'Coronavirus Challenge': Migrant Duo Cough On Swedes As YouTube 'Prank'

Chris Menahan
Apr. 02, 2020

They're doing the YouTube pranks Swedes won't do!

From Sputnik, "Swedish Municipality Warns of Youths Wilfully Coughing at Seniors in 'Coronavirus Challenge'":
Pranks amid the coronavirus epidemic have been condemned as "unsavoury", "backward", and "unfunny".

Youths in the Municipality of Eslöv in Sweden's southernmost Skåne County have adopted the habit of knowingly coughing, sneezing, and spitting on elderly people, while laughing at their victims, Swedish Radio reported.

The municipality has warned its inhabitants and urged parents to "talk" with their children.

“It has come to our knowledge that older people feel insecure. That young people cough and shout 'corona' only to walk away and laugh”, Ingrid Westerlund, the head of operations at Eslöv Municipality, told Swedish Radio.

[...] Earlier, the news outlet Samhällsnytt reported about a migrant duo from Eskilstuna publishing a prank video on YouTube where they approached random people while coughing and saying they had the coronavirus. The video was later removed, but continues to spread on Twitter.

This video also sparked reactions and was called "unsavoury", "backward", and "unfunny".

"Hej Xaliqasem och Xusseinmatar! You walk around my city, scaring people, being general idiots and 'pranking' about the coronavirus. You think you're smart/cool. I have noted that you record in Eskilstuna. Can you be kind and do this 'prank' on me? I promise I'll be nice. I will only contact your parents and ask them what they think about what they have raised. And I would like to hear if they are proud to have raised two full-scale idiots. So feel free to grab me next time you're out to prank", local Social Democrat politician Maria Hind Alias tweeted.

What an incredibly weak response.

In the U.S., these two would be charged with terrorism.

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