Joe Biden Introduces Granddaughter As His Deceased Son: 'This Is My Son, Beau Biden'

Chris Menahan
Nov. 03, 2020

What the Democrats are doing to Joe Biden is elder abuse.

It's just sick and cruel.

The New York Post ran a column from Kyle Smith yesterday titled, "If Joe Biden is dragged over the finish line, Democrats will quickly drop him."

"No matter what Biden does to steer the country to the left, the media will be daydreaming about how Kamala Harris would lean so much harder on the tiller," Smith wrote. "Suddenly, Biden's brain freezes and mangled sentences will no longer be innocent 'gaffes' but signs of incipient dementia. Doesn't the 25th Amendment call for the president’s removal if he can't cut it anymore? Maybe Biden, having achieved his life's goal, should quickly step down for everyone's sake, the media will suggest. Maybe the Washington Post will even decide the Biden family buckraking is actually worth looking into -- and that it's impeachable."

"Biden may be elected president Tuesday, but if so, it won't be long before the self-described 'transition candidate' gets told he needs to transition his way to a nice, comfy facility in Boca Raton."

As Tucker Carlson said in his final pre-election monologue on Monday, our ruling class are truly "disgusting!"

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