WATCH: Daily Show-Style Comedian Jim Jefferies Exposed By Hidden Camera

Chris Menahan
Mar. 22, 2019

Comedian Jim Jefferies, who hosts a Daily Show knock-off for Comedy Central in Australia, was exposed on Wednesday for manipulating footage to paint one of his guests in a negative light in the aftermath of the New Zealand attack.


Via Breitbart:
Jefferies interviewed Yemini some months ago, but only published the video recently following the shooting at the Christchurch mosque in New Zealand. In fact, The Jefferies Show appears to imply that the interview took place after the shooting. Jefferies discusses many issues with Yemini, but mainly focuses on the topics of Islam and Australian migration laws.

A clip from the edited interview shows Jefferies asking Yemini: “What gives anyone the right to tell anyone where they can and can’t live?” The interview then cuts to Yemini stating: “When you import this culture what do you think is gonna happen? Australia is gonna end up the same shithole that they were escaping.” Of course, this interaction appears to portray Yemini as a staunch opponent of personal freedoms — except the clip shown by Jefferies is not what actually happened.

In the case of the first question that Yemini is asked by Jefferies: “What gives anyone the right to tell anyone where they can and can’t live?” Yemini actually replied: “Borders and government and…” Jefferies then cuts him off saying “I know borders but wouldn’t it be nice if we got to a place in society where we had our own… a utopia where we all just lived as one — you may say that I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one.”

Yemini replied: “I think most people, most sensible people, would agree with you in theory but in practice, it goes against human nature it just doesn’t work.”

Later in the segment discussing Islam, Yemini discusses the issue of drawing a depiction of the Muslim prophet Mohammad which is prohibited by the religion. Jefferies jokes about this and draws a quick sketch of Mohammad on a clipboard, describing him as a “wobbly ghost,” despite Yemini’s warnings that doing so will offend many Muslims and that he has already received death threats over similar actions. Of course, this segment of Jefferies drawing Mohammad was not included in the final show.

Yemini claims to have more footage showing how Jefferies edited the interview to portray Yemini negatively, which he plans to publish in the coming days.
Here's the full propaganda segment:

It's pretty funny how they just recycle the exact same propaganda the establishment puts out in America and just change it up a bit to fit whatever native population they're targeting.

This meme sums up how all these shows work well enough:

Yemini's video of Jefferies went viral on YouTube and racked up almost 1 million views in just one day and now Jefferies is getting massive blowback:

All these shows run the exact same scam and when they get caught they just say: "We're a comedy show and I'm just a silly, wacky comedian!"

The reality is that all these late night hacks are paid propagandists who work for multi-billion dollar megacorporations that understand young people won't watch their propaganda unless they disguise it as entertainment.

It's hard to believe anyone is so stupid as to be entertained by this garbage (John Oliver literally did a 15 minute interview with Monica Lewinsky on "public shaming" and "online bullying" on his last episode and attacked Jay Leno for making fun of her two decades ago) but they focus on giving leftoids a sense of smug superiority whereby they believe the prog-globalist-endorsed, regurgitated establishment propaganda they're getting is actually cutting-edge, anti-establishment and "fighting the man."

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