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Article posted Jun 18 2006, 8:51 PM Category: Occult Source: CBS 5 Print

Group Protests Dead Members' Bohemian Club Membership

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Former Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir and his band RatDog are scheduled to play this evening at the event at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds.

The Bohemian Grove Action Network, however, plans to give Weir an earful. The activists who protest the gathering of the Bohemian Club's all-male political elite and movers and shakers at the Bohemian Grove near Monte Rio each July claim Weir and former Dead percussionist Mickey Hart joined what they call "the Evil Empire" years ago.

"It's their CHOICE what clubs they join. We just want to know WHY these men have sold out,'' Bohemian Grove Action Network activist Mary Moore said in an email to Sonoma County media.

"We have every right to point out the HYPOCRISY of Weir and Hart joining the Bohemian Club,'' Moore wrote.

Hart bunks in the Hillbillies Camp with George Bush Sr. and Donald Rumsfeld and Weir resides in Rattlers Camp with Edmund Littlefield Jr., whose father is the former CEO of General Electric, Moore said.

"If you simply MUST see Bob Weir play at this fair which is supposed to be progressive, healthy and harmonic, please speak up and ask him why,'' Moore wrote.

Moore said her statement will be distributed tonight at the fair and there could be small protests by the younger radical set.

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Posted: Dec 13 2006, 7:25 PM

71135 First, there was the contesting of Jerry's will over his guitars. Jerry wanted all of them to go to Doug Irwin, the now parapalegic man who created them. The argument Weir put forth was that the guitars were not paid for with Jerry's personal money. His reasoning, they were paid for with Grateful Dead Production money and therefore, not truly Jerry's to give away in his will. How DARE you contest the will of Jerry Garcia and over-ride his wishes for his guitars! Taking two of them away from a parapalegic that could have really used the money? Who in the FUCK do you think you are? Like Jerry gave a shit if the things were sold to some rich fuck on ebay. He cared about Doug Irwin, not a bunch of Heads waiting in a line to see the damn things behind some bullet proof glass. Does this minorly talented bafoon realize he'd have been lucky to be a high school band teacher if it wasn't for Jerry? Jerry was the Grateful Dead, Bobby. I don't see Ratdog on the Forbes list year after year or you selling out Madison Square Garden like JGB did. You're a follower and make a real ass of yourself when you attempt in vain to take a lead. Kind of like your lousy solo's during Little Red Rooster.
Then there was the revoking of downloading sounboards from How sweet of Bobby to put them back up for streaming only, and why? Because Heads all over the world bitched and threatened to boycott Grateful Dead Prouctions and Ratdog if he didn't. We should have done the same with Jerry's guitars, as we all should be doing with the recent knowledge of them joining the fucking Bohemian Club, for christ-sakes.
Rubbing elbows, (or to use the ludicrous euphemism someone above wrote, "networking"), with the scummiest elitist cunts of the Earth is unacceptable. If you disagree, you must have been a Touch of Greyer that never got it in the first place. No excuses, no justification, it's wrong, period. Jerry would spit in his face and kicked his lame showy ass out of the band if he were still here.
Whatever, I've been disgusted with him since the contesting of the will. He continues to prove himself a whore in contradictory positions of what the Grateful Dead once stood for. Somehow, he's got Mickey riding on his new tuxedo curtails too. He may have grown up wealthy, but he's trashier than the trash on Maury Povich. Why? Because he knows where the light is and consciously chooses the dark. You cannot seek out membership in The Bohemian Club, and claim to be a person of Light. Turn around, you piece of mediocrity that was over generously spared being fired from the band in the early 70's. You were a 30 year long Donna, and why, I'll never understand. You are sooooo lucky that Jerry hung onto faith that you might learn to play your guitar one day. You know he still laughed AT you till the last show.
Change your ways, find a good witch to break your spell, or you just might find us making jokes that we'll be grateful when YOU are fucking dead.


Posted: Jan 10 2007, 11:23 AM

7165 um lame previous commenter

Posted: Nov 07 2007, 1:03 AM

89106 Robert Hall Weir is a big fat phony.

Posted: Jul 12 2008, 4:00 PM

1272 I happen to work at the Bohemian Grove ( because I am poor and
don't want to loose my Truck) and I am old and nobody else will hire me. I witness these rich bastards get stone drunk every night and make business deals at the dinner tables. If Weir is one of them,
then I have NO RESPECT for him. Most of these members refuse
to look me in the eye when I greet them very nicely, why? well because they think that they are far superior to the working class,
even though I have had twice the education as most of them, I am treated like some scum because I have no money.
Does Weir act like this, well he probably does because of peer pressure. Does Weir care what his very fans think of him?
After reading the above blog, I will find his address and send him my 2 greatful dead shirts with a nice letter attached explaining
why I will never buy anymore greatful dead items, including
the posters I use to collect. Anyone who belongs to this group
is clearly an enemy of the people. They are mostly landlords and oppressors or corporate CEOs who got to their position by WHO they know. They SUCK and their attitudes SUCK. I wish I could get off work to protest them!
Douche Bagelow

