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Archived News Friday April 2nd, 2010
The Emperor Has No Clothes: Schoolgirl unimpressed with Obama amid frenzied crowd posted 04/02/2010, 8:05 PM (The Daily Mail)
[Category: Resistance]

One little girl was distinctly unimpressed with all the excitement when President Barack Obama came to town.

Many supporters in the crowd in Portland, Massachusetts queued up for hours for the chance to meet the president.

Some even camped out overnight in torrential rain to be first in line for a front row place.

But for this schoolgirl, at least, it all dragged on a little too long.

She was part of an adoring audience that greeted Mr Obama after his latest speech touting his health reforms yesterday.


The K Street Hustlin’ of Obamacare posted 04/02/2010, 8:05 PM (Revolt of the Plebs)
[Category: Commentary]
Oooh snap!  Looks like we've been right all along.  All the big K Street money pumped into the House and Senate has been overwhelmingly one-sided in favor of Obama's horrendous new healthcare legislation.  Go figure.  According to a study released over the weekend by "The Center for Public Policy", a non-partisan public interest think tank in Washington D.C., it is estimated that a record $120 million was spent lobbying for health reform.  In addition to direct lobbying, some of the top firms al... (more)

Florida doctor tells Obama health care supporters to go elsewhere posted 04/02/2010, 8:05 PM (Orlando Sentinel)
[Category: Resistance]
MOUNT DORA — A doctor who considers the national health-care overhaul to be bad medicine for the country posted a sign on his office door telling patients who voted for President Barack Obama to seek care "elsewhere."

"I'm not turning anybody away — that would be unethical," Dr. Jack Cassell, 56, a Mount Dora urologist and a registered Republican opposed to the health plan, told the Orlando Sentinel on Thursday. "But if they read the sign and turn the other way, so be it."
... (more)

New Tally Focuses on Expansive Role of Federal Reserve in Wall Street Bailout posted 04/02/2010, 8:05 PM (
[Category: Economy]
Tally Shows That the Federal Reserve Is The Real Source of Bailout Funds

Today, the Real Economy Project of the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) released an assessment of the total cost to taxpayers of the Wall Street bailout. CMD concludes that multiple federal agencies have disbursed $4.6 trillion dollars in supporting the financial sector since the meltdown in 2007-2008. Of that, $2 trillion is still outstanding.

CMD's assessment demonstrates tha
... (more)

Illinois Congressman: “I Don’t Worry About The Constitution” posted 04/02/2010, 8:05 PM (Prison Planet)
[Category: Politics/Corruption]
A Democratic Congressman from Illinois told his constituents that he does not worry about the constitution when it comes to the health care bill signed into law last week by the president, before misquoting from the Declaration of Independence and claiming he had read the 2700 page legislation three times.

Representative Phil Hare made the comments at a meeting yesterday with his constituents in Quincy that was captured on camera.

As Hare was questioned over the con
... (more)

Obama Puts Pesticide Pusher in Charge of Agricultural Trade Relations posted 04/02/2010, 8:05 PM (Center for Biological Diversity)
[Category: Politics/Corruption]
WASHINGTON - Sidestepping a stalled Senate confirmation vote, yesterday President Obama recess-appointed Islam Siddiqui to be chief agricultural negotiator in the office of the U.S. trade representative. Dr. Siddiqui's nomination was held up in the Senate and was opposed by the Center for Biological Diversity and more than 80 other environmental, small-farm, and consumer groups. More than 90,000 concerned citizens contacted the White House and Senate to oppose the nomination. Siddiqui is a forme... (more)

Cop Cleared By Grand Jury For Tasering Great Grandmother During Speeding Stop posted 04/02/2010, 8:05 PM (Prison Planet)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
An Austin cop was cleared of any wrong doing by a grand jury this week after he tased a 72 year old woman during a routine speeding stop.

The Travis County grand jury declined to indict Deputy Constable Christopher Bieze on a charge of injury to an elderly person, following the incident on May 11, 2009.

Bieze pulled over Kathryn Winkfein on Texas 71, west of Austin, on suspicion of driving 60mph in a 45mph zone.

