some time ago I put on a website the official photo of mrs windsor from the official website, it was a con. I was talking to a photragraphic student only this week and mentioned it, she said there was a rumour going round the colleges that the image was created out of two pictures. I looked at the image in some detail, it was an absurd and blatant fake.

Posted: Jun 20 2009, 4:59 PM

<Try telling the IRS that they are just an idea>

The way power is arranged publicly and behind the scenes brings particular significance to what is known as the british crown. Not only are the laws of the US dictated using the british crown, this includes decisions by judges, interfering where necessary to protect global conquest and public destruction. The british mother to the irs is hmrc, I think it is very different in dealing with them if you know how much of a con it all is. With people being kidnapped, tortured and murdered at home and abroad the notion of voluntary paying for this by tax was not for me regardless of what games the crown wanted to play though knowing the cons one by one the different compartments simply severed their connections. I am not recommending this, it was a personal decision, for me an automatic decision based on the circumstances I was awakening to.

Posted: Jul 14 2009, 3:29 AM

7627 [Deleted: sorry but this is advertising]

Posted: Dec 17 2010, 10:57 AM

120145 It's obvious that what is going on in the world is terrible.
But freedom of speech is all us guinea pigs have.
If freedom of speech is offending those who control our lives.
Then what do we do?.
If we have nothing, then we have nothing to give.
But if we have something, then we have something to give.
It seems truth is what we are all trying to preserve.
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