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Sexual brainwashing: The elimination of the sexes

Chris | InformationLiberation

[Note: I no longer believe this anymore, my mind was filled with socialist brainwashing and my thoughts have done almost a complete 180. I am an anarchist libertarian now and I realize now this was nothing more than a statement of personal preference, a preference which I no longer particularly hold. People should be free to do whatever they want, regardless of what other people think. For example, I genuinely see nothing wrong with plastic surgery. If someone wishes to improve their look, good for them, I wrongly had some fetish for nature and didn't realize the natural world is not in touch with humanity and the "artificial" world is because it's a world created by humans for humans, not just by nature or random chance. I still think there is some truth to what I say in the beginning, namely the brainwashing to act like the opposite sex, but the rest of this is just regurgitated nonsense put into my brain by anti-capitalist marketing critiques by leftist intellectuals. I apologize to anyone who was offended by what I wrote in this article, I am in no way the person I was in 2008 and this is not representative of what I believe in. I also renounce the copyright notice to this article, which I also no longer believe in. If you want to read about my transition to anarcho-capitalism and a lover of all things personal choice, please see this article. - Chris, InfoLib, 2011]

In our society, men are made to be women and women are made to be men. Let me repeat that: In our society, men are made to be women and women are made to be men.

We are brainwashed with a million varieties of "Queer eye for the straight guy," where homosexual men tell heterosexual men they need to primp themselves and "get in touch with their feminine side." Men need to cut their hair short, shave their facial hair, shave their chests and body hair etc. They even say men should wear make-up and other ridiculous nonsense. This is all supposedly because women find this attractive.

Forgive me for asking, but since when did homosexual males become the sole arbiter for what women find attractive?

Is this really what women find attractive, or is this what homosexual men find attractive? I've never known a self-respecting woman who truly cared about a man's looks, the most they say is they like it if a man cares somewhat about his appearance, but even if the man didn't care at all it would never be a deal breaker. Intelligent women judge a man by their character, their "emotional content" for lack of a better word. I realize this is generalizing to a degree, but in general this is the reality.

Now, obviously these shows are totally fake, the so-called reality shows are the phoniest and most blatantly scripted of all TV, but the image they create is real. TV and advertising are all about "perception management," people emulate what they see on TV. The image of homosexual men being the peak of health and sole arbiter of women's desires is a common one.

It's the same thing in reverse for women. Women are brainwashed to be "powerful," "independent," and so on. Women are told to cut their hair short, wear tons of make-up, get plastic surgery, dress provocatively, use sex as a commodity, etc. Billions of dollars a year is spent to market the idea that men find this attractive.

I am a healthy, young, intelligent, male. I find none of these things attractive.

Short hair is manly, I do not like it. Anything beyond the lightest of make-up adds nothing, it only subtracts. So-called blemishes are attractive, do you want a real woman or a fake image? Regardless, the make-up itself ruins women's skin, its usage becomes a self-reinforcing loop requiring more and more as their skin gets worse and worse. A good business model maybe, but a nightmare for the woman herself.

Plastic surgery is nothing more than a tribal butchering, there is no such thing as a "successful" plastic surgery. If it's done to correct a deformity that's one thing, for example victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, if they truly want it, it can be a good thing. If it's done sheerly for cosmetics though, it is never a good thing. The so-called perceived demand for women to get plastic surgery is only a product of perception management, a man who did not find a woman attractive pre-surgery, will not find the woman attractive post-surgery.

Using sex as a commodity is dehumanizing, it's psychological prostitution, and it goes hand in hand with the whole idea to "be a powerful, strong, independent, woman." I can't think of anything that is a worse "turn-off" than a woman who acts like a man. It supersedes all the other things I've listed, it's the worst of the worst. If it is present, nothing else matters, there will be, and cannot be, any attraction at all. Think about it, why would a man be attracted to another man? This is not queer eye!

