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Archived News Tuesday November 1st, 2011
Video: Texas Judge William Adams Beats His Daughter for Using the Internet posted 11/01/2011, 10:44 PM (InformationLiberation)
[Category: Politics/Corruption]

This video appears to have been held secretly since 2004, it was just released on YouTube by the Judge's daughter who is the victim, the abuser in this case is still an actively "serving" Judge, you can see his picture here on the county's website.

This video is going super-viral and is currently on the front page of reddit, the daughter in the video appears to have posted it there as well.

What's striking about this video is how there still exists backward savages who consider this clear child abuse "discipline." Using violence against a child is child abuse, it doesn't matter what excuses are given. Using violence against a child to get your way in an argument teaches children to use violence against other people to get their way in an argument, not to mention the psychological scarring of being abused by your "protector," "for your own good."

How appropriate that this abusive tyrant is a supposed "public servant."

Here's the video description as written by the daughter, note she is safe now and living on her own.:
2004: Aransas County Court-At-Law Judge William Adams took a belt to his own teenage daughter as punishment for using the internet to acquire music and games that were unavailable for legal purchase at the time. She has had ataxic cerebral palsy from birth that led her to a passion for technology, which was strictly forbidden by her father's backwards views. The judge's wife was emotionally abused herself and w... (more)

Woman finds iPhone, takes it home to try to find the owner... and has her door kicked in by the cops posted 11/01/2011, 10:44 PM (InformationLiberation)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
From The Press Democrat:
Don't mess with another woman's cell phone.

That's what Novato resident Moriah Stafford learned when she found an iPhone in a shopping cart at a Marin County Kohl's store on Sept. 20.

Stafford took the phone to her son's Petaluma home, thinking he could help her try to contact the owner. Next thing she knew, Sonoma County sheriff's deputie
... (more)

12 Reasons To Be Extremely Pessimistic About The Direction That The Economy Is Headed posted 11/01/2011, 10:44 PM (EndoftheAmericanDream)
[Category: Economy]
Do you want to feel optimistic about the U.S. economy?  If so, you might not want to read the rest of this article.  In many areas of the United States today, you can almost smell the fear and the anxiety in the air.  Survey after survey has found that the American people are extremely pessimistic about the direction the economy is headed.  In fact, many recent surveys have found that economic pessimism is at the highest levels ever recorded.  There has been an astonishing loss of faith in the s... (more)

The Air Has Been Let Out Of The Balloon posted 11/01/2011, 10:44 PM (The Economic Collapse)
[Category: Economy]
Do you hear that sound? It is the sound of Europe being hit with a cold dose of financial reality. The air has been let out of the balloon, and investors all over the world are realizing that absolutely nothing has been solved in Europe. The solutions being proposed by the politicians in Europe are just going to make things worse. You don't solve a sovereign debt crisis by shredding confidence in sovereign debt. But that is exactly what the "voluntary 50% haircut" has done. You don't solve... (more)

Molyneux Responds to Jon Stewart's "19 Tough Questions for Libertarians!" posted 11/01/2011, 10:44 PM (YouTube)
[Category: Resistance]

Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, responds to Stewart's 19 tough questions for libertarians.

Federally-Funded Street Lights Capable of "Recording Conversations" posted 11/01/2011, 10:43 PM (Infowars)
[Category: Big Brother/Orwellian]
Federally-funded high-tech street lights now being installed in American cities are not only set to aid the DHS in making “security announcements” and acting as talking surveillance cameras, they are also capable of “recording conversations,” bringing the potential privacy threat posed by ‘Intellistreets’ to a whole new level.

In the days after we first brought attention to the
... (more)

Big Sis To Monitor Twitter For Signs Of Social Unrest posted 11/01/2011, 10:43 PM (Infowars)
[Category: Big Brother/Orwellian]
The wave of civil unrest that has swept the globe over the past year has prompted the Department of Homeland Security to step up its monitoring of Twitter and other social networks in a bid to pre-empt any sign of social dislocation within the United States.

