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Austrian Economics: Understand Economics, Understand the World
The Century of the Self: The Untold History of Controlling the Masses Through the Manipulation of Unconscious Desires
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The Obama Deception: The Mask Comes Off
Operation Gladio: The Hidden History of U.S. Sponsored False Flag Terrorism in EuropeThe New American Century: The Untold History of The Project for the New American Century
Archived News Wednesday August 1st, 2012
Police Say Man Searched Twice & Handcuffed With Arms Behind Back Shot Himself In Head In Back Of Police Car posted 08/01/2012, 10:06 PM (InformationLiberation)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
What are the odds a man who was searched twice without any weapon being found, handcuffed with his hands behind his back, was able to grab a mysteriously hidden gun and shoot himself in the right temple? According to the Jonesboro Police police, that's what happened to 21-year-old Chavis Carter, who was arrested with a small amount of marijuana. According to Chavis's mother, Teresa Carter, Chavis talked to his girlfriend after being pulled over to say he'd call her from jail, WREG reports. “I think they killed him, my son wasn’t suicidal.”, she said.

4-Year-Old's Chalk Art Deemed Vandalism, Mom Forced Into 50 Hours Of Community Service posted 08/01/2012, 10:06 PM (WWBT)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A judge found enough evidence to convict a Richmond mom who is charged with vandalism, but he's delaying a final disposition until she performs community service hours.

29-year-old Susan Mortensen allowed her daughter to draw on rocks on Belle Isle with chalk.

Mortensen will now serve 50 hours of community service in order for the judge to dismiss her charge.

In court, NBC12 learned a little more about the confrontation between M
... (more)

Rochester, NY Police Chief Refuses to Take Any Disciplinary Action Against Officers Despite Their Committing Perjury in Front of a Grand Jury posted 08/01/2012, 10:06 PM (
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
The video shows the intersection of Conkey Avenue and Avenue D, on Rochester, New York’s eastside.

A few seconds into the video, a four door, light colored sedan is seen coming to a complete stop at the intersection.

Then, the car proceeds as normal.

Almost instantly, a light can be seen shining on the vehicle, then not one but two Rochester, NY Police cruisers, do a u-turn in the intersecti
... (more)

Message to the Voting Cattle - Larken Rose posted 08/01/2012, 10:06 PM (YouTube)
[Category: Commentary]

The "rulers" actually don't matter. They are vastly outnumbered by the people like you and me. The problem is those who legitimate the "rulers" with their votes, remaining silent when the "rulers" commit evils in their names.

Most of them do not feel bad about that. Many of them even cheer and applaud to their "rulers" and they defend the crimes they co
... (more)
Epic speech. - Chris

Death From Above: Navy Drone Logo Features Grim Reaper posted 08/01/2012, 10:05 PM (Prison Planet)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
The US Navy, which has just revealed the latest development in stealth drone technology, is using a logo for its unmanned aviation program that literally features the angel of Death, clothed in a black cloak with a hood, holding aloft a large scythe.

The logo for the Navy’s Program Executive Office for Unmanned Aviation and Strike Weapons was photographed and posted to Instagram by Wired writer Spencer Ackerman
... (more)

US terror drone strikes kill 18, injure more than dozen in Somalia posted 08/01/2012, 10:05 PM (PressTV)
[Category: Geopolitics]
US assassination drone strikes have claimed the lives of at least 18 people and wounded 117 others in southern Somalia, Press TV reports.

Sahal Mohamed Gedi, a Somali military official confirmed the news, adding that the aerial strikes took place in Luglow on the outskirts of North Kismayo side on Sunday.
Somalia is the sixth country, where the United States has used assassination drones to launch missile strikes. The US military has also used drones in Afgh... (more)

Activists push city to be first in U.S. to prohibit use of drones posted 08/01/2012, 10:05 PM (Buffalo News)
[Category: Resistance]
The City of Buffalo has a chance to be the first in the country to ban Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, also known as drones.

A group of activists and community leaders came to City Hall on Tuesday to have their say in front of the Common Council Legislation Committee.

"You guys have an opportunity to make Buffalo the first drone-free city in the United States, and I hope you take that seriously," John Washington of Occupy Buffalo told lawmakers.

Government Is Shrinking? posted 08/01/2012, 10:05 PM (Jeffrey Tucker)
[Category: Economy]
In today's political climate, the more implausible the claim, the more likely it is to stick. One that seems to be sticking now is that government today is small by historical standards and constantly shrinking.

Run that one by the man on the street — looted by the tax man, harassed by police, hounded by regulators — and he will scoff. Now comes the highbrow journalist with a nuanced view to correct him, citing all kinds of complex data.

