Terry McAuliffe Touts Endorsement From 'Leading Conservative' Bill Kristol During VA Gov Debate

Chris Menahan
Sep. 29, 2021

Democratic candidate for Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe touted his endorsement from "leading conservative" Bill Kristol during the debate on Tuesday night.

Kristol has gone from selling the Iraq war to selling forced vaccines on behalf of Big Pharma:

McAuliffe also said he doesn't think "parents should be telling schools what they should teach."

Youngkin is comically being hammered by Democrats because some astroturfed Democrat-run Project Veritas clone filmed him on "undercover video" telling a "veteran small business owner" he would have the legal authority as governor to end vaccine mandates for state employees.

Youngkin, who has the full backing of the GOP establishment, didn't even say he would end the mandate for state employees and told the questioner he supports private businesses making the "decision" to mandate shots and "encourages everybody to get the vaccine."

Youngkin said he supports vaccine mandates for measles, mumps and rubella but not covid (in the case of state government employees).

"McAuliffe would require [covid vaccines] for students, teachers and health care workers and would support businesses that imposed mandates," CNN reports:
"He's going to send a child to a school where a teacher's not wearing a mask and a teacher's not vaccinated? That is disqualifying to be governor," McAuliffe said.

Youngkin, meanwhile, maintained that McAuliffe's characterization of his stance on vaccines is "the most egregious untruth my opponent continues to say about me."

"I've gotten the vaccine; my family has gotten the vaccine. It's the best way for people to keep themselves safe. And I in fact have asked everyone in Virginia to please get the vaccine. But I don't think we should mandate it," Youngkin said.

He said he does not want to run teachers and health care workers who oppose being vaccinated out of their jobs. "We need those health care workers. We need people on the job. To make their life difficult, that's no way to go serve Virginians," he said.

Youngkin stumbled when asked whether he believes that the required vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella should also be a personal choice for Virginians. He said that "the data associated with those vaccines is something that we should absolutely understand the difference between this vaccine."

Pressed again on his stance, Youngkin said: "Those vaccines can be mandatory. I do believe the Covid vaccine is one that everyone should get, but we shouldn't mandate it."

[...] Youngkin, the former co-chief executive of the private-equity firm Carlyle Group, rejected Trump's lies about widespread election fraud. He said that "there wasn't material fraud" in the 2020 election and it was "certifiably fair."
Youngkin noted on Twitter how McAuliffe said he wants to "make life difficult" for purebloods with vax mandates and restrictions on travel but wouldn't even defend the unvaxxed by name:

Youngkin released an ad earlier this month which blamed white supremacists for Virginia's crime surge.

Youngkin is also attacking McAuliffe for saying in 2015 that Confederate statues should remain (McAuliffe later called for a jihad against them after Charlottesville):

This race is just a battle between two bought-and-paid-for establishment shills.

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