Trump Retweets Gabbard, Craddick Saying RussiaGate Was Scam to Trigger New Cold War

Chris Menahan
Mar. 18, 2019

President Donald Trump on Sunday retweeted Disobedient Media's William Craddick and Rep Tulsi Gabbard saying RussiaGate was a scam to push Trump into a new Cold War.

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard tweeted on Saturday: "Short-sighted politicians & media pundits who've spent last 2 years accusing Trump as a Putin puppet have brought us the expensive new Cold War & arms race. How? Because Trump now does everything he can to prove he’s not Putin’s puppet—even if it brings us closer to nuclear war."

William Craddick quote tweeted her, writing: "Russiagate was designed in part to help the UK counter Russian influence by baiting the United States into taking a hard line against them. Leaves us all with a more dangerous world as a consequence. Just another episode of the Great Game."

Judging by the constant ratcheting up of sanctions despite Trump's protests, the Russophobes are clearly having great success. While calling out this farce is great, we need action Mr. President.

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