That said, just as "feMALEness" is the most unattractive thing in the world, the opposite is the most attractive thing in the world. To put it in a word ~*girlyness!*~ Awww, just saying it makes me giggle and blush and feel all warm inside! If a girl is, *gasp* "girly" it too can supersede even the shortest hair and the heaviest make-up! Any negative traits are erased by it's archetypal power, it is single-handedly the greatest trait a woman can have.

Now, go back and take a look at the archetypes which are shown on TV. The images of the so-called attractive women are all manly, and the images of the so-called attractive men are all womanly. This perception is at the root of what creates the mass frustration suffered by the world, when perception meets reality people will be free.

(c) InformationLiberation

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Posted: Dec 06 2008, 5:22 PM

132170 You are a sexist ass hole.

Posted: Dec 06 2008, 7:28 PM

8386 Nice article.

Posted: Dec 06 2008, 8:47 PM

71227 This add I found to be quite bias, considering it was mainly focused no the negative aspects of women, getting plastic surgery, cosmetics, ect... I don't necessarily agree with "boob jobs" and "cake face". I find it to be disturbing how our society these days finds it attractive. In my own personal tastes of beauty in women is a "girly" girl, small proportions of make up don't bother me at all, if you look back to ancient civilizations, people have been painting their faces for centuries... It's artistic. There is a line between painting your face and self indulgence, the same can be expressed with drugs, alchohol, food and so forth. I think women these days are taking on more male like qualities, because they in fact for years have been neglected and not treated as equals to males.

Posted: Dec 06 2008, 10:27 PM

"You are a sexist ass hole."

Will you please explain yourself? You need to take some more responsibility if you are going to bandy about attacks like that. Nothing about me is a sexist asshole, I am the exact opposite of what that politically correct term implies. I do not think the sexes are one and the same and I do not think they are "equal", I realize that is a thought crime these days but I don't care, biology is biology. The word sexist has only been around for a few years, it is a psychological weapon.

All I said was be your sex, and that what most people consider being their sex is actually being the opposite sex, this is gender empowerment, not sexism. Few people realize this though because TV and the media never explain it to them. If I am to be labeled a sexist for stating this simple truth than so be it.

Posted: Dec 06 2008, 10:34 PM

I am biased, bias is normal. I am aware of my biases though, my biases do not operate under my radar, so to speak, I do not allow it to impair my capacity for impartial judgment.

Posted: Dec 06 2008, 10:40 PM

Also, negativity is a positive thing. A magnet has two sides, a positive and a negative, if either side is not present the metal ceases to be a magnet, when both are present it is made whole.

Our entire culture revolves around ignoring the negative. For example, I was accused of being a "sexist ass hole," I could react to that as negativity and thought to myself, "just be positive" erased the "negative" comment and responded to Matt and said thanks Matt I appreciate the support (which I do). I instead chose to engage the negative comment with the opposite polarity in the hopes to create neutrality, I attempted to show how what was said about me was not accurate in order to create a solid point in space for honest self analysis to occur. I am trying to make perception meet reality.

Posted: Dec 06 2008, 10:44 PM

Also, I am not against make-up or face painting, it is the chemical cocktails which destroy peoples skin which I am against. And when I say I'm against these things, I am not saying I want to make it a law to ban them, I am not saying I want to take them out of the hands of people who have them, I am not saying people who engage in such practices are any less of a human being, and I am not saying I think I'm better than anyone because I don't engage in said practices. I am just stating a simple truth, I wouldn't care if I put it in a time capsule and no one heard it, I'm just stating how I feel, for the cosmos if nothing else.

Posted: Dec 06 2008, 11:39 PM

This article is definitely too sexist for my tastes.
I'm all for independent women. Strength and confidence are appealing in general.
And I don't think our society is making men womanly and women manly; it's teaching everybody to feel dumb and powerless.
Finally, I don't think "being your sex" is very meaningful. Gender roles are very socialized, and it's almost a call to conformity.

