MSNBC's Trump Town Hall Features Terrible Audio, High-Pitched Whine

Chris Menahan
Oct. 15, 2020

MSNBC's town tall with President Trump on Thursday featured terrible audio with a high-pitched whine and seemingly no bass and max treble.

On headphones, the high-pitched whine created a sense of unease and was almost physically painful.

I assumed they would fix the issue after the first commercial break but it seemed to only get worse.

The terrible audio made Savannah Guthrie's high-pitched whining (which seemed to never stop) even more annoying than usual.

There's technologies which can easily filter high-pitched whining out but it seems like they chose not to use it (maybe they feared it would cut off Guthrie?).

Regardless, Trump did great and it's still worth watching if you missed it.

Incidentally, the audio on Biden's Town Hall on ABC was perfectly fine.

Also, whereas Trump was harassed for half the show by Guthrie, Biden wasn't even asked about the New York Post's article on Ukraine which triggered Big Tech to shut down all free speech on the internet.

Watching clips from the Biden town hall, even despite the perfectly fine audio it was painfully boring.

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