The highbrow in this case is
... (more)

Own Guns, So that I Don't Have To posted 08/01/2012, 10:05 PM (Jeffrey Tucker)
[Category: Commentary]
While attending the Agora Financial Symposium in Vancouver, I became aware that Americans enjoy some rights that Canadians do not: among them, the limited ability to carry weapons. Even private security guards seem unable to be armed in Canada.This does not make me feel safer. Quite the reverse.

Private people who carry guns make me feel safer.

So I would like to make a plea to my fellow citizens: please buy, carry, and even stockpile weapons. Carry them with you al
... (more)

Prince George's officer indicted for assaulting teen posted 08/01/2012, 10:00 PM (WashingtonExaminer)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
A Prince George's County police officer was indicted for assaulting a teenage boy, a day after receiving praise for helping evacuate residents from a burning building.

[...]Adey allegedly pulled Jenkins down from a fence the boy was trying to climb to evade police and assaulted him, at one point putting his gun to Jenkins' head, according to prosecutors.

Psychiatrist Called Threat Team About Aurora Shooting Suspect James Holmes posted 08/01/2012, 10:00 PM (ABC News)
[Category: General]
Aurora, Colo., shooting suspect James Holmes came to the attention of the threat assessment committee at the University of Colorado but no further action was taken because he left the school more than a month before the attack that killed 12 and injured 58, sources told ABC News.

ABC News has learned that Dr. Lynne Fenton, the psychiatrist who was treating Holmes, 24, at the school, was also a key member of the university's threat assessment team. The group of experts were respons
... (more)

Missile Defense Staff Warned to Stop Surfing Porn Sites posted 08/01/2012, 9:59 PM (Bloomberg)
[Category: Politics/Corruption]
The Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency warned its employees and contractors last week to stop using their government computers to surf the Internet for pornographic sites, according to the agency’s executive director.

In a one-page memo, Executive Director John James Jr. wrote that in recent months government employees and contractors were detected “engaging in inappropriate use of the MDA network.”

“Specifically, there have been instances of employees and contracto
... (more)

Win Olympic Gold, Pay the IRS posted 08/01/2012, 9:55 PM (Americans for Tax Reform)
[Category: Economy]
WASHINGTON, D.C. — While 529 hardworking athletes proudly represent the United States in the 2012 Olympics, any medals and money they earn wearing red, white and blue will be taxed by the IRS. According to research done by the Americans for Tax Reform Foundation, U.S. Olympic athletes are liable to pay income tax on medals earned and prizes received at the London games.

American medalists face a top income tax rate of 35 percent. Under U.S. tax law, they must add the value of thei
... (more)

US farmers urge Obama administration to suspend ethanol quota amid drought posted 08/01/2012, 9:55 PM (The Guardian)
[Category: Economy]
EPA's requirements for corn ethanol will drive food prices even higher after an already distressed harvest, growers warn.

Socialism for Texas Farmers posted 08/01/2012, 9:55 PM (Jacob G. Hornberger)
[Category: Economy]
Texas farmers are suffering severe drought conditions. Thus, it should come as no surprise that Congress has decided to help them out with U.S. taxpayer dollars to the tune of around $600 million. It should also come as no surprise that Republicans are as energized about sending this welfare as Democrats are. It’s just another reflection of the socialist, paternalist, welfare-state mindset that pervades both political parties.

It wasn’t always that way, of course. Americans once l
... (more)

Who Should Feed the Children? posted 08/01/2012, 9:55 PM (Laurence M. Vance)
[Category: Commentary]
Around the world Feed The Children “fed 350,000 school-aged children daily in 10 foreign countries.”

In addition to the humanitarian work that charitable organizations such as Feed the Children perform, there is something else notable about them: They are private organizations funded voluntarily by donations from individuals, corporations, and churches. They don’t receive government money that is first confiscated from the taxpayers.

Obama Opposes Min. Wage Increase In Samoa Due To Harmful Effects, Will He Do The Same For U.S.? posted 08/01/2012, 9:55 PM (Daily Markets)
[Category: Economy]
Just wondering, wouldn’t the same economic reasoning, evidence, and analysis that motivated President Obama to sign legislation freezing the minimum wage because of its harmful effects on Samoa’s economy also apply to the U.S.? Can we count on President Obama to veto the “Minimum Wage Act” for the harmful effects it would have on the American economy?

Peru's Online Crime Bill Harms Innovation and Privacy posted 08/01/2012, 9:55 PM (
[Category: Big Brother/Orwellian]
The Peruvian National Anthem proudly proclaims: "We are free! May we always be so!" Yet the Peruvian Congress is considering a sweeping new computer crime bill that threatens the privacy and online free expression of law-abiding Peruvians. Pe... (more)

Gore Vidal, celebrated author, playwright dies at 86 posted 08/01/2012, 9:55 PM (Associated Press)
[Category: General]
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Gore Vidal, the author, playwright, politician and commentator whose novels, essays, plays and opinions were stamped by his immodest wit and unconventional wisdom, died Tuesday, his nephew said.

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