ABC's 'The Rookie' Features Red-Hat-Wearing Militia Arresting Hispanic Man Because He 'Looks Guilty'

Chris Menahan
Mar. 22, 2019

When Hollywood sends us their propagandists, they're not sending us their best.

The audio is very low, but here's a transcript:
Sir, there's a shelter in place order in effect.
- We need you in your house.
- Okay.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Get your hands - where I can see them.
Now! - No, stay right there.
It's okay.
We got permits for the weapons, and our ammo is stored separately, so it's legal.
I don't care if it's legal.
No good's gonna come from you guys running around here with assault rifles.
We heard prisoners were on the loose.
We got a right to protect our neighborhood.
Yeah, that's a job for law enforcement, not a ragtag militia.
Got one! Got a fugitive! Hey, get off me, man.
I didn't do anything.
- Officers, please.
- Hey, let him go.
That's not who we're looking for.
- I kept telling him that! - You sure? He looks guilty as hell to me.
- At least check his papers.
- Let him go.
Right now.
Are you okay? No, you should be arresting them.
Hey, screw that.
The law says we're allowed to defend our neighborhood "when in grave danger."
- I was trimming a hedge! - All right, look, that's enough.
Get back.
Look, as bigoted as they are, they thought they were making a citizen's arrest, so they haven't broken the law.
But their names will be in our report, so if you'd like to sue them for emotional damages, - you can.
- Whoa, hey, now How about we just all, uh, go back and secure our home fronts.
No hard feelings.
If I find out that you're back out here again, I'll have you arrested for violating California Penal Codes 372 and 647b.
You got that? 647b is the code for prostitution.
They don't know that.
This clip is from Season 1, Episode 15 and it originally aired in 2018.

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