SNL's Pete Davidson Jokes About F***ing A Baby

Chris Menahan
Jan. 29, 2019

What's funny about this is the reaction from Hollywood would be more severe if he merely smirked at an Indian person while wearing a MAGA hat.

From Radar Online:
On Monday, January 21 at his comedy event Pete Davidson And Friends, the funnyman shocked and even angered the crowd with his controversial stories about baby sex and people with disabilities.

One of his most scandalous routines included a story about how he was babysitting his friend's child, and the baby, who is teething, began sucking on his finger "but good," he said.

"I don't want to f**k this baby but he's asking for it," he said, adding that he doesn't want to have sex with any babies, but if he did, he would choose that one.
They go on to say he used the term "mentally retarded," which is supposed to be offensive now.

I don't know if his career is already over as a result of his attention-seeking suicide posting, but I doubt this will have much effect.

A search of Google news shows only two or three other articles were written about it.

I guess journos were too busy writing about "racist MAGA hats" and "devastating smirks."

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