TIME: If Mueller Report Disappoints It's 'Your Fault' For 'Buying Trump's False Narrative' He Must Prove 'Collusion'

Chris Menahan
Mar. 04, 2019

The controlled media is bracing leftists for the worst and retconning the entire basis for the FBI-Robert Mueller witch hunt.

"Mueller's report will almost certainly disappoint you, and it's not his fault," former federal prosecutor and CNN legal analyst Renato Mariotti wrote Friday. "It's your fault for buying into Trump's false narrative that it is Mueller's' job to prove 'collusion,' a nearly impossible bar for any prosecutor to clear."

It's *literally* impossible for Mueller to "prove" collusion even though we've been hyping it for two-plus years (and accusing Trump of treason)!

No one ever said anything about collusion! It was all in Drumpf's mind!

Michael Tracey highlighted two of Mariotti's past tweets hyping the "collusion" narrative:

Here's those tweets zoomed:

If this was never about proving "collusion" then why did Mueller imprison everyone who helped Trump win under the guise that he was investigating their ties to the Russkies?

Mariotti concluded his article by shifting the goalposts:
We do not know what Mueller will do. But especially given these indicators and constraints, any outsize expectations seem misguided. And despite being fueled by Trump’s critics, they will make it easier for Trump to declare a win even if there is compelling evidence he committed crimes.

Trump has obstructed justice before our very eyes, from the firing of then FBI Director James Comey to the public pressure he put on now former Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign after recusing himself, among many other examples. The public’s obsession with crimes that may never be charged has taken the focus away from that serious offense (which, for what it’s worth, is arguably a form of “collusion”).

As the Mueller investigation ends and, ideally, becomes public, it is an opportunity to refocus on what has actually happened: Trump campaign officials have committed crimes, the President has obstructed justice in plain sight, and Trump has been implicated in breaking campaign-finance law. At last, we can address reality instead of what may be fantasy.
See, we don't have to prove the case we "charged" him on, we can just dig up some alleged "crimes" in his past using the hundreds of thousands of regulations on the books and charge him with breaking those instead -- just as we did to all his associates who committed the crime of helping Trump win!

What's important is we just fine some garbage to charge him with so we can throw him in prison and overturn the election! This is what justice in America is all about!

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