Bill de Blasio: 'For The Last 21 Years I've Been Raising A Black Son...'

Chris Menahan
Jun. 27, 2019

He had to work this in somehow.

Look, I run the largest police force in America, too, and if were going to stop the shootings and get these guns off the streets, we have to have a very different relationship between our police and our community.

I also want to say that something that sets me apart from all my colleagues running in this race, that is for the last 21 years Ive been raising a black son in America. And I have had to have very, very serious talks with my son, Dante, about how to protect himself on the streets of our city and all over this country, including how to deal with the fact he has to take special caution because there have been too many tragedies between our young men and our police, too, as we saw recently in Indiana.

So we need to have a different conversation in this country about guns, but also a different conversation about policing that brings police and community together.

Weve done that in New York City and weve driven down crime while weve done it.
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