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Archived News Sunday January 26th, 2014
Revenue Generators: Feds Steal $27K from Traveler and Keep It Forever, Even Though No Charges Were Filed posted 01/26/2014, 9:37 PM (The Daily Sheeple)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
The Feds have a great little business going. At this rate, it’s beyond me how we have any money problems.

US Customs and Border Patrol confiscate money like it’s their job.

That’s because, well…it is.

You know how you hear those stories about shifty Customs agents in dark Third World airports, rifling through luggage, stealing things from innocent travelers, and setting them up for crimes? Well, as it turns out, they’ve got nothing on the good old USA. Billions are “generated” every year as Customs taxes and/or steals from those entering the country.

A couple visiting the US from Ghana had an encounter with Customs officers at the Philadelphia International Airport that they won’t soon forget.

The couple failed to report the full amount of cash they were bringing into the country. Upon a search of their baggage, it was discovered that they had $27,431.30  in different currencies, as opposed to $16,000 as the man had reported.

Customs seized the money but was kind enough to return $500 for “humanitarian purposes.” That was big of them, wasn’t it?

In a statement, Tarance Draft, US Customs and Border Patrol port director for the area port of Philadelphia expressed his great sadness at what the officers were forced to do.
"CBP derives no great pleasure from seizing travelers' currency. However, there are consequences for failing to comply with U.S. currency reporting laws." (source)
I’m sure that Draft and his friends at CPB were really broken up over the theft…um…confiscation.

It’s interesting to note that the US Customs and Border Patrol steals…oops, that word again….seizes…over $
... (more)

Tor Developer Suspects NSA Interception of Amazon Purchase posted 01/26/2014, 9:37 PM (Story Leak)
[Category: Big Brother/Orwellian]
Andrea Shepard, a Seattle-based core developer for the Tor Project, suspects her recently ordered keyboard may have been intercepted by the NSA.

Following the purchase of a new IBM Thinkpad Keyboard from, Shepard discovered her package to be taking a strange detour to the East Coast, revealed by a screenshot of her shipment tracking information.
... (more)

Man Who Refused To Show ID at Airport Acquitted posted 01/26/2014, 9:37 PM (ABQ Journal)
[Category: Resistance]
In a case that garnered nationwide attention, the Seattle man accused of disorderly conduct and other crimes following his refusal to show his ID at the security checkpoint of the Albuquerque airport was acquitted of all counts Friday.

A Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court jury found Phillip Mocek not guilty on four alleged offenses.

Mocek was "very pleased" with the verdict.

"I think probably most significantly from the case
... (more)

Do We Live in a Police State? | Ron Paul posted 01/26/2014, 9:37 PM (YouTube)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]

In the modern United States, federal laws are now so numerous and written so broadly and vaguely, that it is nearly impossible to make it through the day without breaking at least one of them. And through it all, an enormous government apparatus of prisons, prosecutors, police, and bureaucrats remains well-funded, powerful, and nearly impossible to oppose in court.
... (more)

Guards, staff committed half of all prison sex assaults posted 01/26/2014, 9:37 PM (Washington Times)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
A decade after President George W. Bush signed into law the Prison Rape Elimination Act, sexual abuse is still rampant in America’s corrections facilities, with a growing number of accusations lodged against the very officers charged with protecting their inmates.

Nearly half of all sexual assault accusations reported in U.S. correctional facilities in 2011 were aimed at prison guards or staff, according to a report released Thursday by the Justice Department's Bureau of Justice S
... (more)

In lawsuit, Emmaus woman claims Bethlehem cop slammed into her car, blamed her for crash posted 01/26/2014, 9:37 PM (The Morning Call)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
An Emmaus woman is suing the city of Bethlehem and its police department, saying an officer sped through a red light and crashed into her car, then blamed her for the crash.

Amber Krasley, 28, filed the lawsuit in Lehigh County Court on Dec. 31, a month after a Bethlehem district judge cleared her in the crash.

Polk deputy accused of forcing arrested women to take clothes off posted 01/26/2014, 9:37 PM (WESH)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
POLK, Fla. —A Polk County Sheriff's Office deputy was arrested Wednesday accused of forcing arrested women to take their clothes off and let him touch them.

Julio Jose Garcia, 26, was charged with unlawful compensation/reward for official behavior, use/display of a firearm during a felony offense and falsifying an official record/document by a public servant.

Lake County deputy accused of sexually battering woman during traffic stop posted 01/26/2014, 9:37 PM (WESH)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]

A Lake County deputy has been arrested on sexual battery charges.

The victim says Matthew Donnelly groped her and made inappropriate comments during a traffic stop on New Year's Day.

According to an affidavit, the victim and her boyfriend had been out celebrating at an Orlando bar when the boyfriend flagged down a deputy because his girlfriend
... (more)

Florida officer allegedly had sex, didn't reveal HIV posted 01/26/2014, 9:37 PM (Naples Daily News)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
Greenacres, Fla. (AP) — A police officer in Palm Beach County is facing two felony counts for failing to tell his sexual partners he has the HIV virus. Authorities are looking for more victims.

Markets Are Falling, Which Means It's Time For The US To Bomb A Sovereign Nation posted 01/26/2014, 9:37 PM (Zero Hedge)
[Category: Economy]
After the worst week for the market in over a year, the US knows the drill. Must. Distract. Population. And if a drunk-driving, prepubescent Miley Cyrus Canadian lookalike on a work visa won't do the trick, then by all means resort to ye olde faithful - bombing the feces out of some "independent" nation. In this case Somalia.

Ukraine rioters beat police, storm local government building posted 01/26/2014, 9:37 PM (YouTube)
[Category: General]

Disturbing footage from Ukraine shows violence spiraling out of control during anti-government protests, with rioters attacking and capturing policemen standing their ground. The Interior Ministry has hinted at a tough response if the unrest continues - READ MORE

On Saturday, protesters in the city
... (more)

HSBC imposes restrictions on large cash withdrawals posted 01/26/2014, 9:37 PM (BBC)
[Category: Economy]
Some HSBC customers have been prevented from withdrawing large amounts of cash because they could not provide evidence of why they wanted it, the BBC has learnt.

Listeners have told Radio 4's Money Box they were stopped from withdrawing amounts ranging from £5,000 to £10,000.
Furious Backlash Forces HSBC To Scrap Large Cash Withdrawal Limit

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