MSNBC Reporter Humiliated After Trying to Shame Wisconsinites For Not Wearing Masks

"Half your crew's not wearing them!"
Chris Menahan

May. 26, 2020

MSNBC reporter Cal Perry bashed Wisconsinites for not wearing masks during a live broadcast on Memorial Day only to be forced to hang his head in shame after a bystander pointed out his cameraman and half his crew were not wearing them either.

"You can see, here, nobody's wearing them, nobody's uh," Perry says before being called out by a man in a Green Bay Packers jersey.

"Including your cameraman," the onlooker says while holding up his phone filming. "Half your crew is not wearing them."

"There you go, including the cameraman, yeah -- Katy," Perry responds, throwing his hands in the air and bowing his head in shame before cutting back to MSNBC host Katy Tur.

Here's the bystander's video, you can see he was telling it straight when he said "half you crew's not wearing" masks either:

Tur had praised Perry earlier for supposedly being "one of the only people wearing a mask."

Here's the full segment, notice how the similarly humiliated Tur just cut away and refused to acknowledge what just happened:

"Striking images, Cal Perry, Cal, thank you very much," Tur said before cutting away to another reporter.

The media truly is the enemy of the people!

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