When the great grandmother refused to s
... (more)

Climategate Investigation A Monumental Whitewash posted 04/02/2010, 8:04 PM (Prison Planet)
[Category: Cover-Up/Deceptions]
A Parliamentary investigation into the climategate scandal has cleared the scientists involved of any data fixing and subversion of the peer review process, and notes that the scandal provides no evidence to challenge the notion that human activity is causing catastrophic global warming.

The House of Commons’ Science and Technology Committee Report
... (more)

Mumbai Terrorist Was US Agent posted 04/02/2010, 8:04 PM (
[Category: Cover-Up/Deceptions]
After terrorist conspirator and "former" U.S. government agent David Coleman Headley received promises of leniency and extradition protection from American prosecutors for his role in the 2008 Mumbai massacre, speculation about his true masters was set ablaze as outrage erupted across India.

Headley -- a former Drug Enforcement Administration agent and the son of a Pakistani diplomat -- pled guilty to various criminal charges on March 18 in connection with his terrorist activities
... (more)

History of Iran posted 04/02/2010, 8:04 PM (YouTube)
[Category: History]

The Health Care Reform Law Contains a Hidden Tax on Annuities posted 04/02/2010, 8:04 PM (DailyFinance)
[Category: Economy]
The Obama administration is trying to encourage people to buy annuities to ensure that they don't outlive their savings. But a little-noticed provision of the new health care reform law will slap a 3.8% tax on payouts from annuities purchased by high-income earners outside their workplace. And, not surprisingly, the life insurance industry isn't happy about that.

Life insurers, which have sold approximately 15 million so-called "nonqualified" policies containing some $710 bill
... (more)

ADP Says U.S. Companies Unexpectedly Cut Payrolls posted 04/02/2010, 8:04 PM (Bloomberg)
[Category: Economy]
March 31 (Bloomberg) -- Companies in the U.S. unexpectedly cut payrolls in March, according to data from a private report based on payrolls.

The 23,000 decline was the smallest in two years and followed a revised 24,000 drop the prior month, data from ADP Employer Services showed today. Over the previous six months, ADP’s initial figures have overstated the Labor Department’s first estimate of private payroll losses by as little as 2,000 in February to as much as 151,000 in Novem
... (more)

Former Socialist India Becomes Fascist posted 04/02/2010, 8:01 PM (David Kramer)
[Category: Commentary]
Twenty years ago, the people of India gave up their workers’ “paradise” and switched to a market-based economy. Since then, many of the millions of poor people of India have been able to vastly improve their material lives. India has a growing middle class (though a huge number of people in the country’s rural area still live in abject poverty). Hourly wages have doubled over the last decade (as opposed to US wages stagnating--and even sli... (more)

Children will face full-body 'naked' airport scanners, Government rules posted 04/02/2010, 8:01 PM (The Daily Mail)
[Category: Big Brother/Orwellian]
All selected children will have to go through the new full-body 'naked' scanning machines being introduced at airports, the Government said today.

Transport Secretary Lord Adonis clarified the ruling as he announced a consultation process on the use of scanners.

Civil rights groups have raised legal and privacy concerns about the scanners, which have been introduced at Manchester and Heathrow airports following the failed transatlantic plane bomb attack last Christm
... (more)

Paul Krugman says death panels a cost saver posted 04/02/2010, 8:00 PM (YouTube)
[Category: Brave New World]

He's referring to the Medicare Advisory Board. They will determ
... (more)

Sell-off in US Treasuries raises sovereign debt fears posted 04/02/2010, 8:00 PM (The Telegraph)
[Category: Economy]
The yield on 10-year Treasuries – the benchmark price of global capital – surged 30 basis points in just two days last week to over 3.9pc, the highest level since the Lehman crisis. Alan Greenspan, ex-head of the US Federal Reserve, said the abrupt move may be "the canary in the coal mine", a warning to Washington that it can no longer borrow with impunity. He said there is a "huge overhang of federal debt, which we have never seen before".

David Rosenberg at Gluskin Sheff said Tr
... (more)

Cops & CPS Seize Child From Parents For Mistrusting Government posted 04/02/2010, 7:59 PM (Prison Planet)
[Category: Big Brother/Orwellian]
A family in Williamson County, Austin have lost custody of their 7-year-old son as part of a Child Protective Services investigation because the parents taught their children to mistrust the government, an action that deemed them to be “unsuitable parents,” according to charges leveled by police officers in CPS documents.

