Poll: Only 24 Percent of Voters Want Military Action Against Iran

Chris Menahan
Jun. 26, 2019

The American public have little appetite for another war.

From Antiwar.com:
As President Trump and his administration mull their next moves on Iran, a new poll found that less than While officials have denied that there was any political component to the US not attacking Iran on Thursday, a newly released poll from Hill-HarrisX, taken over the weekend, shows that a strong majority of American voters oppose such an attack.

The poll showed 58 percent favored a non-military approach, with 48 percent calling for diplomacy and nine percent saying the US should take no action at all. By contrast, only 5 percent supported a war, and another 19 percent wanted "limited" attacks.

A majority remained against an attack in all parties, and all age groups, with 67% of Democrats calling for non-military options, 54 percent of independents, and a slight majority of Republicans.
Kudos to The Hill for actually conducting this poll. The media have pretty much refused to poll this topic because they're hungry for another war.

Reuters did one poll with worse wording in May which found that "60% of Americans said the United States should not conduct a pre-emptive attack on the Iranian military, while 12% advocate for striking first."

During this same time frame, dozens of polls were released covering the Democratic primary.

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