Kirstjen Nielsen Resigns in Disgrace

Chris Menahan
Apr. 08, 2019

One week after making a fool out herself on Tucker Carlson's show Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen has announced she's resigning.

From CBS News:
Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen abruptly resigned Sunday, as the president continues to fume over continued illegal border crossings. CBS News first reported Nielsen's impending departure, which Mr. Trump confirmed in a tweet after a 5 p.m. meeting with Nielsen at the White House.

Nielsen spoke out for the first time since announcing her resignation outside her house Monday afternoon, telling reporters there is a "humanitarian crisis" at the border and emphasizing the need to address that. Her resignation is effective Wednesday, although Nielsen didn't leave her home in Virginia until early Monday afternoon.

"I don't have any new announcements. I just want to thank the president again for the tremendous opportunity to serve this country. I'm forever grateful and proud of the men and women of DHS who work so hard every day to execute their missions and support the homeland," she told reporters outside her home on Monday, taking no questions. "... As you know, DHS has a vast array of missions. I want to make sure that we execute them all with excellence through the transition. I share the president's goal of securing the border."

Nielsen tweeted late Sunday that she has "agreed to stay on as secretary through Wednesday, April 10th to assist with an orderly transition and ensure that key DHS missions are not impacted." Her departure is a part of a massive DHS overhaul engineered and directed by top Trump adviser Stephen Miller, according to a senior U.S. official. It's unclear whether Nielsen is deciding to leave voluntarily, or whether she has been pressured to resign.
Leftoids all had the same response:

(Original thought is not their strong suit.)

They just ignore the fact the Obama regime also put kids in cages and Trump's move to thwart Jeff Sessions' family separation policy led to the border being overrun by migrants bringing kids along with them as a "golden ticket" to get into the country.

Though Trump deserves blame for that blunder (notice how caving got him literally nothing), Nielsen hasn't used any of her enormous power at DHS to secure the border.

Trump got plenty of warnings telling him not to hire her in the first place but she got in regardless reportedly because John Kelly was friends with her.

Now, we wait to see what other horrible pick Trump will make next.

Here's Coulter:

She retweeted this:

I'm not getting my hopes up.

UPDATE: Nielsen's allies are now planting stories suggesting she was a quiet member of The Resistance™:

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