“Department of Homeland Security Undersecretary Caryn Wagner said the use of such technology in uprisings that started in December in Tunisia shocked some officials into attention and prompted questions of whether the U.S. ne
... (more)

US Soldier admits taking fingers off Afghans' bodies as war trophies posted 11/01/2011, 10:41 PM (BBC)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
An Army staff sergeant charged with killing three Afghan civilians admits taking fingers off bodies as war trophies, his lawyer says.

Staff Sgt Calvin Gibbs, 26, maintains he was not involved in the killings, and has pleaded not guilty to 16 criminal charges.

He is one of five soldiers charged.

In March 2011, photographs were published showing the soldiers posing with the corpses of Afghan civilians they had allegedly just killed.

The a
... (more)

Porno Scanners Are Health Hazards? Hoodathunitt? posted 11/01/2011, 10:41 PM (Bill Anderson)
[Category: Big Brother/Orwellian]
Yes, I know that LRC readers will be shocked, SHOCKED to read the following: Ever since the original Porno Scanners were shown to "experts" in 1998, there have been concerns about the X-rays causing cancer.

Oh, but it gets better:
One after another, the experts convened by the Food and Drug Administration raised questions about the machine ... (more)

Need Inexpensive Surgery? Go Free Market posted 11/01/2011, 10:41 PM (Tom Woods)
[Category: Health]
Check out the website of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, which defies current practice by actually listing its prices on its website. Their prices are as low as one-fifth those of typical hospitals. Practitioners avoid government involvement in their practice as much as possible. On the welcome page we read:
If you have a high deductible or are part of a self-insured plan at a large company, you owe it to yourself or your busin... (more)

Yeah, Price Controls Have a Way of Creating Shortages posted 11/01/2011, 10:41 PM (Bill Anderson)
[Category: Economy]
Lest anyone think that people in the media actually know something about economics, this story from Connecticut lays out the utter ignorance of the MSM. The story tells about long lines up to a half-mile long at Connecticut gas stations following the big snowstorm.

There is also this gem, which the reporter puts in without understanding what is happening:
Attorney Ge... (more)

The Enemy Is in D.C. posted 11/01/2011, 10:41 PM (LRC Blog)
[Category: Resistance]

Lew and the Judge on the latest developments from the police state.

Revoke Obama's Peace Prize posted 11/01/2011, 10:41 PM (Black Agenda Report)
[Category: Politics/Corruption]
Never in living memory has a Noble Peace Prize recipient gone on to cause more death and misery than Barack Obama, who now puts hits on U.S. citizens.

Content Industry Insists E-PARASITE Won't Rewrite DMCA, But Co-Author Of The Bill Admits That's The Plan posted 11/01/2011, 10:40 PM (Techdirt)
[Category: Big Brother/Orwellian]
Defenders of E-PARASITE/SOPA have been going out of their way not just to mischaracterize the arguments against the bill, but now they've reached the point of outright lying. The American Bar Association has an email list for its "IP Section," and recently there was a bit of a debate over E-PARASITE/SOPA, in which the myriad pro... (more)

Safeway Not So Safe for 2-Year-Old Girls With Absentminded Parents posted 11/01/2011, 10:40 PM (Reason Magazine)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
When I take my two younger daughters to the grocery store, they sometimes pick a snack off the shelves and share it while we shop. I always make a point of having them save the wrapper so we can pay for the item when we check out--but not because I am afraid that otherwise I will be handcuffed and taken to jail while the girls are hauled off by a government-employed social worker. Fortunately, I do not shop at Indiana Sheriff Says US A "War Zone" To Justify New MRAP Military VehicleTampa Cops Surveil Pot Dealer, Catch Him Selling Pot, Raid His Home & Kill Him"You Just Shot An Unarmed Man!": Witness Says Police Shot His Friend With His Hands Up