Posted: Jul 22 2008, 1:35 PM

216186 I hear it's actualyy J.R. "Bob" Dobbs playing at Bohemian Grove, not Bob Weir.
sander bulten

Posted: Dec 06 2008, 11:33 AM

8486 500 pictures of the bohemian grove go to

Posted: Sep 13 2010, 12:15 PM

15318 The dead movement of getting behind Obama in 2008 now makes since.

Posted: Mar 16 2011, 2:40 PM

2459 nero linguistic programming was used to market obama through the GD as some sort of solution to satanists and gangsters running the world, couldnt be furthur from the truth. Are bob and phil in on it, or are they just nieve? not sure...... but i am sure that thier manager was the son of tavistock institute founder.... and i am sure that furthur played alot of thier warm-up shows at masonic halls...... alot to think about huh?

Posted: Mar 16 2011, 2:43 PM

2459 mabey jerry wouldnt play along, so they kept him in the dark, drowning in drugs designed to destroy.....
the full potential of the hypnotizing capabilitys is being fully realized with this "deadheads for obama" and furthur band incarnation.....

hope the righteous can take reigns of this GDF ship, even if the musicians have sold out, which i hope they have not
Smiley Dave

Posted: Oct 02 2011, 11:27 PM

98209 Maybe since they are people of power they were invited to attend joined.
To learn what the Idiots were up to and see what was possible.
No matter what groups you have privte or public. You will have trolls good people lambs, and Just people trying to figure it out.
Who really cares the evil one are very present we do not have to go to The redwoods In Marin. To see them.
Turn on the news It's a election year.
My Family were Masons, For Generations. Till the Last Grand sons a Hippie and My cousin the Skinhead. :):) Lets just be nice to each other. That screw them over. If we do not let them divided us.

Posted: Jun 26 2012, 9:49 AM

167155 I've had my doubts about BOB WEIR more than once, this "politics" thing that Bob really got into was never suppose to be associated with the Grateful Dead. Jerry never cared about politics whatsoever, and he was against all that BS., the establishment, governmental control etc. BUT Bobby changed the rules and preached Obama Obama Obama at the shows... he became a huge democratic supporting advocate which made me sick and I eventually lost interest in what was suppose to be all about the music that turned into something totally different.

Keyboardist, Vince Welnick was an integral part of the Grateful Dead for many years, who played over 100 shows in the 90's after the passing of Brent Mydland. However, Bob Weir left fellow band member Vince Welnick out of the circle of tours Further, The Other Ones, Ratdog, etc. Why?

Bob Weir decided to keep his distance from Vince and he refused to play with Vince because Vince was depressed and took benzos!!! Yes, Vince probably O'D''d on the ratdog bus and Bob didn't want to deal with that. Vince was diagnosed with throat cancer, Instead of getting Vince help, Bob avoided him altogether and did not ever stepped on stage with Vince ever again. Bob, why did you refuse to help your fellow man? You could have got him a prtivate nurse and doctor to assist him 24/7? You got the money Bobby. AND Bobby, I have seen you backstage at the Tower Theater in Philly so strung out on cocaine....2008 you wore the same sweatpants for a week, looked like hell, and you took a shower on day 3 or 4, remember? You are such a hypocrite Bobby...

Some Grateful Dead fuckin' family that is??? How about that shit??? Things have changed!!! and it was Bobby always thinkin about number one. Bob you turned into a real dickhead over the years, and I should get my head examined to keep listening to you play. Your most recent solo acoustic was decent, but your political agenda is simply disgusting to me.

Vince went on to kill himself, cutting his own throat June 2nd, 2006. If you haven't heard the Vince Welnick (Missing Man Formation) song "GOLDEN DAYS" look it up on youtube, it's about Jerry G.
Vince was a good man, he was a good person besides a fantastic musician, he had his problems like everyone else and I miss him.

Posted: Jun 26 2012, 12:38 PM

72223 BOHEMIAN GROVE 2012:

The Bohemian Clubt his July in Monte Rio (CA) are hereby announced. Since Bohemian Grove is on privateland, we respect those legal boundaries. Therefore, this communique only endorses peaceful, non-violent protests on the public land existing outside Bohemian Grove.Currently the framework is in place for two events – July 14th2012 & July 21st2012. MaryMoore of The Bohemian Grove Action Network will be the core coordinator for the July14thprotest involving members of Occupy Santa Rosa & San Francisco.
Cary Rosen

Posted: Nov 03 2012, 11:54 AM

71139 Funny how all of you brave people named "Anonymous" really rip into Bobby without knowing all the facts. Sound like a bunch of Republicans...

Posted: Oct 07 2013, 9:28 PM

6687 Bob rules !

Posted: Oct 25 2015, 11:27 AM

64134 Scratch an old Hippie millionaire and you'll find a fascist oligarch.
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