Posted: Dec 06 2008, 11:40 PM

Well, let's see...

I like my hair short, but not gone. I'm not shaving my beard and stache without a good reason, it'd feel too much like castrating my face. Other than that, I could give a shit about how I look. I always get the feeling that women are reading more into my personality than anything else. You're pretty much right, Chris.

The only thing worse than a "manly" woman is a woman with low self-esteem. Show me the girl who doesn't need make-up and plastic surgery to look and feel pretty, the woman who has no issue cooking once in a while as a favor but won't be subservient to me, who doesn't see sex as a chore anymore than she uses it gratuitously or as a means of empowerment. Still fairly accurate.

But this doesn't necessarily mean that these opinions are absolutely correct. I doubt that defining gender roles at all for any reason would bring anybody any clarity or happiness. These things should just work themselves out without societal pressures.

*On a completely unrelated note, what does the headline image have to do with your article?

Posted: Dec 07 2008, 12:01 AM

There is one thing I do want to say: What I am expressing in this and all my articles are my feelings. The subjects covered in this and other articles are never discussed, so please forgive me if I am not eloquent enough to express myself in a way which takes all issues and angles and other peoples feelings into account. My intention is not to offend or create scandal but only to express how I feel honestly and directly, partially for myself and partially in the hope that it will spark discussion of topics of true significant importance. I do hope this is not a problem with anyone, I am only following what I feel in my heart.

Posted: Dec 07 2008, 12:06 AM

"*On a completely unrelated note, what does the headline image have to do with your article?"

;) Funny you would ask that! I was going to post a picture of queer eye, but it was too disturbing! No joke! I decided a picture of nature would be preferable, to me the nautilus is a perfect symbol for the interrelatedness of nature, which we are all a part of.

Posted: Dec 07 2008, 1:08 AM

" I do hope this is not a problem with anyone, I am only following what I feel in my heart. "

It's cool, man.

To be perfectly honest, I hate being told what's right and wrong in society, at least as far as these types of interactions are concerned. It could be a natural human inclination to push one's own perspective upon others, however. Any group of people is probably going to craft its own version of perfection to force down individuals' throats. Nature's fascism.

Posted: Dec 07 2008, 2:21 AM

"My intention is not to offend or create scandal but only to express how I feel honestly and directly, partially for myself and partially in the hope that it will spark discussion of topics of true significant importance. "

Sometimes the best way to spark significant discussion is to offend people with ideas! =)
I hope I didn't come off as being too dismissive either; I do agree with much of what you say. Some of these ideas are actually discussed in feminist literature and phrases like "reclaiming masculinity" and "anti-feminist backlash" have been around for a while...

Posted: Dec 08 2008, 11:04 AM

Chris said:
>>>In our society, men are made to be women and women are made to be men. Let me repeat that: In our society, men are made to be women and women are made to be men.<<<

Isn't sexual roles, issues, behavior all ultimately derived from the "Id"?

And society or the individual chooses what FORM to express sexual roles, issues, behavior which is derived from the Id?

What would my sexual identity be if I fundamentally express my sexuallity soley from the id and not from society or any other authority says?

Posted: Dec 08 2008, 11:26 AM

No problem, I can just foresee in the future whenever someone is "too honest" it can create a sort of backlash, I don't want that to hold me back from speaking my mind and saying what I really want.

Posted: Dec 08 2008, 11:43 AM

I am not sure about the whole "Id" concept, emotional expression is innate though. What sticks out to me is the term "roles". Most people squelch their own feelings, or urges, and hide behind roles and facades instead. I know personally it has taken me a while to "come out of my shell" as it were. When I was young I was very expressive, I didn't understand the social rules and so they had no effect on me. When I got older though the more self-aware I became the more self-conscious I became and that lead to this same role playing. It wasn't until I really started to learn about the psyche that I finally became aware of the "squelching" I was doing to my own expressions, just to be aware of it was extremely liberating. I really listen to my own mind now, when I get an urge to do something or say something I am very aware of it, I express it more and more these days and I'm sure it will continue and become eons beyond where I am now. I really think this is the foundation from which all freedom is based upon. This is the type of thing I want to communicate to other people, it's all been said in some form or other before (it's the basis of all life) but it needs to be repeated for it to actually sink in.

