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Austrian Economics: Understand Economics, Understand the World
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The Disappearing Male: From Virility to Sterility

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Archived News Sunday February 7th, 2010
Priceless: Palin Reads Cheat Notes Off Her Hand During Scripted Tea Party Questioning posted 02/07/2010, 1:42 PM (InformationLiberation)
[Category: Politics/Corruption]

InfoLib Comment

Due to an extended power outage I got to listen to a lot of this tea party event on CSPAN. What was interesting is everyone from the first day was talking all about the constitution and cutting taxes and government spending, it was all good stuff for the most part.

I didn't hear one mention of the war.

Palin then comes on and the first half of her scripted talk (which she screwed up about 3-4 times) was dedicated to pushing unconstitutional wars and stripping citizens of their god given rights, the crowds cheered with a lust for blood when she called for stripping so-called terrorists of their rights.

The idea you are going to get intelligence from a gove
... (more)
Click through for my analysis. - Chris

Neo-Conned: Ron Paul Explains How the Conservative Movement Has Been Co-Opted by Trotskyites posted 02/07/2010, 1:46 PM (InformationLiberation)
[Category: Resistance]
InformationLiberation Analysis:

This could not be more relevant now that the fake conservative movement is poised to run another heist on the American people, fake CONservatives like Glenn Beck and Bill O'reilly call daily for MASSIVE taxation increases and O'reilly even openly says he supports the gove
... (more)

Michael Badnarik Constitution Class posted 02/07/2010, 1:46 PM (Michael Badnarik)
[Category: History]
This is the highly acclaimed 8hr class taught by author and Constitutional scholar, Michael Badnarik. In 8 hours, Michael covers far more than you learned in years of high school or college, in a way you'll never forget.

... (more)
A scholarly look at the constitution and the difference between a right and a privilege. Does the constitution grant you rights? Can you invade another nation to give it sovereignty? Do you need permission from the state to get married? Do you need permission from the state to own a gun? If you want to change the way the government and congress thinks about you, the first step is to change the way you think about yourself. You must think of yourself as sovereign. Learn your rights and how to stand up for yourself in this extremely informative series of talks. - Chris, IL

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