Joe Biden Picks Wall Street Shill Kamala Harris As VP

Chris Menahan
Aug. 11, 2020

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden announced on Tuesday that he's picking Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate.

Now we know why she got all that work done.

Biden got a facelift too before running.

Is this pick going to satisfy black voters?

Many blacktivists on Twitter question her blackness as she's half Indian and half Jamaican.

She was confronted by the folks on The Breakfast Club last year who asked her about these two memes:

She struggled to respond:

[Embed starts at 10:57.]

During the same interview, she tried to connect with black voters by saying she smoked weed in college and listened to Snoop and Tupac "for sure" (their albums hadn't even been released by the time she graduated).

[Embed starts at 37:20.]

It didn't work. Black people supported Biden over her and she had to drop out of the race after getting hammered on her record by Tulsi Gabbard.

Progressives hate her because she threw tons of black and brown people in prison when she was a prosecutor.

They also don't like how she's fanatically pro-Israel.

Also, she's a total shill for Wall Street.

Last year, her father Donald Harris proudly revealed that their family are the descendants of Jamaican plantation slave-owners.

Harris pushed the Smollett lynching hoax and refused to apologize when confronted over it.

She exploited Smollett's hate hoax to push forward an anti-lynching bill which Senator Rand Paul said would throw people in prison for 10 years if they so much as slapped someone while uttering a racial slur.

Harris in 2018 said people like illegal alien Ismael Chamu -- who was allegedly caught spray-painting "F— White People," "F— the police," "Kill Cops" and more near Berkeley campus -- "represent our future."

As the Gateway Pundit reported, Harris' political career was allegedly "launched in the bedroom as mistress of married Mayor Willie Brown."

Brown wrote an article in The Hill just yesterday saying she should "politely decline" if Biden offers to pick her as his running mate.

I don't know how much people really care about VP picks but Biden's deteriorating mental state makes it very likely his VP could become president.

The main reason he's picking her is because he felt he needed to pick a black woman as his VP to try and satisfy black voters but this is quite possibly the worst candidate he could pick.

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