Healthcare Freedom Act Passes Alabama Senate! posted 04/02/2010, 7:59 PM (Tenth Amendment Center)
[Category: Resistance]
I just got the word a few minutes ago. Around 6 pm this evening, the Alabama Senate passed SB233, the Healthcare Freedom Act, which would protect our right to provide for our own healthcare without being subservient to government dictates.

The bill was amended by Zeb Little (D) so that the amendment will NOT be on the November ballot, but will instead appear on a July 31st special election. The purpose for that appears to have been that Democrats don’t want the bill on the Novembe
... (more)

EPA Chief Says New Pollution Rules for Cars Only the Beginning of Greenhouse Gas Regulations posted 04/02/2010, 7:59 PM (
[Category: Politics/Corruption]
Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson said her agency’s inaugural regulations on greenhouse gas emissions on cars were only “the first” of such regulations, promising that her agency would move “deliberately” to institute regulations in other areas of the economy as well.

Speaking to reporters on a conference call on Thursday to announce the new regulations on cars and light trucks, Jackson explained that – for now – the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
... (more)

Fluoride in city's water on agenda posted 04/02/2010, 7:59 PM (Iowa City Press Citizen)
[Category: Brave New World]
Iowa City's water superintendent, backed by public health officials, is recommending that the city continue its practice of fluoridating the water supply.

A group of residents who oppose water fluoridation have urged the Iowa City Council to rethink the practice because of health and cost concerns. The council agreed earlier this year to examine the issue and will discuss water fluoridation at its work session at 6:30 p.m. Monday at City Hall.

The practice of adding
... (more)

Fox News Calls For Obama To Be Killed While Framing Alex Jones For Instigating Violence posted 04/02/2010, 7:59 PM (Prison Planet)
[Category: Cover-Up/Deceptions]
Fox News doesn’t seem to be concerned about violent comments when they are made by Fox hosts, contributors, and website respondents

Hawaii kills medical marijuana dispensary measure posted 04/02/2010, 7:59 PM (Associated Press)
[Category: Politics/Corruption]
HONOLULU -- A proposal to create medical marijuana dispensaries in Hawaii has gone up in smoke.

The idea is dead because the House Judiciary Committee refused to consider the measure before a legislative deadline Thursday.

Committee Chairman Rep. Jon Riki Karamatsu says he was worried that marijuana dispensaries would fuel illegal sales of the drug. He's also concerned about the state running up against federal drug laws.

Medical marijuana patients ar
... (more)

Ban Lifted: Pilots can take antidepressants on job posted 04/02/2010, 5:03 PM (Associated Press)
[Category: Big Brother/Orwellian]
WASHINGTON — The government is lifting a 70-year-old ban on letting pilots fly while on antidepressants, citing improvements in the drugs and an unforeseen side effect of the restriction: Depressed pilots kept flying but just kept their conditions secret.

"Our concern is that they haven't necessarily been candid," Federal Aviation Administrator Randy Babbitt told reporters in a conference call.

The change in policy, which includes a degree of amnesty for pilots who
... (more)
Not even a month has passed since the story of some air traffic controller simply letting his kid talk over the communication systems and the media threw a massive hysterical hissy-fit saying how dangerous and outrageous it was, demanding that heads roll.

Now just weeks later they say it's A-OK for pilots to take hallucinogenic anti-depressants which cause suicidal thoughts and are are linked to almost every mass shooting spree within the last 20 years and the media doesn't give a damn and calls it progress.

This is a perfect example of the utter hypocrisy and downright insanity that quantifies itself as the "mainstream media." - Chris

Peter Schiff: The Fed’s Last Hurrah posted 04/02/2010, 2:29 AM (Peter Schiff)
[Category: Economy]
During the 1990s, inflationary Federal Reserve policy fueled a tech stock bubble. When that bubble burst, the Fed inflated a larger one in real estate. Now that the real estate bubble has burst, the Fed is inflating the biggest bubble of them all – a bubble in government. While the earlier booms at least provided the illusion of prosperity and some fun while they lasted, the government bubble will cripple the economy and deliver widespread misery to the vast majority of Americans.

... (more)

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