Did WarnerMedia-Owned CNN Write Propaganda Pieces Attacking Warner Bros' 'Joker' to Promote It?

Chris Menahan
Oct. 09, 2019

It appears as though WarnerMedia-owned CNN may have written deliberately ridiculous propaganda pieces attacking Warner Bros' "Joker" to promote the film by drumming up fake outrage and controversy.

WarnerMedia's CNN and Warner Bros are both owned by parent company AT&T.

CNN's stupid propaganda pieces got a lot of attention:

Phony media outrage helped propel the film to a record October release.

From CNN on Sunday, "'Joker' shatters box office records despite its controversial depiction of violence":
"Joker" broke box office records this weekend, even as its controversial depiction of violence made some potential theatergoers anxious.

The gritty Warner Bros. film about the origins of the crazed Batman nemesis brought in $96 million in North America this weekend. That makes "Joker" the highest-grossing opening in the history of October. The film shattered the record held by Sony Pictures' "Venom," which made $80 million last October.

"Joker" is the largest opening for Warner Bros. this year as well as one of the biggest openings for a R-rated film. It made $248 million worldwide.

[...] The backlash against "Joker" didn't stop audiences from heading to theaters in record numbers to see it.

"I think the controversy helped it this weekend," said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at Comscore (SCOR). "It became a cultural phenomenon. All the talk around the film made it a must see event."
It seems very plausible the media drummed up phony outrage over the film to get people to go see it.

The film -- which was just more of the same Hollywood garbage -- seemed to be aimed at telling those who have been disenfranchised by prog-globalism and liberal democracy to reject political organizing and activism and instead embrace nihilism and carry out senseless acts of violence (to justify the ongoing establishment agenda of gun control, pre-crime thought policing and a crack down on free speech).

The bad guys in the film were all out of touch rich white guys and (warning: very mild spoiler) the Joker went crazy after government welfare programs were cut and he stopped getting his anti-psychotic medications (which are linked to mass shootings) from the state psychologist he was cut off from.

The story could have just as easily been written by the ADL or the SPLC rather than co-writers Todd Phillips and Scott Silver.

I think our social controllers are smart enough to understand the media is so hated by the general public that the best way to promote something is to attack it.

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