DC Protest: 'Liberals' Now In Favor Of Police Brutality, Arresting Opposition Leaders & Deploying National Guard

Chris Menahan
Jan. 05, 2021

The leftist regime in Washington, DC is transforming the city into a totalitarian police state and arresting opposition leaders in a desperate attempt to suppress Wednesday's peaceful "Stop The Steal" protest.

Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio was reportedly arrest at gunpoint by DC police late Monday afternoon for allegedly burning a Black Lives Matter flag at a prior protest.

On Tuesday, Tarrio was "banned" from the city by Magistrate Judge Renee Raymond -- First Amendment be damned.

If this happened in Belarus or Russia, our government would already be announcing new sanctions for "undermining democracy."

The regime in DC, which spent the past several months hyperventilating over Trump deploying the national guard against Black Lives Matter rioters, approved deploying the national guard to suppress peaceful Trump supporters.

Though police were nowhere to be seen during the Black Lives Matter riots, now they're out in full force.

At least one hotel shut down ahead of the protest just to avoid providing services to Trump supporters.

Plans were also announced for traffic to be restricted:

When businesses in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina shut down ahead of the always-chaotic "Black Bike Week" they were sued by the NAACP for discrimination.

The city of Myrtle Beach was also sued for restricting traffic.

Leftists are salivating over the prospect of police abusing Trump supporters.

Last week, after police attacked peaceful Patriot Prayer and Proud Boy protesters in Salem, Oregon, resistance leader Amy Siskind cheered the police abuse as a "taste of what's to come."

"I suspect we are going to see quite a bit of DC police moving on and arresting Proud Boys on Jan 6," Siskind tweeted. "It seems the tide has turned in 2021."

Despite a government terror campaign to intimidate and threaten peaceful protesters, patriots are refusing to be intimidated and are showing up en masse!

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