Posted: Dec 08 2008, 11:56 AM

67234 I think there is something to what Chris is saying here.

When women are convinced that they are total scum of the earth when they don't adopt the latest trend, or the right "look" that the culture creators promote, they lose vital parts of their humanity, I think. They lose the "light" in their eyes in vain attempts to reach that standard and wonder why men aren't attracted to them anymore.

The same goes for men.
Kat Carlton

Posted: Dec 08 2008, 5:31 PM

69217 Chris, I think your article touches on some very valid points. However, I am an 18-year-old high school student and I feel the complete opposite of being pressured to be a man, and I definitely don't see many straight men who are being pressured to primp themselves like women. Although the media bombards us with more stereotypes than ever, I also think we are given more choices than ever. As I grow up, I meet more and more people like myself who make individual choices and don't try to be manly or womanly, regardless of their gender. In fact, if, as you say, women and men are being pressured to be like the opposite sex, you are likewise contradicting yourself by saying that women are pressured to wear makeup and get plastic surgery (and men are being pressured to get their hair cut short). And I don't see what's wrong with women wanting to be independent or powerful. Sorry, but that's an outright sexist statement. If by independent and powerful you mean women are being pressured to achieve equality with their male counterparts, then what's wrong with that?

Posted: Dec 08 2008, 7:07 PM

71255 when you mention that women dress as men, thats mostly for a certain position. women can't be girly when they work in business, and since men pretty much run things, they gotta compensate.

people care what other people look like. works both ways. having self respect doesnt correlate to seeing past someones 'outer shell'. plastic surgery isnt the first method used to modify human appearance. perhaps you should address tattoos, piercings, those neck rings africans use, and mayans smushing the foreheads of their children because its what they thought was attractive. you expect anyone to believe that you prefer saggy breasts over non-saggy, modified ones?

regarding being bombarded with queer eye for the straight guy... none of my straight friends watch it. i dont even think the gay guys that i know watch it. so that bombing run misses all the people that dont watch gay shows.


Posted: Dec 08 2008, 8:09 PM

The womanizing of men with the fashionable clothing, the makeup, and the Ken doll body image is just one more abhorrent form of the modern human male’s attempt to satisfy his natural drives to “be a man.”

A different form of this perverted drive can be observed in the exact opposite phenomenon of the super-masculine male. Only instead of painting his fingernails and wearing eye-liner, this type of man lifts weights neurotically not necessarily to improve health but to meet cosmetic goals and prove his manhood by presenting himself as the image of what it is to be a man.

Still another abhorrent form, which both these extremes possess to some degree, is the obsession with accumulating resources. Because after all, whether you want to look like a pretty boy or a man’s man, you need to spend money in order to buy things that will help you fit into that particular mold. And since neither image can exist without constant maintenance, more money is always needed, which helps to reinforce the other aspect of being a man: working hard and making lots of money.

Does Madison Avenue like you more if you see an attractive girl and try to find out what she’s like by talking to her… or would they prefer it if you hesitated and stopped to compare yourself with the man who just got made-over by “professionals” on a reality TV show you saw last night? Probably the latter. And even moreso if you decided not to talk to her at all and drove to the mall to buy clothes and get a haircut instead.

But of course, the motive is not always as simple as profit and your wallet is not the only thing under attack. Whether it’s the fashion industry trying to turn a profit or social engineers trying to mold another generation of wild human men into productive servants of an economic system, the bottom line is the same. You are not becoming more of a man by adhering to any institution’s standards of what being a man is.
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