NZ Police 'Seething' Over Trolls Sending In Fake Firearm Hand-In Forms

Chris Menahan
Mar. 22, 2019

New Zealand police are reportedly "seething" over trolls sending in fake firearm hand-in forms in protest of the government's gun grab.

Police are seething as the new firearms laws bring with it a host of not-so-funny practical jokers.

Some members of the public are clearly unhappy about the law change, which bans military style semi-automatic firearms and asks for anyone in possession of such a weapon to hand it in to police.

"Some people have decided it is a good use of their time to misuse the form and submit 'fake' notifications to hand in weapons," said Assistant Commissioner Tusha Penny in a statement.

"While these individuals may be short of productive work to do, police are not. In the current environment this is unacceptable," she continued.

"These vexatious forms are a huge waste of police time and resources which could be put to better use."
Indeed, they could be spending this time hunting people down over their offensive Facebook posts!

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