Dems Release Only 62% Of Iowa Caucus Results -- Just Enough to Have 'Mayor Cheat' In The Lead

Chris Menahan
Feb. 04, 2020

This election is more fraudulent than anything out of any third-world banana republic.

The Iowa Democratic Party decided on Tuesday to release only 62 percent of the Iowa caucus results, which was evidently just enough to make it look like Pete Buttigieg, aka "Mayor Cheat," was in the lead.

From NPR, "Buttigieg Leads After Iowa Democrats Release First 62% Of Results":
Former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg leads with about 27% of State Delegate Equivalents, after the Iowa Democratic Party released most caucus results just now.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is second, with about 25% of delegate equivalents.

Sanders has slightly more raw votes than Buttigieg, 28,220 to 27,030, but remember: The state delegate equivalent count is what’s used to determine the winner. (The full results can be found in the graphic atop this page.)
To recap: Buttigieg's team got the final poll which showed him in third and Bernie in first canceled, had the election results delayed massively thanks to a shady firm literally named "Shadow" that his team paid over $40,000 to and had other strong ties with his campaign, declared victory with zero percent of the vote in at 12:24 AM EST on Tuesday morning and now the Iowa Democratic Party released only 62% of the vote to make it seem like he won.

At least in a third-world s-hole the people all know their elections are a sham. Our controlled media is actually trying to play this off as legit!

Chuck Todd said Tuesday on MSNBC that "not winning here" is likely a "small disappointment" for the Sanders campaign and puts "pressure" on his campaign as "finishing second was the minimum they could do."

He also claimed the results are "suddenly an opening for Michael Bloomberg."

Buttigieg is fake crying on TV:

CNN's Ana Navarro apparently wants us to think she is choking up as well:

[Header image by Gage Skidmore]

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